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Do Minh Tuyen

Two cases were wrongfully serious that national press recently mentioned that is case of Nguyen Thanh Chan in Bac Giang and Ho Duy Hai at Cau Voi Post Office in Long An Province with the maximum sentence for the crime of " murder " ...caused upset where the public opinion ...  now is having another wrongfully more serious case that is the case of death row inmate Han Duc Long is also in Bac Giang ... This overlap makes pressing other pressing ... lead to frustration and disbelief on everyone's immense capacity survey , as well as professional ethics and dubious measures that  Vietnam police investigation agencies , where themselves always pround of the best in the world ... often applied .

" Extort depositions from somebody " by force ... That is the fear so long not only for inmates , the defendant or defendants ... but also the fear and frustration shared by all the people of Vietnam ...  before rising the serious wrongfully sentences which were detected in recent times . Especially for the case of death row inmate ... because of the opportunity and time to be considered is very limited . Who will be responsible for wrongfully serious case like this ... State and government will take nothing to compensate adequately for the life of a person when found the wrongfully seriously sentences above ...  ?

The inability of the Vietnam security agencies to investigate most of serious cases with charges of " murder " ... lead to the use of corporal punishment , torture and coercion is guilty too obvious ... and the request to reconsider the case mentioned above , and restore honor and dignity , as well as compensation for the wrongfully convicted the victim said above was also conducted . However, there is no indication that the main agency or related in the investigation and adjudication of cases wrongfully above ... to be sanctioned or punished by law ... and that is the cause of human life in Vietnam continues to be despised by the state law enforcement agency .

In addition to the investigation capacity required to have where the police agencies and the Judiciary Vietnam including agencies such as the Procuracy , the Court , the People's Committees at all levels ... professional ethics and the human conscience is also an important factor contributing to clarify the case and trial right criminal. right people . However, this important factor was not the authorities of Vietnam noted ... and so , the case continues to wrongfully dead convicted piled and increase . What we have to do let to situations of injustice no chance to survive ... ? First of all , there should be concrete measures and effective in limiting or prohibiting the use of force to torture , corporal punishment , and extort from the police investigation ... then , each individual , each agency involved in the trial are solely responsible under the law when found wrongfully convicted . Hopefully , both the government and the people should have common sense and responsibility towards Vietnam in adherence to the principles of professional and ethical behavior ... especially when Vietnam has voluntarily participate and become the newest member of the Convention Against Torture , and the punishment or cruelty , humiliation personality of the United Nations (referred to as UNCAT ) .


Pháp luật Việt Nam

Revisiting suspected case of wrongfully convicted prisoner Han Duc Long in Bac Giang

Xem xét lại nghi án oan sai của tử tù Hàn Đức Long ở Bắc Giang
Lawyer Ngo Ngoc Trai ,  Manager of Law Office Ngo Ngoc Trai et al ( Hanoi ) said : Afternoon Yen was murdered  , Mr. Han Duc Long are husking rice at home Mr. Diem Quang Nam ( live at the village ) . The investigation agency has asked Mr. Nam in the incident that night there anyone who grind grain, Mr. Nam told there're 7 people, including Mr. Long . Many people who're rice milled also to confirm this .
Office of the State President has written notice of the request to have the case reviewed  Han Duc Long by cassation to the Supreme People's Court Judge and Supreme Director VKSND consideration .

Office of the State president transfered the application of Han Duc Long
Ms. Bui Thi Keng , Law Department Office of the President of the country, has signed a written notice of the application was transferred Center for Law - Vietnam Bar Federation proposal review Han Duc case ( live Phuc Son , Tan Yen district , Bac Giang , Nguoi Lao Dong has continuous information ) according to cassation procedures to chief Justice Supreme Courts and Supreme director VKSND consideration in accordance with current regulations 

Earlier, after analyzing the case files and field scene , lawyer Vu Thi Nga - Deputy Director of the Center for Law - confirmed Investigation Agency ( CQDT ) Bac Giang Provincial Police have signs of criminal violations during the investigation .
Lawyer Nga said Han Duc Long prisoner has signs of wrongfully convicted and so should be the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme VKSND reconsider sentence was valid under the cassation procedure .
As Nguoi Lao Dong has information , previous , 7-11 , former General Secretary Le Kha Adventure also had a letter hand- delivered to President Truong Tan Sang proposal directing the court to examine the case Han Duc Long in his cassation procedure for wrongfully signs 
Afternoon 15-11 , on the sidelines of the National Assembly , Mr. Than Van Khoa - Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee , Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People's Council - said the incident had taken over the media and said: " former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu has handwritten letter proposed President Truong Tan Sang directing the court to reconsider the case, so this proved problematic . Surely the authorities of the Supreme VKSND , the Supreme People's Court will review the case thoroughly . "
Evolutions case
The case of " Murder " , " child rape " wrongfully convicted of the death row Han Duc Long lasting from 2005 to 2012 and had a Council of Judges for the revocation of the Supreme People's Court of First Instance , Appeal .
According to the case file , about 19 am on 26-6-2005 , his wife Son , Sister Willow ( live Tan Yen district ) did not see her daughter named Nest ( 5 years) should be looking for . The next morning , with the discovery of Yen's body in the ditch outside the field . Scene examination and corpse showed her torn vagina .
After about 4 months of not finding the culprit , Bac Giang province CQDT Police suspend investigation and urged residents to denounce crime . Then CQDT received denunciations of Ngo Thi Khuyen (born 1930 ) and her daughter Thi Truong Nam ( SN 1960 ) accused Mr. Long was of rape ( these two persons ever had a dispute conflict on land with Mr. Long ) . CQDT immediately arrested Mr. Long for investigation . During interrogation , the accused Long confessed rape mother and daughter Ms. Khuyen and raped , killing Yen .
Bac Giang People's Court of first instance said Han Duc Long the death penalty , the Supreme People's Court of Appeals said appellate same death penalty . Then the Council of Judges Supreme Courts cancel 2 cassation instance verdict , appellate and investigation requirements from the beginning . In 2011 , Bac Giang People's Court of first instance and the Court of Appeals 2nd, Supreme Courts 2nd appellate ruling remains death penalty .
Profile survey shows , the defendant pleaded guilty in the trial, but the defendant  Long denied guilty and declared be beaten , extort . Notably , the case happened in 2005 , but until the investigation back in 2011 , the same year the victim Truong Thi Nam and Truong Van Sau ( Son of Ms. Khuyen ) had to withdraw application handled Mr. Long  .

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