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Do Minh Tuyen

At the same time the letter was sent to call Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to improve human rights in Vietnam from the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch ( HRW ) ... is also when Religious Freedom of people being police An Phu Ward , Thuan An Town , Binh Duong Province trample mercilessly ... This , reflects a very lame painting about the worst human rights situation in Vietnam today ... even during Vietnam has officially filed for election to the UN Human Rights Council in last August . Before the contradictory progression which unfolding very soon after the ruling Communist Vietnam recently submitted their commitments, their promises to improve and human rights enforcement in Vietnam when joining as the candidate on Human rights bodies of the United Nations this powerful ... makes many people feel skeptical about the willingness to real improve human rights performance of the Vietnam .

In the past , Vietnam has been involved and become a non-permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations ... has ever signed into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights International ... and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of the United Nations . However, in practice , the Government of Vietnam has despised their commitments to international related to human rights ... tried sophistry , fill and cover for the violation of their human rights by all means ... as citing that due to differences in culture , geography , history and origin ... Should the concept of human rights between Vietnam and Western nations are also many differences ... ! Besides , citing national security ... The Vietnam Communist authorities often use many vague and inadequate Articles in the Criminal Code as Article 88 ( propaganda against the State ) , Article 79 ( Conspiracy to overthrow the government ) and Article 258 ( Abuse the rights of Freedom and Democracy , compromised the State's interests  ) ... which is interpreted very vague and arbitrary to harassment , oppression and illegal detention of the Democratic activists  ... Religious activists ... as well as create opportunities for radical authorities to silence voices of dissent in the country .

To ever , the communist government of Vietnam can be honest with people and the International Community ... in the full exercise of the right and their commitment to improving the human rights record of his worst ... ? The duplicity of the ruling communist Vietnam in the past ... especially after the integration opportunities with International ... the status of human rights violations in Vietnam is worse ... even worse than initially ... therefore , the skepticism of the majority of people in Vietnam and abroad , and International ... is totally founded and can understand . As citizens of Vietnam , we really feel painful and shameful ... when his country participating candidates to chair the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... instead of pride that many other countries around the world have ever been longing . No one ... and no any people desire his country to be isolated  . However, the human rights situation worse for so long ... and increasingly become more severe in Vietnam the criticism from human rights organizations ... as well as increased pressure from the International Community to Vietnam ... absolutely be necessary to improve effectively  the worse human rights situation in Vietnam today.


Wednesday, 06/11/2013


HRW mailing called on Prime Minister Vietnam to improve human rights

Thủ tưởng Nguyễn Tấn Dũng tại Phiên họp Thường niên lần thứ 68 tại trụ sở LHQ, New York, 27/9/2013.   REUTERS/Mary Altaffer/Pool
Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at the Annual Meeting 68th at UN headquarters , New York , 27.09.2013 . REUTERS / Mary Altaffer / Pool

Human rights monitoring organization Human Rights Watch, November 5 has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Tan Dung, when Vietnam on the occasion of upcoming election to participate in the UN Human Rights Council in the upcoming November 12 .

The letter sent to the Government Office has called Vietnam authorities ' with content compliance with the highest standards of promotion and protection of human rights . "

Beginning of the letter, Human Rights Watch reiterated notes August 27, 2013 by Vietnam to the UN General Assembly president with the statement and commitment to human rights in Vietnam as a candidate in the Human Rights Council .

The functions that those rights and fundamental freedoms of the people of Vietnam " respect and ensure " the promotion of human rights is reflected " in the Constitution and relevant laws of Vietnam " , and freedom of expression on the Internet is " enhanced . "

HRW said the real situation in Vietnam was opposed than what is described in the note and called on Vietnam to address human rights concerns before election day , such as immediate release and numerous 10 conditions of political prisoners detained since the implementation of basic human rights .

In addition, Human Rights Watch also called on Vietnam to amend the constitution to meet the international standards of human rights .

Before October 22 , Human Rights Watch sent a letter to the Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam is the call contents constitutional amendment .


Police violated religious freedom in An Phu Ward , Thuan TX , Binh Duong province

POST ON : 11/06/2013 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , NEWS VIETNAM

VRNs ( 11/06/2013 ) - Binh Duong - 11/05/2013 On the evening the brothers away  home come from An Lac Parish , Thai Binh reunion at his residence Nguyen on Highway 50 frontage in An Phu ward , town Thuan An , Binh Duong province pray for the family 's ancestors on the occasion of the month to pray for souls ( November ) . Often this prayer meeting lasted only 30 minutes later everyone dinner spot so simple and 21g front end .

The faithful come to pray as a Catholic in Saigon and Binh Duong area , they have a common faith as fellow brother or another. The prayer had ended 19g30 when suddenly there are some police officers and about a dozen civil defense to rely majority to exert pressure . A police did not introduce his name but met all the requirements and needs identification test . IN WITNESS WHEREOF about 30 people who're in dinner ended prayer , the oldest police officer asked the owner :

- What are you doing here?

- Owner : We are brothers and countrymen should come here to pray for their ancestors .

- Police : Eat , drink is comfortable but it is not recited prayer .

Then tell if the host organization must ask permission to pray . People are very upset with the behavior of the police , but still moderate interpretation . Then the police officers in detection of the photographer is quietly discarded .

cong an-dan phong
The faces of people who insult to religious freedom under the mantle of civil defense - police
Công an, dân phòng rất đông uy hiếp một gia đình đang cầu nguyện
Police , crowd civil defense threatened a family is praying

Considering that this job of An Phu ward police are violating the religious freedom of citizens : Based on the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 1992 : Article 70 of Chapter V : ( Quote ) " Citizens have the right to of belief , religion , or non- religion . All religions are equal before the law . The places of worship of all faiths and religions are protected by law . No one can violate freedom of belief , religion or abusing beliefs and religions to contravene the law and State policies . " Pursuant to the Ordinance on Religion and Belief of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly Number 21/2004/PL-UBTVQH11 CHAPTER I GENERAL PROVISIONS : ( Quote ) " Article 1 - citizens have the right to freedom of belief , religion or non- religion . The State shall guarantee the freedom of belief and religion of the people . No one can violate freedom was . " Chapter II ACTIVITIES OF PERSONS WITH FAITH AND BELIEF OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES believers and monks , dignitaries : " Article 9-1 . Believers , believers are free to express faith , practice the rituals of worship , prayer and participation in the form of activities , serving festivals, religious rites and studying religious teachings that his followers . 2 . In the religious activities , religious believers , believers have the responsibility to respect the right to freedom of belief , freedom of religion and non- religion , the religion of others , to exercise the right to freedom of belief and religion does not hinder the implementation of rights and obligations of citizens , religious activities , in accordance with religious law . " aND : all documents , the law does not have any write " gathered to pray at home must ask permission or report ." Such is the act of the police team at home on 5/10/2013 at his residence Nguyen is a violation of law .
The owner said he would denounce to the competent authorities of the illegal acts of some police and officers An Phu Ward , TX Thuan An , Binh Duong and offensive to the Catholic faith .


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