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Saigon: People are forced to sign by authorities to agree with the draft Constitution of 1992



Democratic drama awkward to get people to contribute comments on the draft amendments to the Constitution State staged a sophisticated in Vietnam and then quickly right hand the ones who directed it closed unwanted cult following statements handing of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State government Vietnam including General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung. Thought that after the democratic drama above clumsy fake his own people betray, the leader of the Vietnamese communist government will partly conscious and ashamed. However, the deceptive nature, cunning and predatory habits of available, the communist government of Vietnam continues acting in a despicable, shameless as drafted a new constitution and a constitutional of 1992, together with the list already typed and then sent to the local government officials in contact with people in the neighborhood to sign ... requirements including signature of even small children when their parents are not at home ...!!! 

It is shameless and not anything more shameful. The taking of people's opinions to build a constitution so that considers how to conduct the Vietnamese communist government officials are now nothing short of a joke without emotion. This shows that the leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam has reserved his opinion wrong not from any evil tricks and find ways to legitimize their views and wrongdoing that in order to maintain their power and their unique leadership position despite the country's economic situation is the recession and volatile political society, as well as regardless of the fate and survival of the Nation and Ethnic. Even though in the hands they hold the signed consent of the millions of people, the State Constitution was also launched in the near future will become meaningless just like the piece of paper, because that constitutional do not really get a consensus from the vast majority of people at home and abroad. 

Whether derived from any thoughts and whether in any part of society, it is the desire of most people in Vietnam today is to see and get a copy of the State Constitution proper and lawful. Born in the future constitution must first serve the interests of nation and Ethnic, then to meet the legal and legitimate aspirations of the people, as well as in accordance with the standards International related to basic human rights. The new State Constitution must be formed from the comments and decide completely depends on the final decision of the people, not as contradictory mandatory actions and immoral as current activity of the communist government of Vietnam. The leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam government to understand that the cancellation of Article 4 of the Constitution and amend the other things involved in the 1992 Constitution or complete construction of a new State Constitution in accordance with as the spirit of the recommendations from the group of 72 leading intellectuals of Vietnam in the past quite depends on the awareness and the final act of the House leadership and the Communist Party of Vietnam. 


Saigon: People are forced to sign by authorities to agree to the draft Constitution of 1992 

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  VRNs (09/03/2013) - Saigon - At the District 12 and Hoc Mon District, Saigon, the wards are down on residential areas, house to house to give every home a draft HP and the HP 1992, accompanied by a typed list was available, and asked to read and sign now.

Tung in Hoc Mon let VRNs know back: "Yesterday [08/03/2013] at the Hoc Mon district, where I was staying, to each committee a booklet comments constitutional amendment, then I do not at home. When on, my daughter said: They put the book in the compare two old constitution and the new (contains 79 pages), and then add a pre-printed list of suggested she read, sign agreement on all In just 5 minutes. List up to me, they carried always just leave the printed book. "

Mr Tung said: "The person who rented my house in District 12 has just said, the state also asked them to sign the agreement, which they do not agree, how, without such consent, because they have no time to read it anywhere ".

Mr. Quang at Binh Hoa Binh Thanh District, Saigon also sent letters VRNs advice as follows: "Dear Editors, they put the draft constitutional amendment to each home. Now I write in the record is "no opinion"? because to write " agree" or " disagree"  is not no effective ".

So after the "experts" appears on television, radio and newspapers the party to praise the draft of modify HP 1992, as well as find any reason to justify the imposition of communist party rule country, and has the authority to order the military to defend the communist party before the country and the people, the Communist Party did not believe that was enough to convince people, and decided to implement policies imposed at home. Means that to any support for it.

Party colleagues are using taxpayer money illegally, when paid from the state budget for activities and mobilize people to support. Especially this movement threatening, and compulsory.

Cover of the book commune officials in Saigon gives each house and sign the agreement, but did not give them time to read and study.

1 inside page booklet. With this, the Communist Party is showing its true discredit to engage, should be used to force this.

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