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Vietnamese people throughout the country need more efforts in exposing acts of human rights abuses of the Vietnamese communist government before the International



Vietnam, is considered one of the five countries in the world listed in the "Enemies of the Internet" report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) on the World Day against Internet censorship 12 -03-2013. The progress in recent years in Vietnam suggests that soon, Vietnam will quickly rise up the table with the achievement "The number one enemy of the Internet" in the near future. Especially in this period increasingly appear multiple perspectives and ideological disagreements with the government, criticized the administration's wrongdoing in Vietnam levels from local to central ... from the low-level components communist party members to the senior party members who currently hold leadership positions in the Party and the State.

Internet war by the communist government of Vietnam launched a big way in various forms including control network and Internet services, censorship, monitoring and surveillance of the blog, the website offers ideological opposition to the regime and the State as well as frequently critical of government critics to hand attack ........ and the ultimate goal is to completely extinguish the components who are considered as having ideas "reactionary, anti-revolutionary state, anti-Party and anti-government people", is a potential threat, and direct potential for power and benefits of the current ruling group in Vietnam. Typically, these elements opposed to the said State shall be charged with offenses under the range of the Criminal Code: Article 79 (Conspiracy to overthrow the government) or 258 (Taking advantage of freedom the infringer to benefit Democratic State) is still the most popular, Article 88 (propaganda against the regime) and eventually people may be taken with charges of "terrorism" if it deems the behavior of object that is real serious threat to the communist government of Vietnam.

Thereby, the reviews, ratings and denounce the misconduct of the Vietnamese Communist government before the International Community as Reporters Without Borders and other international human rights organizations around the world are doing right now is quite correct and absolutely necessary. In addition to international efforts, the Vietnamese people in the country need to speak up more, even stronger for acts of human rights abuses, violations of international law and the law of practice leadership of the Party and government at all levels in Vietnam in order to create the legal foundation in mobilizing international pressure forced the Vietnamese communist authorities to fully respect and implement fully Vietnam's commitments to the International related on human rights.


RSF ranked Vietnam in Group 5 state enemies of the internet

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Reporters Without Borders organization, 12/03/2013.
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Today, 12/03/2013, HUMAN WORLD DAY AGAINST Internet censorship, Reporters Without Borders - RSF has published a SPECIAL REPORT ON STATUS MONITORING, Internet censorship WORLD. Entitled: «era of mercenary IN INFORMATICS», report focus DENUNCIATIONS 5 countries, including Viet Nam, was considered an enemy of Intenet and 5 NOW DEFENDANT REQUIRED as mercenary in the monitoring and censorship.

According to Reporters Without Borders, as of today, in the world, with nearly 180 netizens imprisoned just because they have the information activities, writing articles on the net.

This year, 2013, Reporters Without Borders lists five specific State is considered to be the enemy of the internet. It was Syria, China, Iran, Bahrain and Vietnam. The State has carried out a policy on a network monitoring system, serious violations of human rights. State may see it as 'spies', raising a lot of effort to keep track of dissident voices. On the other hand, many computer attacks, break into their website, blog, computer virus installation has repeatedly held in the past.

However, if there is no advanced information technology, the aforementioned totalitarian state can not control the internet, monitor its citizens. So, this year, for the first time, Reporters Without Borders released a list of five information technology companies are considered enemies of the internet, «mercenary in the era of information technology»: It is Gamma (UK Korea), Trovicor (Germany), Hacking Team (Italy), Amesys (France) and Blue Coat (USA). The products of these companies - nominally considered the tools «network optimization or Crime» - in fact, have been totalitarian governments used to suppress, human rights violation and freedom of information.

Mr. Christophe Deloire, general secretary of the organization Reporters Without Borders said: «The monitoring network becomes a growing danger for journalists, citizen journalists, bloggers, and those who fought for human rights ». The regime sought to control information policy actions in a more discreet way, with subtle censorship and the secret track, instead of conducting prevention information, inefficient and prone to condemn.

According leadership organization Reporters Without Borders, the serious human rights violations have occurred through the use of tracking device or technology, by businesses located in democratic countries provide, and it was time, the leaders of democratic countries have officially condemned the violations of the right to freedom of expression on the internet, proposing strong measures, especially the establishment of controlled the export of weapons to countries trample the fundamental rights of citizens.

Negotiations between the government on this subject have been carried out for many years. July / 1996, Wassenaar agreement was signed, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the delivery of weapons and dual products. To date, there are 40 countries participating in the agreement, including France, UK, USA.

To help those who use the internet to access and provide information, to avoid the control and hackers, the organization Reporters Without Borders has specific guidelines, at

Also on World against censorship informatics, at 18 o'clock, today, Reporters Without Borders and the Google Group Network Citizen Award 21013 for blogger Vietnam Huynh Ngoc Chenh, at the branch office Google in France, at 8 street Londres, Paris 9th district.


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