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Do Minh Tuyen

" Investigation Agency Vietnam is among the best in the world " ... shocking statement from Nguyen Dinh Quyen , deputy chairman of the Justice Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam ... has made ​​many people must to laugh ... and not only Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen but also most of the leaders of the communist state seems to have been trained imitate servilely with same a school ... so seemingly bold-faced does not know how is the shame ... and how is an insult, so respectable brazenly when reporters interviewed in all areas .

Well , correctly as some people's comments on , not only Vietnam investigation agency is the best in the world ... but also many of the most things in Vietnam that Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen still has not been mentioned ... eg : Vietnam is a country of corruption and negative most in the world ... Vietnam security apparatus using the most brutal violence ... Party leaders and State governments at all levels have the skills of cunning and deception belong to the best kind in the world ... because can change from the black to become white for everything  ... and still very much the most things on the world that only Vietnam can do .

Irresponsible remarks of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen ... while local newspaper in Vietnam is refering to the case for trial wrongfully of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan , who has been the People's Court of Bac Giang sentenced to life in prison for murder in 2013 and spent 10 years in prison unjustly newly re- consider ... like rubbing salt into the wounds of Mr. Chan's family in particular , and common sore of entirely Vietnam society in general so long . The motto of the Vietnam security branch for investigation that our everyone, nobody do not know that is : " guiltless, beat to become the guilty ... and guilty, beat to leave, " ... and right that paradox has caused so much misery and heartache for the people of Vietnam for many years.

The best thing and the most valuable that world today are aiming to improve their country and create a just society , happiness , prosperity , and prosperity for the people ... wrapped up in the words only it is " honest " . Well, the only true heart and sincere in all aspects just is the platform to help solve everything , every problem in the best direction . For example, in the religious persecution recently in My Yen parish , Vinh Diocese ... if the government of communist Vietnam resolve all issues in a spirit of " Honesty " and goodwill ... is the government Nghe An Province in particular , and the leaders  Vietnam's communist government generally has not been criticized by the International ... and Catholics in My Yen parish also has not suffered heartbreaking scene and be covered up by the word " the perturbative " ... unnecessary to have .


Responding to the statement : " Investigation Agency Vietnam is among the best in the world "

POST ON : 08/11/2013 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , COMMENTARY

VRNs( 08/11/2013 ) - Saigon - statement of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen , deputy head of the Judiciary Committee of Congress about the capacity of investigating authorities Vietnam has caused much reaction to the netizens .
According and , when reporters mention the capacity of relevant agencies to investigate cases of wrongfully convicted Nguyen Thanh Chan in Bac Giang , Nguyen Dinh Quyen said : " investigations in Vietnam Vietnam is considered as one of the agencies investigating the world's best . " Mr. Quyen cites : " I went along to the Justice Committee chairman nearly a week working with the FBI , apparently solving ability of Vietnam are very good , especially on national security cases , and the murder robbery . "
In response to statement of Mr. Quyen , netizens are suspicious and somewhat ironic to this Judiciary Committee of Congress .
Comments for this article on page , whose name Sgman wrote : " not only the investigation security branch , our Vietnam had many the ' best things..! "
For hoamairung9885 when to read the remarks of Mr. Quyen does not know how to act should only smiled : " I was laughing when I read ' Vietnam Investigation Agency is among the best in the world . "
For Thich Khong , the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Committee for Justice told the investigating agencies of Vietnam is best on the world  should be the opposite because : " From not guilty to become guilty , must be called is too excellence ."
The person with name Nguyen Tu said that, because be proud to be good so just happen today's consequences : " Yes ! Also because of our investigation agency " is among the best in the world " and " solve the case quickly ,"  should Mr. Chan just as mess as today . I think there are many people duress and unfairly treated that we have not found yet ... "
When reporters asked about the responsibilities related to the case of Nguyen Thanh Chan , Mr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Judiciary Committee did not go into detail , but only generic responses . He says : " In the past there are very good judges , extremely believe in their abilities . But in this case , weak capacity and responsibility is not high . "
After Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan is falsely identified as 10 years in prison and was released , a number of newspapers, including vnexpress has quoted Nguyen Thanh Chan about his being duress investigators .
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan said : " Investigator L. asked me declare or not , he made me die  . An investigator else beat me , take me several practice movements from prison to go in field experiments "
" Officer Tran NL forced me drawing knife, I do not draw the knife to tell me that let hammer on the head for me die now . HT staff always on hand with a knife intimidation , force me to get . Next, officer Ngo D.D arrested me read and write letters confessing on 28/09/2003 . That is the way I moved to the Ke camp - Bac Giang "
" In Ke camp , I have to set to stab this side , stab the other . They gave a prisoner to falsify Ms. Hoan. Officials gave the spoon , comb to make weapons. To exercise many times for proficient , went back and forth to their proper attention . Then they borrowed house of people, take me back and show experimental film scene "
However, in an interview with reporters in Parliament lobby , said Nguyen Dinh Quyen , Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Judiciary Committee did not mention Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan duress by security and reporters did not to mention this key issue .
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan case was sentenced to life in prison wrongfully convicted and jailed for 10 years for many people interested . On 15/08/2003 , Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoan killed at Me village , Nghia Trung , Viet Yen district , Bac Giang . Then Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan is prosecuted for murder. 26/03/2004 May , Mr. Chan was Bac Giang Province People's Court sentenced to life imprisonment . Once in jail , he Got a petition , his relatives also went everywhere to claim for his grievances . 25/10/2013 , Nguyen Chung Ly surrendered , confessed his behavior to killing to Nguyen Thi Hoan robbery on 11/04/2013 , Mr. Chan was suspended execution , return .


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