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Inform of the Bishop Court of Bac Ninh Diocese exposed the cunning and deceptive nature of the communist government of Vietnam



The recently inform of Bishop Court of Bac Ninh Diocese officially denied not have any priest named Nguyen Quoc Hieu as Vietnam Television VTV reported on the evening of 26/03/2013. This is not only a direct slap in the face the leaders of the Party and the communist government of Vietnam but also help expose the true face and nature is full of deceptive cunning of them in front of the public in the National and International . Is there anything more humiliating for the current Vietnamese communist regime. One side, the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government at all levels advocated to promote people comment on the draft amendments to the State Constitution as the way to put on themselves democratic beautiful shirt, on the other hand use the evil vile deception tactics including threats, labeled and slander people from the highest leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the government in the past time.

Fake moral face and cunning deceptive nature of the communist regime of Vietnam, of the Vietnamese communist government increasingly sharp exposed before the people and international friends. A brutal dictatorship, a government full of corruption scandals have no faith in the people, why trying to protect? and after the trick in the draft constitutional amendment which has been the people of Vietnam and abroad expose, What the leaders of the Party and the Vietnamese communist state government will do, will respond? This is probably not one of us does not know. Well, of course they will use real nature, real human and their real thoughts that act to protect the interests and their fragile power through their use of violence continue to suppress the people, give jail those who dared to ask to remove Article 4 of the constitution, removing the unique dictatorial leadership of the Party and State, as well as dare to support the expansion of democracy and demanding multi-party pluralism as was required during past time.

However, the leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese Communist government has assessed the people too low. Fear by so long lived in the grip of the communist regime led many Vietnamese people gradually become dry feeling, indifference, indifference to the dangers and difficulties of others, insensitive sometimes even for children, parents, friends, or blood relative. And most worrying is insensitive to the social status and the fate and survival of the country today. This is the weak point of many people that the Vietnamese communist regime has thoroughly exploited to cause division in the community, Religion and many other things aim be easy to rule and impose any illicit desire of the current communist government. Vietnamese people let's collect each event and the experience of living and clasped his hands together, determined not to the communist government of Vietnam continues to cause storms, waves and cause pain suffering for the people and nation of Vietnam.


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    NOTICE OF Archbishop Bac Ninh: Diocese of Bac Ninh has no NGUYEN QUOC HIEU priest
    3/29/13 7:27 AM

    Thông báo của TGM Bắc Ninh: Giáo phận Bắc Ninh không có linh mục Nguyễn Quốc Hiếu
    As Queen of Justice information to readers much dirty game, communication system scam Vietnam from the Communist Party newspaper under the new provinces such as Hanoi, Saigon Liberation, Security Capital Television Vietnam, DTH Hanoi ... the Queen of Justice has repeatedly expose.

    Nevertheless, evidence that disability, Radio TH Vietnam recently VTV again fabricated story Comments amendment to the Constitution by building up a fake priest named Nguyen Quoc Hieu, Chairman of the Committee for Catholic Solidarity Bac Ninh. Queen of Justice was timely expose this dirty game when the post was written by JB Nguyen Huu Vinh. Article pointed out, the tricks, the intention of the communist authorities in what is intended.

    On 28.03.2013, the Archdiocese of Bac Ninh, was informed of the incident.

    BAC NINH bishopric
    TP. Bac Ninh - VIETNAM
    Tel: +84 (241) 382 1438
    Fax: +84 (241) 382 4843
    Bac Ninh, on 03/28/2013


    V / v: Diocese of Bac Ninh has no Father Nguyen Quoc Hieu

    In the news program at March 26, 2013 of the Central Television VTV1 the release of "the religious dignitaries comments amend the 1992 Constitution," text annotation "Father Nguyen Quoc Hieu, Chairman Committees Catholic unity province Bac Ninh "makes many people mistaken Nguyen Quoc Hieu is a priest of the Diocese of Bac Ninh.

    Therefore, the Office of the Court bishop of Bac Ninh Bac Ninh diocese and notified there's no priest named Nguyen Quoc Hieu.

    Best regards,
    Lm. Dominic Nguyen Xuan Truong
    Chief Archbishop of Bac Ninh
    Addendum: Adding a role fabricating blatant lies of the Vietnam Television

    - A few cases of fabrication, construction story of Television:

    Queen of Justice

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