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CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT FOR nation's BENEFITS ... Or just a charlatan antics to meet power and own interests of the ruling Communist Party ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

Finally , the new constitution 2013 of the State by Congress of Vietnam adopted with the results : 486 votes in favor , two abstentions and no votes against ... a flawless result so that many witnesses had to uttered these amazing words  : " The leaders of the State of Vietnam has excellent performance in his role on the political stage " ... a comedy stage show is always the joy of the party leaders and the communist state ... but at the same time exposing the sadness and frustration of tens of millions of people of Vietnam and the International Community ...who's always be faithful to the ideals of a fair society and a prosperous country truly prosperous ... those who desire Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights ... but in the end just had bare eyes helplessly watched the leader of Vietnam Communist dictatorship manually edit and play alone on stage .

The new  Constitution 2013 of the State by Vietnam National Assembly adopted today is the Constitution which's embodies the party , people's desire ... and focus are the opinions of the National Assembly and the intellectual elite of the people ... eloquent words of the Vietnam National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, resounded in  the hall of Department of Defense ... but could not fill the huge disappointment that permeates inside the hearts of people in Vietnam ... when  knowing that the National Assembly , the people who are empowered to act on  behalf them to speak up the voice of people has really betrayed the trust of their own . Rather than carry out the wish of the people ... the delegates of the National Assembly of Vietnam today only follow the will of the party . The two MPs who remaining a bit moral conscience abstained ... although not achieved responsibility  that their people entrusted to ... but at least they have not lost all conscience that agrees with the democratic antics of the Vietnam communist government leaders. Pray for them will be safe after Parliament session was closed .

Despite knowing that the state constitutional amendment this time is just a travesty of democracy ... but in the hearts of people still ripples, still felt like they were offended . However, the people of Vietnam and the International Community also has known that even though the new constitution has been amended truly complete according to the wishes of the people , then also there is no guarantee that human rights will be respected ... people's lives will be changed ... Social will be justice , and the country of Vietnam will be truly prosperous ... because between the promulgation of the Constitution of the State and the enforcement of the Constitution which is still a very far distance ... is still an answer that we all need to think . In the past , although the 1992 Constitution also remains wrong things , ambiguities , defective , ambiguous and inconsistent . However, in itself shows the clear provisions on human rights ...but these regulations only always existed on paper only. Therefore, in order to change society in the direction of good ... develope country to bring true happiness to people the key issue currently is not the amending of Constitution ... but be needing to make changes perspectives , attitudes and behavior of the leaders of the Vietnam Communist state ... if really could not do this ... Then although the new constitution is completed well also can not be effective . Until then , the only thing that people are forced to do, that is " dissolved the Communist regime in Vietnam " .


Opinions of people on new amended constitution which was adopted by the National Assembly

Panoramic opening ceremony 6th Session of the 13th Parliament Vietnam on  21/10/2013.
AFP photo

Vietnam National Assembly recently passed a constitutional amendment , with 486 votes in favor , two abstentions and no votes against , which reaffirmed the role of the party for both of politics and economics .
Immediately after the vote ended , the Vietnamese -language Radio Free Asia we have been in contact with a number of artists and people in the country , ask their opinions about the new constitution of Vietnam . We are pleased to send you the audience comments were recorded .
Congress said the voices for the party
The first is Professor Nguyen Quang A simile that instead of speaking for the people , the Congress was said as speaking the voice for the party .
Another prestige political character is the Professor Tuong Lai told Radio Free Asia us as follows:
" Our Recommendation 72, requires parliament postponed adoption the constitution  , in which we said that constitution constrains the development of the country , hindering integration with the world . So the Vietnam National Assembly recently passed a constitutional amendment for us is sad . But we are not surprised that in the present context , the implementation of 72 recommendations is not easy , but we still make recommendations as to warn against public opinion, to awaken public opinion, so everyone understand that the struggle for democracy even more arduous .
The Constitution does not follow the spirit of the constitution that gave birth to the   republic democracy Vietnam on 2nd day of September 1945, and since then , step by step , this constitutional goal away from democracy, freedom , and implementation of human rights , ie the liberation of human rights , as a prelude to the constitution in 1946 or beginning of the declaration of Independence, 2nd September 1945, the general spirit of the constitution and declared 46 language independent Vietnam in 1945 was declared a democratic membership before the world . Why ? Since the beginning of the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam quoted in the Declaration of Independence of the United States , there is the nature of the content respected human rights and civil rights .

Hiến Pháp CHXHCN Việt Nam

Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Việt Nam
But then gradually by war , human rights and civil rights has not been discussed . But since 1975 after the country was liberated , independent regain , which independently without freedom , democracy , human rights are not implemented, it would not bring independence to mean. That's why we want to fight requires a constitutional succession spirit of the constitution in 1946 and succeeded the basic spirit of independence statement dated 2 September 1945.
Now a new constitution was adopted no point have nothing new , no progress , no desire to meet liberal democracy , the human rights they are dimmed , even being dismissed , it's also highly a totalitarian institutions opposed to democracy and the rule of law . "
Next is Mr. Pham Dinh Trong , former Army Colonel Vietnam :
" Sad but inevitable that it should , and sometimes ... in cloud has a silver lining , sometimes as then people will see that the state does not go along with the people there as well. "
Mr. Le Hieu Dang said after the Constitution was adopted on 11/28/13 :
The new constitution was adopted no point have nothing new , no progress , does not meet the democratic aspirations of freedom, the human rights they are being overshadowed .
GS- Tuong Lai
"First, National Assembly of Vietnam is not like other national parliaments ,  full of party's members , full of officials . That they are not political activists or social , so they have not sided with the people .
I know that well they will adopt only because previously, the executive committee meeting of the party central has said about it. I am not surprise at all.
Only two people not to vote . National Assembly of Vietnam is not representative of the population , the country's interests .
There are two issues, is matters of democracy and land issues are urgent with people . In rural areas , people are suffering because of the land , it is the local government oppression . Country was Independent  but the people have no joy. "
A young artist in Hanoi said after the Constitution was adopted on 11/28/13 :
"I'm not surprised , the National Assembly of Vietnam has ever been like that , it is only that form . There's nothing to hope , like as the future of Ms. Dau that ... ( laughs ) .
There is nothing to hope but also still hope (laugh ) . "
On Internationally , our Vietnamese language noted the opinion of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam through common statement yesterday , in which it says that the fact that the role of state enterprises not be ignored in the new constitution are signs that Vietnam does not truly want to compete with the global economy .
In addition, Human Rights Watch Organization Human Rights Watch also spoke , said that instead of listening to the voices and opinions of the people to the constitutional guarantee of human rights are respected and accountable government more accountable to the people , the Vietnam National Assembly voted to pass the constitution as amended by the will of the party and the state .
Mr. Phil Robertson , deputy Asia director in charge of Organization Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch also expressed great disappointment because the members of Congress missed an opportunity to the government of Vietnam to closer comming respect the fundamental rights of the people , in accordance with the commitment that the government of Vietnam has promised the international community .
Please be reminded again yesterday with 486 votes in favor , two abstentions and no votes against , the Vietnam National Assembly passed the amended constitution , which reaffirmed the role of the party for both political and economy .
The new constitution of Vietnam consists of 11 chapters and 120 articles , mean is to reduce 1 chapters and 27 Articles versus the old constitution was enacted in 1992.
The point is most noticeable is still remain the same to article 4 , defined the role of the Communist Party leaders of the country , took a leading role national economy .
The new constitution also stipulates the president is commander in chief of the army , known as the dominance of the People's Armed Forces , while concurrently as president of the Council of Defence and Security .
During the collection of public opinion as well as before the voting began , a lot of people at home and abroad have called for the party, government and parliament to actually help fix the country's renovation constitutional change , but based on the terms of the new constitution be amended through this morning , it can be said that the appeal had not been heard , whether he National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said that the most important documents of the country have shown the whole " the party and the people's heart ."


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