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THE VIETNAM historical monuments ... And the concern for the young generation of VIETNAM TODAY .


Do Minh Tuyen

The fratricidal war between the North and South of Vietnam has gone ... Vietnam country was not divided ... and peace reigned in Vietnam homeland too this suffering . However, nearly 40 years ... under the dictatorial rule of inhuman ruling communist regime in Vietnam , the people of Vietnam , the country of Vietnam ... not only not inherited the so-called happiness of a country unified ... which seemed to suffer and worse than ever. The country is rampant corruption ... society is full of injustice oppression ... and human rights are trampled to rudely and blatantly every day , every hour ...  led to fierce resentment from all walks of life ... whom had been lulled by the ruling Communist Vietnam in many forms ... by the deceitful tricks and evil , when they launched the invaded war in South Vietnam in April , 1975.

The people, more and more suffering and worse in life ... is the loved image of a Southern Vietnam Freedom ago is getting clearer in memories of the people in Vietnam ... Unfortunately, for only is the young generation today of Vietnam has been communist dictatorship Vietnam cheating too much , too long and too deeply ... should not be able to feel the true meaning of life is freedom and peace of the people of Vietnam in the South Vietnam regime before 1975 ... and how is truly happy and freedom ... not distort as distorted way of totalitarian communist regimes Vietnam along. Image contrast between the previous regime and the current ... is what the people of South Vietnam , including those who have previously ever participated for communism ... easily seen and felt , whether the facts have been distorted ... and history has been made ​​wrong .

Millions of people in Vietnam had to abandon their fields and land for immigrants fleeing communism in South Vietnam in 1954, shortly after North Vietnam fell to the communists ... and also millions of people in Vietnam after the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975 ... had to leave their relatives , leaving family and fatherland to float at sea between death and life in search of freedom ... this issue says anything ... ? and why Vietnam country twice to be victorious ... the peace and unification ...  that people of Vietnam still must continue to find ways to escape communism ... despite all the possible sacrifice their lives on the high seas ... ?  hopes that people of Vietnam , especially the younger generation today Vietnam , who was born and grew up in communist environment ... can sense this, and have a proper look and more realistic about the communists , the current communist regime ... and all what they have done , have caused to the people ... for national and homeland Vietnam .



The VN historical monuments in California

Update : 12:48 GMT - Thursday, November 14th, 2013
Tượng đài chiến binh Mỹ - VNCH ở Hoa Kỳ
Many statues , war memorials U.S. - Vietnam Republic was built in the United States

" Groundbreaking Ceremony Construction soldiers Memorial of Vietnam Republican  will take place in late November at San Jose . "
It was said by Ms. Hoang Mong Thu , who also knew with Lamson Arts Group initiated  projects from several past month . After the campaign with the city receiving the opinion of veterans , community and in the past three weeks have fundraising activities 
Wall construction funding costs about 30 thousand dollars . Through two fundraisers , one in San Jose two weeks ago and again today with activities organizers have raised all the money needed . Ms. Thu tell us how the fundraiser held on Sunday afternoon last November 10 at the Asian Cultural Center in Oakland .
Fellows from around the city such as San Jose , San Francisco , San Rafael , Stockton and in Oakland was attending fundraising musical starring singer Phuong Hong Que in pilot uniforms , the home-grown singers as Ha Cam Tu , Thu Nga , Trung Kien , Ai Loan ... by the lap of Vietnamese dress, together with Lamson Special Arts group in many colors by military units.
This is a group of young people in the past decade has brought honor those heroic soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam and wrote love songs for the soldiers , for soldiers to community activities .
"Nearly 40 years have passed , but when it comes to General Nam, the old soldier did not deter his shed tears of emotion"
Number of members of different cultural groups about two dozen people . They are young ,woman not yet once to wear warrior caps , but many of them have family members that soldiers should understand the sacrifice of the soldiers of the Vietnam Republican for protecting the freedom of the country . They appreciate the contributions and sacrifices that should stand out performance of the memorial building .
In the arts , special team play reconstructs the harrowing and heroic drama " Army last command " for the last hour of Major General Nguyen Khoa Nam , Commander 4 Corps Tactical Zone 4 .
Before the play takes place , former Lieutenant Le Ngoc Danh, aide of General Nam who's side until the final moments of the forum was to talk about the commander . According to him , Gen. Nam is moral character of a Buddhist brotherhood is more of a general war with troops wholeheartedly , accommodation and living close to the level that irrespective of , military . Saturday morning 1-5-1975 Gen. Nam committed suicide by gun .
It has been nearly 40 years since the death of a General who's committed suicide rather than surrender to the enemy , but when it comes to General Nam, the old soldier did not deter his shed tears of emotion , as well as many viewers as see the hero drama  .


As the architecture diagram sketched on the wall outside the cell Memorial biographies and photos of Major General Nguyen Khoa Nam also has a portrait of general officers and dozens of others who had committed suicide or were executed by firing squad after tanks northern communist forces entered Saigon noon on 30-4-1975 .
It was Major General Pham Van Phu , Le Nguyen Vy Brigadier General , Brigadier General Tran Van Hai , Brigadier General Le Van Hung , Ho Ngoc Can Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Long .
Behind the portrait of these officers is the image of the soldier Army Republic of Vietnam .
Memorial wall 4 meters long , 2.5 meters high will be built in the Kelly Historical Park in the city of San Jose , next to the Boat people Museum and the Republic of Vietnam had ten years.
With Wall , it is a work of history marked again and contribute to society , culture and politics of the Vietnamese people in the United States .
Referring to the Vietnamese diaspora , media and research attention to the Vietnamese people usually live in California , which is considered typical living center for the Vietnamese community in the U.S. .
When the Vietnam War to American involvement ended in April 1975 , about 130 thousand Vietnamese who have left their homeland at that time and most of them have been welcomed for the settlement by the United States.
In the next two decades , millions of people continue to leave Vietnam by boat or road border crossing to South East Asian countries before settling in a third country , and the largest in the United States .
Bảo tàng người Việt ở Mỹ
Visitors visits the Vietnamese museum in the Vietnam Republican period in America
After nearly 40 years and through several waves of settlers ranging is 1 million 700 thousand Vietnamese people living in 50 states throughout the United States . California with approximately 600 thousand so this State be regarded as the activity hub of Vietnam , from the economy to trade political culture .
Over time the little stable and integrated into a new life , Vietnam has gradually recreate the culture and tradition of leaving their legacy in the history of the U.S. homeland .
In southern California , Orange County is the largest concentration of Vietnamese living most formally known as Little Saigon from the past 25 years . There are thousands of commercial establishments , regular activities of Vietnamese political , cultural performances specific to Vietnam .

Whole-heartedly Support

In 2003, Monument of Vietnam - U.S. Soldiers was built on the territory of the city of Westminster . This is where the first Vietnamese- American elected since 1992 , Councillor Tony Lam , and now the mayor 's first Vietnamese Ta Duc Tri .
Also in this city , the Peek Cemetery Memorial Boat people perished crossing the road to freedom was inaugurated in 2009 . This cemetery is also home to many Vietnamese in Orange County choose after dead .
Northern California , in the San Jose Museum of Boat People and the Republic of Vietnam thousands of artifacts on display of a country that has existed twenty years , from 1954 to 1975 , before being wiped out on the political map world .
It also records the history of the Vietnamese-American community since April 1975 , from the boat crossing , Nam Loc writing songs in the early days of the camp , the relics of former prisoners camps for the achievement of students , the entrepreneurs , scientists , politicians of Vietnamese origin . San Jose , the city is also the most crowded Vietnamese Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen is of Vietnamese origin .
Cộng đồng người Việt tại Mỹ
A monument in the United States celebrate Vietnam's boat people
Former Colonel Vu Van Loc said the fundraiser that although he built the museum , but he did not do a memorial , so he wholeheartedly supported her work Hoang Mong Thu and cultural groups .
He said the Kelly Historical Park , in addition to the Vietnamese heritage museum also of the U.S. , Greece , Portugal , Mexico and 30 from the old house downtown San Jose was taken to the park to protect existed before the development of the city and became the capital of electronic valley nearly half a century ago .
Every year the students will meet many regional and university students , including many children of Vietnamese origin , to visit to learn about the city's history and ethnic origins of the settlers came here .
The construction of the Wall of Remembrance , a former congressman Tran Minh Nhut , advisor fundraising organizers emphasized :
" This is a blow to the Hanoi leaders because the communist government can not get rid of it in the past as pressure Southeast Asian countries memorial carving out the boat people was set up in Indonesia , Malaysia . "
He said this Wall , as well as Black Stone Walling in Washington, DC and Sons Memorial, the city of San Jose in San Jose is a tribute to the soldiers who have sacrificed to protect the South from before 1975 .

Article reflects the personal views of the writer and style of the author , a freelance writer in California , USA .

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