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Vietnam police continue to violate the law, trample justice ...... and look down on people's lives




The Hanoi Vietnam police use batons broke jaw while people are involved in traffic on last March 14 has led to people in the city of Hanoi in particular and the people of Vietnam country generally extremely outrage. The public security departments at all levels in multiple categories so long abuse of power blatantly disregard the law, disregard people's lives have become so popular all over the country. In recent years, many innocent people have paid with their own lives in such an injustice way just because things are very little seemed unlikely. However, before the bossy, patronizing and full of unruly of those who's available power in the hands, the lives of people in Vietnam have become extremely small and fragile just like an animal. 

What led to the police, who represent law, justice, protect life assets of the people and to preserve social order and security are those who violate the law, trample justice and disregard the lives of people as well as upsetting and social disorder? The answer is quite simple that everyone can feel, that is Vietnam's communist rulers for themselves the right to sit on the laws leading to mass violations, serious, systematic and on become quite popular in the country. When a police officer misconduct, bullying people and even killing them illegally immediately peers, comrades, comrades, superiors and subordinates find all cover each other to big things into smaller and even used every trick evil and despicable to change the white instead of black all things to excuse and cover up the misconduct of their sins. 

Typically as what happened today, Mr. Nghiem Duy Hoang when was joining in traffic not wearing a helmet when the patrolling police found by fear of punishment should hastily fled and later right the police officer who blocking him used baton attack in his face and in his body brutally, causing serious injury in the presence of so many people. However, the police then tried to cover up their sinful behavior in a brazen and the handing by slandering him Hoang that fear ran up crashed into the median strip and fell .. .!!! Normally, all violations of the law by the police officials, the government officials have been covering up and resolve themselves in many different forms such as: administrative handle or internal warning ... .. that is the cause and existence of government and state agencies Vietnamese communists continued despite the law, trample justice ....... and look down on people's lives. 


Hanoi police 'Beat broken jaw people' 

Update: 11:52 GMT, Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nạn nhân Nghiêm Duy Hoàng

Strictly Duy Hoang treated in hospital for multiple injuries 

Hanoi police leaders had "directed" the police investigation of the alleged using baton " beat broken jaw" people who joining in traffic, according to local media.

On 16/3, mobile police regiment commander of the city police, Colonel Pham Van Hung, the quoted BamVietnamNet newspaper or director of Hanoi police "has directed the relevant reporting unit, clarify the matter "by the media, the media stated.

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Vietnamese society 

"We will review and will be strictly dealt with in accordance with law, if the media and the people reflect correct," Colonel Hung told the online newspaper.

Saturday, sheets said details are strictly Duy Hoang, 23, a native of Thanh Hoa, "(motorcycle) in the opposite direction, no helmet hit in the face by police while fleeing . "

This online newspaper said: "Other witnesses also confirmed this information, but police said the victim crashed into the median strip and fell."

Many people witnessed the extremely urgent witnessed the incident. They say ready stand to testify about the police used batons beat the person who's  traffic violations " 

According to local newspapers, morning 16/3, Mr. Huang was born in Thanh Hoa has accused police maneuver Y5/141, Hanoi Police, "beat broken his face".

Hoang reportedly underwent surgery in Jaws-Hospital-Central in Hanoi.

VnExpress sheet said "According to doctors, the surgery lasted two hours succeeded, he Hoang bone manipulation, broken with 2 sections connected by screws."

Earlier Friday afternoon, the BBC reported in detail said:

"At around 15:30 on 14/3 is strictly Duy Hoang ... is motor control plates 29H1 - 048.16 to traffic through the intersection Minh Khai - Taurus (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi), was a soldier Task Force 141 of the Hanoi Police request stop signs.

Online newspaper adds: "because did not wear a helmet so he Hoang fled. Immediately plainclothes a chase. When Hoang car stopped, a man wearing police uniforms with baton break out to block

"As soon as the car stopped, a police uniform shirt with the logo of the working police used batons blocked and flashed in the face of Mr. Hoang causing him serious injuries, fainting. People gave victims emergency personnel in Thanh Nhan Hospital. "

VietnamNet quoted doctors treating Mr. Hoang said the patient "hospitalized in a state of multiple wounds in the face, neck and back. Specifically, the left cheek bone fractures, bleeding a lot."

'Extremely urgent' 

Online newspaper reflected: "A lot of people who witnessed the extremely urgent witnessed the incident. They say ready to stand to testify about the police  used batons beat the person who's  traffic violations " . "

Recently, the Vietnamese media often appears more news, articles about violence carried out by the police to the people.

Many newspapers and official network reflects happened 'hundreds' is said to police "assaulted, tortured, beaten to death citizens" an alarming level, of which there are many families of the victims alleged their relative was "killed at the police station" by the violence of the authorities.

Many accusations or violence and abuse violence, authorities "duty" of the police with people also took place with the "frequency of common" join forces to keep order in the city market as "traffic police", "police action."

Early last year, the trial of former police colonel Nguyen Van Ninh guilty of the crime of death while on duty ended sentenced to four years in prison for the accused, including the previous ten months of detention.

He Ninh trial for accused beat him to death Trinh Xuan Tung in early 2011, the victim is said to be only minor mistakes " not wear helmet" while "behind the motorcycle taxi" but had to pay by the life.

Gia đình nạn nhân Trịnh Xuân Tùng

Families Trinh Xuan Tung procession moving images 
His justice 

Recently, a number of lawyers told the BBC that they 'Bamngac course' or concerns about a draft decree placed the problem is likely "unconstitutional," while allowing the police were right to fire of behavior " against those who's in duty ".

Although the Ministry of Public Security is proposing to allow police to "direct fire" if there is evidence of "serious crimes, very serious, extremely serious," the opinion of the lawyers that may be abuse leads to violation of the "right to life", threatening "safety life" of citizens stipulated in the Constitution.

A number of public comments on the network also expressed concern that the draft could "exacerbate" the situation "violent abuse," "violence" of the police which is said to have quite popular with the common people.

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