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Statement of the case and the trial in Tien Lang, Hai Phong of Father Nguyen Kim Dien group


             Where is justice? 


Dear all fellow Vietnam and abroad with the International Friendship. Please help spread. 
We sincerely thank you. 
Group Father Nguyen Kim Dien, Vietnam. 

Statement of the case and the trial in Tien Lang,           Hai Phong 
Father Nguyen Kim Dien group 



            Dear fellow Vietnam and faithful Catholic brothers and sisters.

            Since date 2 to 5-4-2013, farmer Doan Van Vuon, Doan Van Quy Doan Van Sinh, Doan Van Ve, Nguyen Thi Thuong, Pham Thi Hien will be the Vietnamese Communist government-through the courts Hai Phong City People-trial on charges called "murder" under Point d, Clause 1, Article 93 of the Penal Code, and "combat duty" according to D, Clause 2, Article 257 of the Penal Code , after they were arrested or on probation for over a year (since 05-01-2012).

            During this 15 month period, all world people and government officials, public opinion at home and abroad, the Vietnamese and foreigners, are closely monitoring the case drain in Cong Roc, Vinh Quang commune, Tien Lang district, Hai Phong city, and most defend the said defendants, to view them as innocent victims of an asset for land seized by the authorities.

            Everyone thought after the truth has been exposed, justice will be executed and the farmers return liberty, property and honor. But public opinion was very shocked and outraged when they last dated 18-03-2013, the "people's court" Hai Phong city has decided to put them on trial for the crimes mentioned above, after a period investigation scams and wire fraud.

            Communion with the cries of the mother and wife of the accused, with the accurate analysis of independent legal experts and proper requirements of many classes of people, Our Father Nguyen Kim Dien group claims : 

            1 - After decades of sacrifice all resources, health and even lives to straps recommended sea under the guidelines of the state, created the shrimp ponds at the beach swim out to sea, the farmers said indeed heroes to explore, full citizens of merit, worthy of praise and long-term enjoyment of their effort.

            However, because of the bottomless pit of greed, the authorities in Hai Phong, Tien Lang, Glory took advantage of the Law on land full of injustice, abuse of political dictatorship, using the tool force (as court judges, police, military, etc.) to work together to perform many acts contrary to moral law and to appropriate the fruits of the citizen labor in the above example. The culmination of series of acts that infamous morning of 5-1-2012, a group that includes police officers, soldiers-impersonation "coercive" - ​​have arrived enclosure, arrests, shootings, looting and destruction of their assets, including property, homes outside coercion.

            Unexpected situations looted property and endangering lives by those "in the name of the government", "duty" but is in fact just a date no more than bandits and citizens above was forced to stop. This is a safeguard action is very plausible. The communication system has been margin Party and people widely proclaimed and most agree defended. Even communist Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung concluded the move of the government Tien Lang: "It is the act against both legal and ethical."

            Consequently we strongly oppose the ruling party and the Communist People's Procuracy-through Haiphong (which is just a tool of the party) - about to prosecute the aforementioned innocent citizens on charges of "Kill people "and" Anti duty ". This is slandered justice, the challenges of public opinion, human rights abuses and violations of national law (especially international law) a blatant blatantly. This is the cover suppress people's acts of repression and looting from local authorities' land port.

            2 - The reason the case and trial that makes international and whole people such be angry, it is because in Vietnam is there exists a ruling party and an autocratic dictatorial government, not elected by the people, not be the people choose, manipulate Congress and the courts, independent of the police and the army, create the Constitution, the law revealed only benefit private parties, factions and groups. Specifically, they were presented to the Land Law very unreasonable and unfair, said the type of illusory deception: "the land belongs to the people" and blatant monopolize type: "... state property agent "to turn yourself into a unique boss of all the resources on the land of Vietnam! For over 20 years, with the principle that weird laws has led to millions farmers deprived of farms, fell into bad bad life death scene, Wrenches compatible lawsuit in vain from the local to the national, from life he came to my life, even many women are beaten, pictures death and imprisonment, causing the country to fall into social chaos and political instability are not the same, not to mention the general economic downturn. Heartbreaking scenes of tragic has happened in many parts of the country such as Van Giang, Vu Ban, Duong Noi, Phuoc Long, Thu Thiem in the public gardens and before the public authorities ...

            3 - With reference to the case said, "the proposed Constitution amendment" that the government give the people from the beginning of the first year is still "the program of the Communist Party" (preamble), still further confirmed the party is "force leading the State and society" (Article4), is not subject to any control, continue to maintain the principle of wrongdoing: "National Resource Land owned State ownership of the entire people to represent the owner "(57). Then to protect the exclusive rights and political resourcefulness, HP draft amendments to blatantly stated: "People's Armed Forces [ie the police, army, civil defense ...] absolute loyalty with the Communist Party of Vietnam "(before the country and the people)," the task of protecting the Party and State "(Before people too) (70). Here again there is a draft the Police proposed for shot, considered "anti-personnel duty"!

            Write things like that, is it communist party and the government want to legalize what they've done in the past, especially over Tien Lang case, and will make in Tien Lang future cases they expected date as the boom after the new Constitution and the new Land Law are "renewing as old" potential harm to the country and its people?

            4 - We earnestly urged people in and outside the country, intellectuals, spiritual leaders, the democratic government, human rights organizations, media agencies, foreign embassies in Vietnam, denounced cases of injustice, protest jungle trial against his family Doan Van Vuon. To support the spirit and meaning of the defendants, for all you drag each other on the court Hai Phong, bulk "down the road on the network" and better bulk "down the street" to expressed the will and the power of the people. The will and the power to crush oppressive dictator, demanding justice, truth, freedom and democracy building!

            We pray to God for those who are willing spirit, to desire truth, justice, love and freedom for Vietnam, said the brave, peaceful and united response to two major challenges is time: "The court convicted the victim" and "The consulting agreement with HP" of the communist party.

            Done in Vietnam 29-03-2013, Good Friday, anniversary of Jesus was sentenced to death in a "people's court" for the defense of justice, love and truth.

            Group representatives Father Nguyen Kim Dien: 
            - Father Peter Nguyen Huu Award 
            - Rev. Peter Phan Van Loi 
            - With the communion of the Roman Rev. Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly who is being in the Communist prison. 

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Open letter to people throughout the country 

            Tien Lang, 26-03-2013
            Dear people throughout the country,

            We are relatives of the farmer Doan Van Vuon, Doan Van Quy, Doan Van Sinh, Doan Van Ve ...Who  are the people coming in Hai Phong City People's Court trial on 2-5/4/2013 with charges imposed unjustly. Through the an arbitrary investigation process, a lack of objectivity.

            Our relatives were indicted on charges of "murder" while they are trying to protect the assets they build for nearly a lifetime. Their behavior only property alerts, reminders, alert society about the decisions of local government bureaucracy makes people everywhere suffer the same plight as us.

            In all this time we have received a lot of support people both physically and mentally. Again through the blog which justice loving, peace-loving, we want to send to everyone most sincere gratitude.

            In the next court,  our family would like to receive the support of people like during the past year let my family more firmly on the way of seeking justice.

            Justice of my family mean justice of all people.

            Thanks a lot

            Nguyen Thi Thuong, Pham Thi Hien 

            Mail for help 

- The entire Vietnamese citizens
- Those who love justice - truth-peace.
- The whole of the laity, the faithful and priests in the Catholic Church in Vietnam
- People with a conscience in the system of government

            I am: Tran Thi MAP - 85 years old.

            Mother of Doan Van Vuon, Doan Van Quy, Doan Van Sinh, Phan Thi Bau, Nguyen Thi Thuong and grandchildren Doan Van Ve, is the victim of the case to take over land in Cong Roc, Vinh Quang commune, Tien Lang district , Hai Phong city.

            Dear all of you,

            As a mother was 85 years old, I am writing this pain called everyone to the following matter:

            After decades of my children have sacrificed all the energy, resources and lives to handle the recommended sea under the guidelines of the State, created the shrimp farms in the coastal mudflats than recommended. There has absorbed the blood and the lives of my children and grandchildren.

            Once formed aquaculture area, very close to harvest when suddenly many hidden all actions by government Tien Lang, Hai Phong made contrary to moral law and to appropriate the fruits of my chldren and my grand children. Culminating in the morning of 05/01/2012, a delegation including officials, police, soldiers have arrived siege, arrests, shootings and looting assets of our children. Including property, homes outside coercion.

            Unexpected situations looted property and endangering the lives of children, my grandchildren are forced to self-defense to protect their property and lives. The media system has been widely announced. The Prime Minister has concluded: "This is an action that's wrong for both Law and moral". 

            Nevertheless, Hai Phong City People's Procuratorate indictment No. 10/CT-P1A 4-1-2013 still prosecute me for "Murder" and "Anti duty". Court session will take place from 2-5/4/2013 and 8-10/4/2013 in Hai Phong City People's Court.

            Before this incident, I, family and many local people very upset, angry and confirm that:

            - My children were educated since they were young living gentle, virtuous. There is no any action and violations of the law as well as moral of human.

            - During the date 5-1-2012, my child, Doan Van Vuon was not present at the incident area. Even the children, my grandchildren was staying with people and was arrested and beaten then.

            - The children and grandchildren did not combat duty because of unlawful coercion can not be called a "duty".

            - The introduction of my children, my grand children to the Court trial on charges of "Homicide" and "Anti duty" is immoral, unconscionable and totally contrary to the Constitution and the laws . This is to make conspiracy to legalize the crimes that the people in the system of government Tien Lang, Haiphong has caused. 

            So I ask all people by conscience, responsibility, please by all means save my children, my grand children to be out of the plot that put honest people in death.

            Again I said, my children and grand children do not kill people, not against people on duty.

- Please save my children, my grandchildren. 
- Please save the innocent victims. 
- I beg everyone to speak up and take action. 

            Hai Phong, on 03/26/2013
            Tran Thi map 

Group of Rev. Nguyen Kim Dien-statement of the case and trial in Tien Lang, Hai Phong (29-03-2013). Doc
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