Saturday, 11/09/2013


Vietnam has signed acceded to the Convention against Torture

November 7th , Permanent Mission of Vietnam to the UN press release said Vietnam has become the latest member of the United Nations Convention against Torture and punishment or treatment remains evil , demeaning personality (called UNCAT ) .

Speaking after the signing ceremony , Ambassador Le Hoai Trung stressed that by becoming a signatory to the Convention , Vietnam reaffirm " unwavering commitment " to prevent any act of cruelty , inhuman treatment , and better protect fundamental human rights .

Notice signed the Convention says that a particular step in the process of active and active international integration of Vietnam , Vietnam highlights and ready to be a responsible member of the international community .

Chinese ambassador believes that the Convention is an opportunity for Vietnam to further improve the legal system to protect and promote human rights .

For years human rights organizations have voiced many instances Vietnam police torture , coercion and assault arrests . The latest case is Nguyen Thanh Chan has just been released from prison 10 years after suffering injustice .

In a recent interview with VOA , Mr. Chan 's lawyer said Vietnam has many international conventions , but in fact still ' say one thing and do another . "

Convention is UNCAT UN General Assembly adopted on December 10, 1984 . To date, 154 countries have ratified .



People accuses was collectively beaten by police

Update : 16:20 GMT - Friday, November 8th, 2013

Mr. Truong Van Dung ( right) said he was at home because of fractures
A citizen in Hanoi has told story he was many police Thuy Khue Ward , Hanoi beaten to fracture .
In an interview with BBC by telephone on 8/11 , a day after Vietnam's accession to the UN Convention Against Torture and punishment or cruel treatment , inhuman or other degrading Mr. Truong Van Dung said he was nearly 10 police handcuffed and beat collectively in police station Thuy Khue ward .
The incident happened when Mr Dung to capture the images that he said showed behavior " rude " people of police to reclaim some property that they believe the police are keeping late October .
Thuy Khue ward police refused to provide information over the phone and the duty An huy Nguyen also said no one is in charge of the ward police spokesman .
Dung told he had been police " hit " four times so far , including the first time he was bleeding in Loc Ha prison when anti-China protests .

' BROKE THREE ribs '

In the latest case happened on 25/10 , Mr Dung said that when he and a friend to the  Thuy Khue police to reclaim blankets , rice and pots he and friends were brought to the Hmong people from four provinces of Cao Bang , Thai Nguyen , Bac Kan and Tuyen Quang to Hanoi for protests .

Mr. Dung had been hit head bleeding while protesting against China in June
The Hmong people have been taken away by police 23 night , dawn on 24/10 and all the things that Mr. Dung and help their friends also confiscated .
Dung said the police had the words " rude " and " insulting " that he took out his camera to record .
Police Thuy Khue banned Mr. Dung to take photograph but he said at ward no notice-board ' photography prohibited ' .
" Then I told them to steal my camera , the two sides through the words and they use  the number of people arrested me and Mr. Thien Nhan and shackles two leg and they beat us .
" I myself then they take to the second floor and they continued to torture , beaten .
" I myself am the result is three ribs broken . "
Mr. Dung said he went through the X-ray and conclusions of the hospital he knew fracture .
When asked how he was tortured , Dung said :
" When we protested violently , they shackled us off , they handcuffed and dragged to the second floor of the ward Thuy Khue .
" They chained my hands behind the chair and their individual cages ... my hand is almost unavoidable , and they stood kicks on two sides of  my ribs . "


Mr. Dung also said he had video of police officers " arrest " the Hmong who demonstrations in Hanoi and will put these images in public .
"Right now, today, most of them fear for us is a crowded , the solidarity and the two images are [ in ] their crimes , they find ways to eliminate them."
Mr. Truong Van Dung
The operation also adds Hanoi People from more than 60 provinces and cities had flocked to Hanoi to appeal , there's someone in past dozens of years .
Dung said that this is a consequence of the government " single-party " and comments:
"Right now, today, most of them fear for us is a crowded , the solidarity and the two images are [ in ] their crimes , they find ways to eliminate them .
" Even as evidence clearly was the most famous video is to trample [ into face of Mr. Nguyen ] Chi Duc in protest against China .
" The second is the crackdown , beat two journalists in crackdown , land confiscation in Van Giang .
" But in the end they still have things they still be deny vehemently . "