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Advocate for Vietnamese bloggers before the UN Human Rights Council




Repression and human rights abuses in Vietnam is always a hot topic attracting keen interest from the Vietnamese people at home and abroad and the International Community. Especially in the current period to increase suppression strong for Blogger component and other dissident elements in the country. Vietnam's communist government in the past and now still citing national security reasons vaguely to imprison dozens of Blogger, Journalist and patriotic people of heavily despite opinion of people in and outside the country, despite international law, despite the violation of the current law and the Constitution, as well as in spite of all human moral conscience. Vietnam's communist government before the Democratic desire flare burning of people became scared and full of fear leads to increasing the violent crackdown and more intense in order to silence the people and hinder the legitimate rights and fundamental freedoms and their legitimacy.

The voice of advocacy to defend for Blogger Vietnam before the United Nations Human Rights Council of the Human Rights Committee to Protect Vietnam today is a proper and practical work. Not only that, we need to speak up more, more often and more strongly before the International Community to expose the misconduct and human rights violations harshly, essential behavior and systems of communist government leaders. We are not only calling for the International Community to put pressure forced the communist government of Vietnam to release all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, who are the Vietnamese government imprisoned a wrong way for years just because they express their views, expressed his desire for democracy peacefully, but also mobilize the International Community to pressure more strongly to force the Hanoi government implemented radical to their international commitments on human rights, including the immediate termination of the violent crackdown on the people in the country today and in the future.



Advocate for Vietnamese bloggers before the UN Human Rights Council

Ông Võ Văn Ái, thay mặt các nhà hoạt động và Liên Đoàn Quốc tế Nhân quyền yêu cầu Hội đồng gây áp lực để Việt Nam chấm dứt cuộc truy bức này.

Mr. Vo Van Ai, on behalf of the activists and the International Federation of Human Rights requested the Council to put pressure on Vietnam to end the harassment and repression .


On Friday, the activities of the Committee to Protect Vietnamese human rights calls for the UN Human Rights Council noted the detention of tens of Vietnamese dissident bloggers call this violation international law of the Hanoi government.

Mr. Vo Van Ai, on behalf of the activists and the International Federation of Human Rights requested the Council to put pressure on Vietnam to end the harassment and repression.


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Speaking before the Council, the meeting was meeting half a month to address concerns about human rights around the world, Mr. Ai said a total of 32 bloggers and netizens have been imprisoned in Vietnam, subject to pending projects or with imprisonment for up to 16 years.

Mr. Vo Van Ai said: "The coercion thus does not serve to protect national security as the Vietnamese government's claims, but to silence the voice of civil society is Rise up to speak out about corruption, abuse of power, the suffering of farmers forced to property, human rights and democratic reform. "

He condemned the Ordinance 44 of Vietnam signed in 2002, allows detain people suspected of being harmful to national security without the need to follow legal procedures.

He said that this Ordinance has been used against bloggers, including taking blogger into a mental hospital.

He said that Vietnam should withdraw Ordinance 44 and other laws inconsistent with international human rights law.

Another activist, Ms. Penelope Faulker, the same organization Action for Human Rights based in France, noted the UN Human Rights Council that following the review of the United Nations in 2009, Hanoi has promised implementation of freedom of information. However, she told the Council:

"In the past year alone, many bloggers, journalists, and human rights defenders in Vietnam have been harassed, intimidated, harassed by the police harassing, or have been sentenced to long prison extremely rough , simply because they express their views on the Internet a peaceful way. "

Vietnam today is not one of the 47 members of the Human Rights Council.

Organization Reporters Without Borders has put Vietnam on the list of "enemies of the Internet."

(AFP, France 24)

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