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Torture, corporal punishment using to extort confession ... THE PROBLEMS CAUSED PRESSING opinion AND MEASURES TO PREVENT

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Do Minh Tuyen

Torture , corporal punishment used to extort confession from the Vietnam police investigation after a series wrongfully convicted cases were discovered recently ... upset and outrage public . Although investigators and officers concerned were consistently denied wrongdoing that ... but in both terms of affection and law , then the victims in the case were wrongfully convicted recently discovered in the past and alleged that they were tortured , beaten and subject to punishment as well as extort confession from the investigating police officers are completely founded. We wonder that , if not beaten ... assault torture ... and also not extort confession by force or corporal punishment , then how a normal person can plead guilty when they themselves do not really guilty ... not to mention the cases of the maximum penalty includes life imprisonment and sentence to death ... unless they are in a mental state or brain condition is not normal ... !

Of course now, when the truth is uncovered , the investigators or the officer involved in the case ... and even the leaders of the Public Security Department or the relevant ministries are denying behavior their wrong is not difficult to understand . All of them are afraid to shoulder responsibility ... Moreover, for ancient tradition and now of leaders and officials of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam shall enjoy the benefits of each one ... but the discovery of wrongful ... it is the general responsibility of the country ... ! or push each other ... or just a sentence " learn from mistakes " ... then everything is seen as an end. Because of the aforementioned paradox that the police officers or government officials became increasingly unruly and despised lives of the people ...  despites justice ... despites the law and the Constitution ... regardless of public opinion ... and even despites human moral conscience .

Why do not we learn the good example from the Freedom Democratic nations in the world ... ? While government officials of the public sector to do wrong ... causing serious consequences , the leaders of that Ministry will be voluntarily to resign ... Such leaders are truly accountable to the people and the country ... rather coolly and irresponsible as the party leaders and government leaders of the State of Vietnam . Upcoming will submit government on installed the entire system of cameras in interrogation rooms in whole country according to the statement of the Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang ... Think about, this may prevent or remedy the situation investigator using corporal punishment , torture to extort confession prisoners not ... ? yes , it is definitely none . Status of torture , extort confession, using corporal punishment exists or not totally dependent on the moral conscience and really investigated capacity of the police investigators . In addition, state law should be strict and foolproof ... can not act arbitrarily and especially must end the status... the state leaders ... Party leaders ... and leaders of Branch, Ministries ... continues to sit on law ... and cover each other as at present .



VN ' will establish the camera in the interrogation room '

Update : 11:35 GMT - Friday, 22 ladder 11 , 2013

Mr. Tran Dai Quang said the violations during the investigation process only is " particular "
The Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang said the next time the camera will track in the interrogation room to fix the violations during the investigation .
Speaking before Congress in hearings 21/ 11, Mr. Quang said the Ministry of Public Security has selected this solution to " ensure security , safety and enhanced surveillance activities interrogation of investigators "
" However, due to budget constraints should installed only in a number of key areas , " he said
Mr. Quang also said the upcoming report to the government for additional funding to implement this entire plan .
Regarding alleged to extort confession in the Chan Nguyen Thanh case , Mr.Quang said the Ministry of Public Security has always " prohibits extort confession , and using corporal punishment , if the violation must be dealt with strictly . "
However, this guy also referred to the violations as " particular " and said " the flaws in the investigation process has significantly reduced " by Ministry " often directing the expression remedy violations " .
According to Mr Quang , when occurrence of wrongly cases , the head of the investigating agencies and the coroner " must bear direct responsibility before the law " .
Besides, " the Ministry of Public Security is responsible for the entire operation of the investigating agencies , including the flaws in investigative activities ," said Quang added.

' Be difficult to detect extort confession '

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan has repeatedly denounced many times for extort confession
Also in Congressional hearings on Thursday 21/11 , Mr. Truong Hoa Binh , Chief Judge of the Supreme People's Court , said accused extort confession , use of corporal punishment in Mr. Chan case must " be proven " and said , " the police Ministry are conducting case review again . "
" In this particular case , having or not having need to prove , could not immediately be confirmed with extort confession , " Binh said .
" The jury discover extort confession or not is a very difficult ...
However, the responsibility of the jury , even if have not found extort confession that the judicial convicted wrongfully must still be jointly responsible , " he said .
At the hearings , Mr. Binh also urged Congress " to wait the authorities have the responsibility to properly handle the case. "
Morning 19/11 , Mr. Chan and relatives came to the lawyer's office Vietnam Justice in Hanoi,  and officially invited this office to protect the interests of the damage claim that agency proceedings have caused for him and his family .
Mr. Chan , born in 1961 , was arrested in 2003 and was later declared Bac Giang provincial court for murder , life sentence .
But the day 25/10 this year , a man named Ly Nguyen Chung surrendered , confessed acts to killing the victim Nguyen Thi Hoan .
On 6/11 , the Council of Judges of the Supreme People's Court has canceled the entire verdict and appeals for Mr Chan , and requires re-investigation of the case from the beginning .
During sentence , Mr Chan also sent many complaints against the Supreme Procuracy , the accusations duress , beaten , forced to plead guilty .

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