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Efforts of fellow Vietnamese Catholics in favor and widely Mail comments of the Catholic Episcopacy of Vietnam on draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution



Lay community in many parishes, diocese and elsewhere in the country have been efforts and tingle circulating written comments to the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam draft edit change the 1992 Constitution. The deep concern across the board of lay people today about the current situation of the country, the fate and survival of the nation is expressed through the suggestions and proposals to modify and build a State Constitution authentic and true today is a great encouragement and lit up the flame of hope in the hearts of the people even though faced with the crooked games, deceit, democratic artificial forms of the leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government. 

Although there is no true willingness to modify, improve or build a new Constitution to meet all the legitimate aspirations of the people, meet the criteria related to the field of human rights, as well as meeting the benefit of the nation, but through consultation campaign contributions among the people to shape a new constitution to meet and cope with the bad situation of the country of Vietnam today , the leader of the Vietnamese Communist Party and the State have inadvertently fueled the fire desire democracy for so long in the hearts of the Vietnamese people in all parts of the country. Especially for with fellow parishioners Vietnam before the heroic pioneer full of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam in the proposed draft amendments to the constitution the State of Vietnam. 

Circulating the petition draft amendment of the 1992 constitution of the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam meant that help build a complete new constitution in which all the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the people, of government and leadership of the country are presented in a clear, transparent way and is consistent with the criteria to improve the bad condition of the country of Vietnam today. Vietnamese Catholics let a pioneer in all areas to comply with the motto of the Catholic Church in Vietnam is the "good life beautiful religion." We hope that not only the Diocese Kon Tum, Diocese of Vinh, and the parish has a sense of responsibility to society, to the country as what Tan Mai parish, the Diocese of Xuan Loc, Dong Nai have been doing today now that all parishes and dioceses nationwide will jointly help of variable "democratic dreams" great and only hope of the people of Vietnam soon become a reality. 



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VRNs - (03/19/2013) - Dong Nai - After receiving a letter inviting popular content directory propose amendments to the Constitution of the Vietnamese bishops' conference of Bishop Dominic Nguyen Chu Trinh-Bishop Xuan Loc 11:03. 2013 (link), main-Father and vice-Father of parish Tan Mai, to mobilize men in the Church quickly implement an emergency. 

Parish content photocopy letter propose to amend the Constitution and a letter calling for the contents of this letter common father of Bishop Dominic. Then the board of the school, the parish quickly urgently transferred to the hands of each family in the parish.

Tan Mai is known as one of the large parish of the Diocese of Xuan Loc, with nearly 15,000 parishioners. Recent period, under the management and administration of the parish priest Joseph Vu Duc Hiep, vice Dominic Deng Cong Khanh, along with the invaluable collaboration of all unions, parishes progress in all aspects.

After the bishops' conference announced propose to modify content Constitution dated 3.1.2013 (link), the state network of Catholic and abroad actively reporting and dissemination of contents of the letter. Not only the diocese of Saigon, the congregation launched that other dioceses also actively conducted. Especially Xuan Loc diocese, the Diocese has the largest Catholic population of the country is also a strong response. This is a good sign when the parishioners have started awareness, concern more deeply on the state of religious freedom, human rights on the country in which they are living. Speaking not only for personal benefit but for the benefit of whole people.

Hopefully the remaining parishes in the diocese of Xuan Loc Parish imitate Tan Mai and some other parishes in the country, obedience of Diocese leaders early deployment and look how popular the content of messages and propose amendments Constitution of the Vietnamese bishops' conference, to contribute to building a truly free country, equitable, democratic and civilized as many people desire.


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