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Deplorable human rights in Vietnam, has always been the focal point to attract attention from the United States and the International Community



Human rights in Vietnam are the focus of concern from the International Community of the most prominent of which is the role and policies of the government of the United States to Vietnam, the world's leading democracies where community with a large number of Vietnamese people living in major cities of various states in the United States. Over the years, the Vietnamese community in many parts of the world have always engaged, interested and share with the people in their blood who's less fortunate and living in suffering status under rule harsh and brutal communist dictatorship Vietnam.

United States and many other countries around the world, although still deeply concerned about the human rights situation worse on a capital in Vietnam now and for many years. However, due to always see the national interest and above all people should policy and diplomatic relations between the West and Vietnam led by the United States even more complex constraints and lead to condition of interest to the speaker, sometimes only superficial, heavy on theory but not quality content makes the communist government of Vietnam is becoming more brazen, despite the international law, despite the human moral conscience and despite that they had committed the international community regarding human rights and the International Covenant on civil and political rights of the people of Vietnam.

Today a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States flatly declared deeply concerned about current bad human rights record of the Hanoi government, and tied it around related to human rights in diplomatic ties and relations between the two governments is a signal very happy and encouragement to the people of Vietnam and abroad. Thereby, the communist government of Vietnam will also see the importance and the benefits, benefits relationship of Vietnam when really improve its poor human rights record. Especially in the Viet Nam is currently located in the control and control from the Chinese communist government, the alliance with the United States and other Western nations is the smart choice good and wise thing that the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government need to quickly implement.


Friday, 22/03/2013
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U.S. concerns about the situation of human rights in Vietnam


The United States government again expressed concern about the human rights situation in Vietnam and degradation confirmed that promoted the freedom of individuals is a key focus of U.S. policy in Asia.

Speaking before a U.S. congressional committee on 21/3, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Daniel Baer, ​​said though the Vietnamese authoritarian government proud of achievements the Internet, but the value of this achievement is greatly reduced by Hanoi's policy in preventing the freedom of citizens to exchange views.

Mr. Baer lure case series bloggers in Vietnam Hanoi using national security laws to prosecute and jail just because they practice peaceful the basic human rights of citizens.

U.S. law enforcement officials of the block, Daniel Baer, ​​described the Hanoi abuse of law "national security" to limit freedom of speech and freedom of information as "brutal".

Mr. Baer also noted that in the past few years, Vietnam has also delayed the progress in the field of religious freedom.

On the legislative side, the Senator in Congress urged the Obama administration to emphasize the promotion of human rights and democracy within the framework of the strategy of "axis of rotation Asia" of Washington, which is mainly efforts to strengthen military presence and promote U.S. trade in the region before the rise of China.

Hanoi disappointed about not improve its human rights record has led the United States to postpone an annual human rights dialogue with Vietnam late last year.

The Associated Press quoted sources from the U.S. officials said the next dialogue, as planned, will be held in Hanoi in mid-April this year.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Baer stressed that the U.S. will continue to assert a strong stance with Hanoi on human rights concerns.

Mr. Baer also said the United States would raise the issue of internet freedom with the conditions of labor in the negotiations "Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP American-backed. This is a regional agreement with the participation of Vietnam.

Source: AP / AFP

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