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VIETNAM CANDIDATES IN The UN Human Rights Council ... Honor or an insult ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

Normally when candidates to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... Also as once approved and become an official member of the agency's most powerful Human Rights of the United Nations ... not only the responsibility which need to do but also an enormous honor of the country . However, in the case of Vietnam during this election ... not only an insult to the country of Vietnam , Vietnam National ... that there is even an insult to the great human rights bodies of the United Nations this powerful ... when receipt of a new infamous member as Vietnam . When admissions regulations for any member country ... then having errors or omissions in the evaluation is to understand and sympathize ... however, for Vietnam , a communist country totalitarian ... with bad human rights record and present a long-term process in the past ... specific and clear ,is the Vietnam accepted as a new member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... is truly an insult not acceptable .

Despite knowing that during the process involved in candidate , Vietnam must have a clear roadmap and commitment to the International specific promises that Vietnam will do in terms ... and that we can also mobilize international dismiss or suspend the  UNHCRS membership of Vietnam if this country does not enforce responsibility and their commitment to improving the human rights situation . However, one thing is certain and that is understandable ... why not just eliminate the jobs of this nonsense ... ? Vietnam joined in the past and become a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations ... and had participated in the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations . However, this member state has despised and despite their commitment to international human rights . The suppression of human rights in Vietnam occurs daily as the meals daily ... and increasingly become more severe ... that all of us can see and easily verifiable ... by the actual number of bloggers , the  Struggle Democrats , the religious activists , the artists , Student , and the number of political prisoners , prisoners of conscience ... they are all imprisoned the wrong way just for expressing their views peacefully .

For these reasons , all of us can say that , all of Vietnam's commitment to participate in the election to the UN Human Rights Council this time also make sure nothing will be done . .. and despised all their commitments to international human rights related to almost is their inherent nature is not easily changed . This can be seen with the government adopted Decree 92 to restrict , prohibit and suppress religion ... while always claiming publicly and International Community that the Government of Vietnam always respects the religious freedom of the people ... ! or decree 72 issued recently on  management and use of Internet services ... a decree full of wrong to silence people and create a legitimate reason for authorities harassed , arrested and imprisoned anyone who dares to express their views on contrary to the view of the State ... while the claim that freedom of speech has always been respected state . Besides , what about some vague, full of gaps and best interpreted as the arbitrary of Article 88 ( propaganda against the State ) Article 79 ( conspiracy to overthrow the government ) and Article 258 ( Loi Liberal Democrats right to use , harm the interests of the country) ... continue to be used ... while showing the unreasonableness about the Criminal Procedure Code of Vietnam said on completely contrary to some things around has been set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights of the United Nations which Vietnam has signed and participation . Therefore, Vietnam's participating in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ...As also be accepted and become new members in the future ... is a great insult not only to the country and people of Vietnam ... but also be an insult even to agency of the United Nations Human Rights this powerful ... instead is a tremendous honor that other countries in the world have been longing .


Despite criticism , Vietnam still candidate in Human Rights Council
Một phiên họp của Hội đồng Nhân quyền LHQ.
A session of the UN Human Rights Council .
Thanh Phương
On 07/28/2013 , Vietnam has filed for election to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations for the term 2014/2016 and the election of new members of the 47 members of the Council will be held in May 11 . Thus, Vietnam will fight with China, Maldives , Jordan and Saudi Arabia to win one of four seats representing the Pacific region .
 Human Rights Council of the UN , which was formerly known as the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations , is an intergovernmental mechanism consists of 47 member countries are allocated according to the region , including 13 African countries , 13 countries Asia - Pacific, 6 Eastern European countries , 8 countries in Latin America - Caribbean , and 7 Western European countries and other countries .

Compared with the predecessor Human Rights Commission , the activities , the Human Rights Council is an innovative mechanism underlying the Universal Periodic Review ( Universal Periodic Review - UPR ) , in which all member states the United Nations stands out inventory turns and dialogue about its human rights situation in a 4 year period and include all stakeholders , including non-governmental organizations .

The first time that Vietnam is periodic review of human rights in 05/ 2009 . Currently, Vietnam is preparing reports for periodic review times two month cycle of 1/2014 . In recent years , the government of Vietnam has taken the opinion consultation on Draft Recommendations National Report will be presented at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations .

National Report on the implementation of human rights in Vietnam under the Universal Periodic Review ( UPR ) 2 cycles focused review of the implementation of UPR recommendations that Vietnam was at once accepted them before . At the same time updating the new developments in the protection and promotion of human rights in the territory of Vietnam .

In the Draft Country Report published in the consultation workshop last August in Hanoi , Vietnam government said that after reviewing the report of Human Rights First ( 2009 ) before the UN Human Rights Council , Vietnam achieved much progress « measurable » in ensuring freedom of speech , freedom of the press , information , freedom of religion and belief , to ensure housing for low-income people to ensure rights for vulnerable groups ...

Regarding freedom of speech , freedom of the press , information , reports confirmed that Vietnam clearly defined rights in the Constitution and laws . To demonstrate , reports put the figure is as of May 3/2013 , there were 812 agencies with 1,084 press publications ( compared with 676 offices and nearly 700 publications in 2009 - a time when Vietnam the first UPR report ) . At the end of last year, the number of internet users in Vietnam was 30.8 million, accounting for 34 % of the population , higher than the average of 33 % of the world .

The report also confirmed that Vietnam respects the presence of religion as Buddhist , Catholic , Protestant , Muslim ... and the religious formation of water as Cao Dai , Hoa Hao , Tu An Hieu Nghia ...

But international human rights groups have judged differently  . In a report sent the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations , the American organization Freedom House denounced the Vietnam government has arbitrarily detained in violation of international law , use the law of national security Join to silence a growing number of opposition voices in this country .

Front Line Defenders Organisation of Ireland recorded it has not any significant changes since the assessment universal periodic review to Vietnam in May 2009 . This organization is recognized in the period between 2009 and 2013 , the Vietnam human rights defenders and their families have suffered surveillance , threats , intimidation , interrogation , harassment , arrest and arbitrary detention , ill- treatment in detention , and travel is prohibited in the country and abroad .

Following invite you for the interview to hear about candidates Vietnam Human Rights Council UN with Mr. Vu Quoc Dung , Secretary General of the International Association for Human Rights , ISHR ( Germany ) , and this was an advisor for international human rights organizations .

Mr. Vu Quoc Dung
RFI : Congratulations Mr. Vu Quoc Dung , first asked him to repeat the procedure of examination of candidates and voting procedures for members of the United Nations Human Rights Council ( UNHRC ) ?

Mr. Vu Quoc Dung : UNHRC has a total of 47 members . Regulation of this organization split 13 seats for Africa blocks , 13 blocks of Pacific Asia , 6 for Eastern Europe , 8 blocks South of Central America as well as Europe and the West 7 for the remaining countries . This seat split ratio corresponds to the population of each region in the world . Each member has a term of 3 years . Each year, about one third of the seats were replaced and like always UNHCR also two thirds of the members have the experience to ensure that activities are ongoing UNHRC .

The election will be conducted at phop session of the UN General Assembly , this year on 11.12.2013 , according to private and secret ballots for each candidate . Want elected , each candidate must achieve absolute number of votes of the total 192 members of the United Nations , that is, there must be at least 97 votes .

On 12.11.2013 will be 14 elected seats , the seats of which 4 blocks in Africa , 4 blocks of Pacific Asia , 2 of the Eastern bloc , 2 blocks South of Central America as well as 2 block of West Europe and other countries .

Each UN member country may apply for candidacy in one of the chairs need to be replaced in his block . For example, this year , Vietnam may ask candidates to 1 in 4 chairs alternates blocks of Asia -Pacific . In the past , the regional bloc usually given number of candidates for the seats just fascist nation should be physically block his nomination is also sure to win the election . Recently , members of the UN General Assembly was tougher . If you see an unworthy candidate too , they refused to vote for that candidate again and start mass contact area to offer a new candidate . To vote in the UN General Assembly conducted democracy , each block should provide the number of candidates is higher than the number of seats for alternates to the UN General Assembly options . This year , I found outside the « Western Europe and other countries " and the Eastern bloc , while other blocks are made ​​of more candidates than the number of seats to pick up the slack . This is an improvement , but not significantly , because we need some alternate candidates than the number 1 . The vote for the candidate blocks by Asia -Pacific launched this year will show that this defect .

RFI : Looking through the list of candidate countries to the UNHRC this year , Vietnam has no chance of being elected ?

Mr. Vu Quoc Dung : In this block there are 4 seats Asia - Pacific region should be re-elected . Until today, I see a list of official candidates of this block include China, Jordan , Maldives , Saudi Arabia and Vietnam . Previously countries Syria and Iran also fired sound like candidates for this block , but was opposed opinion , should have left the original intent . In particular , the United States and the European Union ( EU ) has given the intention of the resolution against Syria 's candidacy . Either way, the list of 5 candidates for 4 seats cubic Asia -Pacific still has at least 3 undeserving candidates are China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam , as well as the country of serious human rights violations and systematic .

If the Jordanians and the Maldives archipelago is more deserving and will elected , the UN will eventually have to choose 2 out of 3 additional undeserving countries said above . The worst case is the third candidate unworthy China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam are elected . In the second case , the Asian region will bring disgrace known for having conspired to put them on the UNHRC . UNHRC will bring reputation mechanism to reach the country and serious violations of no reputation to speak of human rights protection .

If the last minute without any additional countries of this group of candidates , the elections - in a maxim of the West - is a choice between the plague and cholera . To answer the question of RFI , I think that any country that elected whether China, Saudi Arabia or Vietnam, if not the plague it was cholera .

RFI :Human Rights Commission of the United Nations in the last few days have criticized the trial lawyer Le Quoc Quan and generally they are not happy about the state of human rights in Vietnam . This can affect the UNHRC voted in Vietnam ?

Mr. Vu Quoc Dung : Normally the candidate countries on the UNHRC always want to improve human rights in the period before the election . Vietnam is an exception . In recent years , the human rights violations in Vietnam did not decrease , but also tends to increase severity . Only since the beginning of this year we have witnessed many secret and unfair trial . Specifically, 22 followers of the Law Council of Son Beer sanctioned projects totaling a life sentence , 300 years and 120 years' probation , 14 Democratic Youth sentenced to 82 years in prison and 56 years probation , Mr. Wu Phu Yen Hao sentenced 15 years in prison and 5 years probation eight Montagnard Christians of Ha Mon religion was sentenced to prison totaling 63 years in prison , lawyer Le Quoc Quan was put on trial for economic crimes due to had democratic activities and human rights .

Up to now , there have been 51 civil Vietnam was brought to jail because of ' propaganda against the state »by Article 88 of the Penal Code , in which many people are bloggers .

Hundreds of bloggers and activists peacefully for freedom of speech , freedom of religion , the right to land ownership have been beaten or detained , harassed . Conscience world has never been a candidate to challenge any such UNHRC .

I wonder what makes Vietnam such confidence ? Is Vietnam government think they have enough diplomatic campaign to silence the world , or at least find the promised support of 97 UN member states ? If this is the case , then the world should be ashamed for having underestimated the value that is outside the mouth honored .

We know that the candidate 's profile Vietnam will be left with a record of the evaluation mechanism of the United Nations and an assessment of the profile of human rights organizations , so that the member states have the sufficient information to judge the promise of a nation . The responsibilities of the institutions of the UN , the international human rights organizations and the governments of Europe and America is to use all their means to clarify the difference between words and actual actions Vietnam 's government . They have voiced strong opposition to publicly and movements for national delegations of UN members . At least , in the days before the voting session on 12.11.2013 , the international human rights organization to represent Vietnam invited to answer the question the candidate .

RFI : In the means to assess the progress of a country in terms of human rights mechanisms regular expertise . In 2009 , Vietnam has been reviewed , so far as he can see that Vietnam has the right to comply with the commitments they made ​​it or not ?

Mr. Vu Quoc Dung : Between the Universal Periodic Review and elected to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations , have contact with each other . First of all , I want to talk about the selection criteria for candidates to the UNHRC . There are 3 standard . First, the candidate must demonstrate the protection and promotion of their human rights . Monday candidates voluntarily submitted to what they promised or committed to do in the office. Tuesday if elected, they must adhere to the highest standards for the protection and promotion of human rights , to cooperate fully with the UNHRC and have accepted « Procedures for Periodic Review of Human Rights Status » ( UPR ) of their country in term in office.

Vietnam has formally submitted a list of commitments . However, this list should not be the final list . The European and American countries requiring Vietnam to have promised substantial and measurable . One of the proposals is complementary Vietnam sent an invitation to commit all of the UNHRC special mechanisms (Special Procedures ) to visit Vietnam in the 2012-2014 term . Vietnam has so far avoided invite special rapporteurs (Special Rapporteur ) UNHRC in the areas of civil and political rights in Vietnam to assess the situation . This is a core proposal to improve the human rights situation .

If you think there is a certain barter , then we need the country to vote for Vietnam committed to a roadmap to improve human rights in Vietnam . If Vietnam continues to suppress human rights policies in a systematic and brutal campaign , the UN suspended regulations UNHRC member of Vietnam is still a possibility that may occur as we know it in the case of Libya .

RFI : Xin cám ơn ông Vũ Quốc Dụng.

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