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Sergeant major POLICE IN VIETNAM obscenity several times with many children ... BE SENTENCE REDUCED AND NOW RELEASED RIGHT IN COURT ... !

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Do Minh Tuyen

A police sergeant major inTien Lang district , Hai Phong city , Vietnam, criminal as obscenity several times with many kids has been the Supreme People's Court in the appellate trial, parole and release in court  ... caused upset and outrage of public opinion . The reason that the defendant ...was reduced by the Court following the judgment of the Court that is defendants asked to be reduced on the grounds that the judgment in the first instance sentenced to defendant was too heavy for offense ... and besides, the Court considered that the defendant show repentance and sincere confession ... as well as pay full court fees and made up compensate damages an amount of money ( 8 million) for victim family ... should have applied the extenuating circumstances and sentence reduction for the immediate release of the accused in court ... !

Where is justice ... ? Not yet mention to morally and not to mention the identity of the defendant ... we only mention the legal aspects , the Article in the Code of Criminal Procedure ... and the extenuating circumstances of the case also seeing is the law is not strict and clear... and the Court has abused powerful to make wrong the rules of law . Article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on obscenity charges for children very clearly defined at gap 2 point a  ( repeated infringements ) and point b (to many children ) ... will be fined from 3 years to seven years in prison ... and if they cause serious consequences shall be punished by imprisonment from seven years to 12 years ... so, the police sergeant major in Tien Lang district obscenity several times with many of the children were considered after mass complaints against him ... , the Court of First Instance sentenced the accused is the right person and right guilty .

Moreover, the defendant's background is a police  ... understanding the law , is the law enforcement that the illegal act can not be tolerated ... indeed , must be severely punished than civilian who's guilty . Besides , this police sergeant major himself has repeatedly obscene with many children is considered a dangerous act for social ... if the victim's family was not detected arrested ... the real consequences would be hard to imagine ... do not know how many other children in the hands of demon lust under the guise of the People's Police . Therefore, the application of extenuating circumstances for defendants in this serious case of the Court of Appeal is totally wrong and baseless . Not to mention the damage physically and mentally for the child victims is enormous and serious ... can not be forgiven .


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Prosecute to the former police sergeant major with more salacious to many female students

The police CSDT Hai Phong has a decision to initiate prosecutions ,prosecuted the accused  , stripped military register and detained Vu Van Quynh (born 1989 CA Tien Lang town , permanent residence at Hung Thang Commune , Tien Lang district , Hai Phong ) with child obscenity offenses.
CSDT Police Agency ( CA ) has to decide Haiphong prosecutions , prosecuted the accused  , stripped of military register and arrested Vu Van Quynh (born in 1989, the town of Tien Lang CA , permanent residence at Hung Thang Commune , Tien Lang district , Hai Phong city ) with child obscenity offenses .
In denunciation of Mr.Cao Van Hoan resident at Ngoc Khanh village , Ming Tien , Tien Lang district , a local youth had lewd acts with his daughter is . Th (born in 1997) when  Th is on the way to school ( this incident took place on 17.08.2012 ) .
On 3/11 , while Mr. Hoan was taking Th to school discovered the doubtful youth shouted require people to capture and take this object to the Cultural Village Ngoc Khanh Tien Minh Tien Lang district and report the issue to the police Tien Lang district . Get informed , CA district took this young to CA district headquarters to verify and clarify the content of his denunciations Cao Van Hoan.
Verify initial object suspected obscene acts with children is Vu Van Quynh , level sergeant major , working at CA Tien Lang town , Tien Lang district .
According to documents from the CSDT , dated 08/17/2012 Th on the way to school ,  Quynh met Th and having lewd acts with a Th . When detected someone arrive , Quynh had fled .
CA district received more denunciations of 4 girls : Phan Thi D (born 2000 , resident of village self- Tien , Tien Minh Tien Lang district ) , Nguyen Thi Q ( SN 1996, permanent residence in the village Chinh Ly, Quang Phuc commune , Tien Lang ) , Nguyen Thi Th (born in 1997 from  permanent residence in the village Khoi Vy , Quang Phuc commune , Tien Lang ) , Tran Thi H ( SN 2000 , permanent residence in Ky Vy Thuong village , Quang Phuc , Tien Lang ) , all of them contended that a young man with lewd behavior in the afternoon . This is the time the children go to school and in the same location as the Decree rural roads , Quang Phuc Commune , Tien Lang .
After verifying that obscene behaviors with children are grounded and the questionable to Vu Van Quynh is a basis , the agency sought CSDT meet witnesses and examine the scene , the victim met and held for identify the suspects .
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Duy Dien , District Office , police spokesman Hai Phong , to verify the results of the initial investigation , the CA City director has decided to deprive CA People title to Vu Van Quynh ; decision for prosecutions ; arresting to objects .
City agencies are consolidating CSDT CA profile , object handling Vu Van Quynh strictly according to law .
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Release the former police sergeant major who's child obscenity

Trả tự do cho nguyên thượng sĩ công an dâm ô trẻ em
( PLO ) - On 20/11 , Supreme People's Court of Appeal has re-trial of the case " obscene with the children " for defendant Vu Van Quynh (born in 1989 , former Police Sergeant major in Tien Lang district , Hai Phong ) .
Defendant Quynh  would be reduced on the grounds that the trial court in the first instance imposed the defendant is too heavy for offense .
After considering the evidence and apply the new extenuating circumstances for the accused , the accused family has 8 million compensation for the victims , to complete the full payment of court fees , the defendant himself has repented repented , confessed , the Court of Appeal declared sentence reduced to the accused Vu Van Quynh .
The sentence level that defendant has to get 13 days and 12 months in prison on charges of " obscene with the children " .
Release of the defendant Quynh at trial who's served enough punishment from the date of arrest     

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