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Let's say no to communist atheism, say no to the wrong actions of the Vietnamese communist authorities relating to human rights



"Say no to godless communism," which is the slogan resilience compelling and creative of fellow parishioners at Binh Thuan parish of the Diocese of Vinh in the current period the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general and the Diocese, parishes in Vietnam in particular has been facing serious challenges from the atheistic communist government of Vietnam relating to religion and belief. Facing the worst tragedy of the country now and in the trend of confidence people increasingly losing for the party leadership and the current government, the Vietnamese communist authorities worried and concern for the religious beliefs of lay people in the communities where the majority of people from many different religious beliefs should find ways and time of many wicked tricks to interfere in the internal affairs Religions with the purpose to divide and control all activities of other major religions in the country. 

In addition to installation in the internal affairs of Religion, direct intervention in the operation of many different religious, the Vietnamese communist authorities also issued a number of resolutions and recommendations to prevent and limit order Religion in Vietnam blatantly. Typically the 92 government decree recently promulgated in 2012, in which many items and normative terms are ambiguous with the legal term overlap and conflicting locking and restrict the religious freedom of the people. For example, in the sixth paragraph 1a of this decree states that: "In order to be registered religious activities, religious organizations should have their registered religious activities more than 20 years and not been fined by administrative!!! ". This is the paradox and full of contradictions of the communist government of Vietnam in order to minimize their movements and legalized religion obstructing to people's right to freedom of belief. 

The "say no to godless communism" in election took place in the parish Pastoral Council in Binh Thuan (Nghi Loc, Nghi Thuan, Nghe An) of the Diocese of Vinh case is a good example for the community the laity, parishes and diocese across the country to follow. Fellow Catholics in particular and the people of Vietnam in general to promote democratic spirit by initially say "no" to the atheist communist and firmly say "no" to the wrongdoing of the Vietnamese communist authorities including negative and rampant corruption, repression and interferes with the freedom of the legal basis and legitimacy of the people, including their right to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Meetings and Freedom of Association ....... In the spirit of unity of religion, with a good thousand tradition of ancestral, ethnic Vietnamese Catholics in particular and the people of the other Religious in Vietnam in general please continue this glorious tradition. Join hands unanimously determined to prevent any attempt to undermine divisive religious solidarity and acts to prevent and hinder the basic legal and legitimate rights of the Vietnamese people. 



7/03/13 8:30 AM

Giáo xứ Bình Thuận – GP Vinh bầu cử HĐMV: Nói không với cộng sản  Everyone knows that, between religion and politics are two different fields. Unfortunately, under a regime of state policy atheists want to "invasive" religion, they change religions are "playing politics". Indeed the Vietnamese church being "invasive" as the government has issued decrees 92 - grip of religion. The Church has no plans to "shield shield" in front of this situation. The writer visited the parish of Binh Thuan (Nghi Thuan, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An) Council Election occasion Section (HDMV) new parish and theft can think this is one way to draw lessons for Vietnamese church parishes throughout the guise of sophisticated intrusion of CS. 

Purify Parish: One way or the GX Ke Gai - GP Vinh 

At 14h, on 04/3/2013, in the Cathedral parish held assembly elections HDMV (Pastoral Council) 2013-2016 term parishes and end up in the joy of her excitement at 18h30. Operator assembly elections priest Anthony Dang Huu Nam. The election took place in a standard real election of religion, not adulterated atheist, not a party cs attend. As in the parish electoral rules clearly stated: "The Atheist Communist Party was not allowed to attend the meeting and without an election candidate or HDMV" (See picture). HDMV elections took place in the parish objective, the Holy Spirit is the guide of the ballots, and the election results are the consensus of the people in the parish.

If the election slogan of the society are: the "immortal revolutionary spirit", "Marxism-Le immortal", ... then the parish at elections HDMV of course pioneering Binh Thuan slogan is: "say not with communism. " Think, this is not a "holding light running before cars" but the Vietnamese church is in danger of becoming the "underground church" and "state church" such as China, the government has issued recommendations 92 and went into effect earlier this year. So also should clearly identify two discrete and separate playground: Religion and politics, before it was too late. When the Communist Party is using every trick to blend into the church, the first should have a HDMV team "clean" in the parish. Once you have an the HDMV enthusiastic team, we put the church first. Design thinking, which is "shield shield" definitely the trend of the Vietnam era, the church is going through.

Some pictures election HDMV parish Binh Thuan: 

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