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Respect people's opinions, expand democracy, the only thing that the Party leadership and the communist government of Vietnam for the current selection to continue to exist



Artificially Democratic drama without thinking of the leader and the Communist Party of Vietnam has launched before people in country had to quickly lower down before the unwanted adverse effects. But the atmosphere is still simmering in the country and the day is gradually heating up as soon as the communist government of Vietnam to face and reveal its shape and its true nature to the unwise remarks of the two top leaders of the Party and the National Assembly of Vietnam General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung capital faced a wave of extremely protests from all walks of life. Not stop here, the government seems to have lost control and just like a fighting cock is floored suddenly become impatient and fear led to a series of unusual moves and countered by lowering actions such as conducting pre printing old and the new draft Constitution then forcing people to sign as well as the use of mass media, including newspapers, radio and television broadcast news false libelous to discredit the Vietnam's leading intellectuals, who initiated the petition to amend the Constitution the State of Vietnam.

However, the state constitutional amendment campaign this time is like a political game so when the miss false step or a move, in the heart of distraction leads to more and more wrong and the outcome of game is not easy to end or end is not simple at all. The country in the period of recession and volatile today due to rampant corruption, weak state leaders and serious moral degradation leads to gradual loss of faith in people, is the sparked by comments People for draft amendments to the Constitution of the State of Vietnam's communist authorities inadvertently sparked the relay as well as the chance for people to talk up their legitimate aspirations related Freedom and Democracy Human Rights. The potential Democratic desire and hide in the heart of Vietnamese people so long as fields are perennial drought having severe outbreak rain and reached out quickly out of control. This is complicated and full of disadvantage beyond predictability and judgment of leadership and the Communist Party of Vietnam led to the downgrade action followed soon after.

Besides, the voice of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam by mail comments sent to the Commission draft amend the State Constitution 1992 at the beginning of last March as one of the spectacular knockout of Leaders of the Catholic Church in Vietnam for the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government. Action wise, practical and courageous of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam followed not only encourage spirit of people but also help them understand fully, properly, clearly and determination of all the rights, responsibilities and obligations of a citizen of Vietnam is inherited and have to pass a State Constitution authentic and meaningful. The only thing now that the leadership Vietnamese Communist Party and the State need to do is not against the people that need to clean up the piles of garbage all along in their heart to start again from the beginning before it is too late. The leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government should keep in mind that, no mode, any government, any State that against the interests of the people, of the Nation and Ethnic that still exist.


Vietnam: The government seeks to control the suggestions to amend the Constitution

Group of intellectuals initiated 72 recommendations 
and draft amendments to the Constitution of 2013.
Source: Internet

Thanh Phuong


Up to date, more than nine thousand people signed the petition by 72 intellectuals names of initiative, also known as the 72 recommendations. Recommendations require removal of Article 4 of the Constitution of the party's leadership role by requiring separation of powers, the right to private ownership of the land, the politicization of the military, it is necessary to draft the Constitution referendum.

Under these circumstances, one of the countermeasures that the Vietnamese government is lowering the value of the petition 72. Official press, in particular the journal Solidarity General, dated 09/03 and VTV1 television program 10/3 has confirmed that the majority of the signatures supporting recommendations 72 are the signature 'impersonation'. Dai Doan Ket sheet fabricated insisted that this is due to «bad political motivation of some ideological opposition».

After the article on the Dai Doan Ket posted Bauxite Vietnam, where the initiated petition 72, was immediately rejected allegations of forged signatures. Bauxite Vietnam accused authorities are tracing list of who prepare recommendations 72 and draft the 2013 Constitution of the intellectuals, to suppress exit tear movement, and intimidation, repression participants to sign petitions.

Also in order to control the comments of the Constitution, the second measure is currently being implemented in Saigon that mobilize people to fill the «People's written opinion in Ho Chi Minh City on the draft amendments to the Constitution 1992 ». On this vote, the people can either answer 'agree with the full text of the draft Constitution », or« disagree with the content of the draft', together with comments, suggestions amending and supplementing Chapter, or specific words.

Be asked to comment on such types by name, of course, most people will answer 'agree' to the easiness, but probably will not have too many people dare to say what they think.

Official press in recent days also continuously posting articles rejected the demand perspective pluralist, multi-party in the comments Constitution, even confirmed «People's Party with the uniform, denying Party News to deny the role of the people ».

In the latest article posted on Ba Sam website today, Mr. Nguyen Trung, a former senior party officials, that would 'occasion to amend the Constitution this time, the Politburo should invite the prestigious intellectuals form a number of scientific and public forum for the serious problems of the country to create the best possible consensus in the new Constitution. At the same time, promoting democracy for the people to develop their own forum like everywhere ».

According to Nguyen Trung, «all the way to amend the Constitution if only in order to conclude or close to the" other comments that the Politburo inwardly determined to remain in the political system and the state apparatus as it is now. Doing so, of course will just keep pushing the country further on the path of disaster ».




The church in the Archdiocese of Saigon common outlook and comments HP's HDGMVN

Posted by at 8:30 AM 11/03/13

  VRNs (3/11/2013) - Saigon - Today, Sunday, January 10 03 2013 in many churches in the Diocese of Saigon common letter proposed constitutional amendment of the Vietnam Bishops' Conference (HDGMVN ).

At Notre Dame Cathedral (cathedral Saigon) has pasted on the notice board of the parish, the parish Thu Duc also posted on the bulletin board at the entrance to the church, the Church of the Epiphany also paste and all read to lay before the last blessing ceremony, at the Parish of the Epiphany own not only read, projected onto the flat sides of the church, projected onto the screen end of the church to those who sit in the yard can also found, but also photo 1000 copies release for the faithful to attend Mass to take reading.

The popular bulletin board comments and comments HDGMVN in Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Parishioners Epiphany parish, Thu Duc, follow your comments and suggestions via projector in the yard

According to our knowledge, the many churches of the 14 seeds in the diocese were common letter proposals HDGMVN, the rest is not ready in time, but also will tell parishioners common.

Mr. Binh at Thu Duc said: "I am very supportive priest popular proposals HDGMVN mail. It is an opportunity for all believers is know HDGMVN are defended and defending human rights. I think this letter petition must be thoroughly analyzed and widely disseminated to the laity of the diocese is known. "

Maria Kim Thu, say thanks priest informed and read to the faithful, I know and see in the new constitution are in conflict and forced people too. People seemed to have no power in this society.

Mr. Nghia, said: "Until now no one knows and no one dared to speak the truth, now the bishops' conference and the wrong analysis, the constitutional unreasonableness in Vietnam I admire and fully agree, human rights ever is not and not be valued and protected. "

An Australian named Philip Jony attended Mass in the church of Our Lady said after reading the letter petition acclaim HDGMVN daring to say protect and fight for benifits and Human Rights.

One priest said that we must be committed and all the priest shall have common letter proposing of HDGMVN for his people, for they found that the human rights that have been taken away , and political power has appropriated the human rights that so many people do not realize.

We asked a young priest is when common a letter proposing a constitutional amendment of HDGMVN, Father fears that authorities would make it difficult father? He said: "If I was afraid I was not popular for Catholics know, with this letter petitions of HDGMVN is of national collective faithful with why I have to fear?".

After walking around the church of two congregations we drop by the cafeteria roadside in District 9. We ask to the cafeteria owner that she knows the state is calling for all people comments constitutional amendment? She replied: "Here wards give everyone a copy and ask to fill-out the name, house number, wards, commune then finished sign and send back to them." We ask that did she sign? She replied: "Yucheng to sign, here many people do not sign because know what to sign, called suggestions that people see people comment on anything, just make sure to sign and file know what it records in which sign for death? I did not sign. "


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