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The suddenly tragic death of people after summoned by police of Vietnam continues to alarming level




"Due to the fear of punish by the law should  the victim made themselves choose death" topic for ages that Vietnamese communist authorities used as a pretext to run their sins when people "died" right at the police station after being arrested for investigation. According to records from the International Community, in the past year tens of unearned tragic death of the people of Vietnam by the Vietnamese public security caused by many forms of torture downright brutal. Although public opinion at home and abroad International and extremely urgent, extremely angry and interested in the above situation deeply, but the Vietnamese communist authorities have ignored the facts and results is the tragic death unjustly Vietnamese people's increasing at an alarming rate.

Vietnam police today and in the past been described as powerful evil genius murder without pay retributive compensation , not punishable or sanction by law  so the police is most horrors to the people of Vietnam, they sometimes even more scary than thugs gangster in society. Especially when people were summoned to the police station by the authorities. The tragic death fully eclipsed all of the people of Vietnam the same with sophistry lie shamelessly of the police and the Vietnamese government made public of people in the country and the International Community to become more worrying. Especially in the recent proposal of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam offered the right to fire directly into the object is said to be a dangerous and acts against duty!!!

Vietnamese people's lives will be tiny and fragile even more if the propose all wrong and immoral above of Vietnam's Ministry of Public Security tobe accepted. The meaning of the phrase "acts against duty" so long has been the Vietnamese communist government abuse thoroughly ambiguous and interpreted arbitrarily. Typically the case of his family Doan Van Vuon in Tien Lang district, Hai Phong in recent years that has been prosecuted for the crime of "Murder" and "acts against duty". However, to clarify and clear up some issues, 2 the word "public mission" is simply basically understood that the State officer is the legitimate duty of the authorities entrusted with the rule of law and order. But The " public mission" that Tien Lang district administration combined with Hai Phong authorities executed for his family Doan Van Vuon and a number of other households in Tien Lang district were Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung determined is unlawful!!! so two "public mission" are imposed in case of his family Doan Van Vuon Could there be more reasonable and proper? but eventually his family Vuon has been taken with the aforementioned crimes than inadequacies in such a mysterious way. Vietnamese people we need urgent action and protested strongly across the board to no longer see the tragic death again similar Trinh Xuan Tung, Hanoi, Binh Duong Nguyen Cong Nhut, Nguyen Nam Con Dau Da Nang ...... and dozens of other mysterious deaths in the past as well as the tragic death filled his sudden Hoang Van Him in Dak Nong today.



Hmong police die in Dak Nong

Update: 14:12 GMT, Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tử thi anh Hoàng Văn Ngài

 His family says he never committed suicide and said 
he would appeal to the government tomorrow 

Chairman of Dak Nong has confirmed that deadly H'Mong in Dak Nong police but said the victim self-stick hand into the socket.

He Hoang Van Ngai, H'mong ethnic born in 1974, is said to have died on 17/3 at Gia Nghia town police station after his arrest on charges of "deforestation" two day before.

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RFA quoted his brother Hoang Van Ta said on 22/3 that "[e] This is a pressing problem for him he died in police room" and asked the authorities to "review" of the case.

But speaking to the BBC at 24/3, Le Dien, Chairman of Dak Nong province and also the head of the National Assembly of the said province:

"This man, he destroyed the forest, we will invite him.
"Then he put his hands in power, and he was shocked, he committed suicide rather than nothing.

"The legal procedure to do everything is over, we saw people buried."


While talking to BBC also at 24/3, Mr. Hoang Van Ta, his brother, born in 1980, he said with indignation:

"He did not ever commit suicide and hand poked electrical wiring.

"We believe 100% that he he never do it [suicide]"
Hoang Van Ta, his brother

"You must know that his sins is guilty of cultivation as a farmer, not to steal, steal ...

"We believe 100% that he he never do it [suicide].
"If that socket is the state agency get electrocuted him, He not  take electrical shock Himself."

He also said the family is preparing to appeal the case records and will be submitted to the authorities of Dak Nong, maybe tomorrow, 25/3, on the death of his his in the police and that the examination cadavers without family invited witnesses.

When BBC asked about his family's doubts Mr. Dien said:

"I guess other people  that my family we run out of it, nothing at all.
"Probably someone he wants to do something but their relative did not say anything.


"It is agreed, it was found that the work properly, due to him alone but no one cause [it] to him.

"The voluntary they buried it, the government would help them too, no nothing."

Mr. Dien also confirmed that the government will consider the questions of the people according to the law:

"We are always done in accordance with law.

"If there is a problem we have to consider in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law."


He told the BBC that the government's conclusion after his autopsy he is "not found" cause of death.

According to him, the police Gia Nghia town, Dak Nong province arrested his wife and his wife-way 14/3 when they are doing their fields and held overnight in the town so that they deforestation.

He said the two brothers bought the field from a man named Sung A since 12/2012 and he himself was also arrested by police.

To 15/3, the police informed the two brothers on bail two wives but both had been arrested as he arrived.

"By the afternoon of the 17th, about 15h, in his room he has noise, very strong and hit the wall."
Hoang Van Ta

The two women were later released on 16/3 and he was released on 18/3, a day after Mr. Ngai die.

He said on the day his son died:

"In the morning the police released me and I him as general cleaning and washing the car body.

"Then the police took us to the next storage room.

"By the afternoon of the 17th, about 15h, in his room has noise, very strong and hit the wall.

"Then about 15:30 to 16:00, the police let me out of the toilet ...
"When I finished cleaning, the police took me to his room, I have the window he he ... then I looked out the window to see him he stood up and took his hands held high, the expression for help.

"Then I stop and see why did he ask for help ... I stop, police told 'you, if you hurry, you do not have to look at the other guy."

He said he also asked the police to meet him him again but the police said: "You just sit there, you're not out."

Also according to him, until about 16:30 the same day, a police after play football come back in his room and exclaimed, "Oh, sure he's dead."

Then he was transported by taxi to the provincial hospital and then to the funeral home province, where autopsy is underway.

He said that after the death of Mr. Ngai, the local police has promised to allow  family continue farming that do not sin anymore and this makes him suspect has hidden all of his brother's death.

"My brother is a healthy body, why does he die at the [police]," he said.

He added that the family may request forensic examination to find the cause made his death.

First question why families do not request for re-examination of the corpse earlier, he said:

"We are the questions but officials later told we will fix later, he just buried it."

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