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Human rights in Vietnam and chair in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations which Vietnam has just won in past time ... still has been the subject of public opinion at home and abroad the most interested . Some people in Vietnam including activists for Democracy and Human Rights in Vietnam and also as from Vietnam Community overseas be disappointed and pressing when Vietnam , a country with a human rights record worst in history to be elected to the UN Human Rights Council ... while others , including the government and those who love communist proved to be pleased and proud of the achievements Vietnam has made in recent days ... when becoming a new member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... and see this as a new armor protection of Vietnam before rising wave of criticism from the international community and fellow Vietnam and abroad about the worst human rights records of Vietnam so long.

What will happen after Vietnam wearing up themselves by the member of the UN Human Rights' jacket ... with a series of commitments related to human rights in Vietnam ... ? And if human rights in Vietnam is still be trampled continuing by Vietnam communist authorities  ... the International Community , especially the Human Rights Council of the United Nations and the countries that voted in favor of Vietnam became a member of the Human Rights Organization of the United Nations , including the United States government .. . they will have any measures to stop ... or forced Vietnam to abide by and implement their commitments related to the implementation of human rights as they committed before election to this  Human Rights agency  ... ? after 4-day visit to Vietnam by Scott Busby , Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy , Human Rights and Labor , Vu Hoang correspondent of Radio RFA also questioned why the United States voted in favor of the Vietnam to become  member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... while aware of the deplorable human rights situation in Vietnam ... ?

A question is really good and correct ... reflects concern not only from himself reporter Vu Hoang ... but also the deep concern of millions of people in Vietnam and abroad ... and refused to answer his questions Bucby Scott seems to indicate something lies underground in planning programs of the U.S. government related to advocating and protecting human rights in the communist country this totalitarian . All of us who know that the leaders of the Communist government of Vietnam will never accept easily sacrifice their own interests and their power only in exchange for the chair " human rights " above nominal . Therefore, the election to the Human Rights Council of the UN by Vietnam and the progress in relation to their commitment to the International Community in the future still be remains a big question mark not only for people in Vietnam and abroad ... which is also expected from the International Community ... especially for the U.S. government , the world's number one superpower ... is the cradle of the Freedom and Democracy ... and also is the leading country in advocating and protecting human rights in the world today.


Representatives of the U.S. State

Department to answer RFA on Vietnam visit

Vu Hoang , RFA reporter

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Mr. Scott Busby , Acting Deputy Assistant of U.S.  Secretary of state for democracy , Human Rights and Labor at a press conference today in Washington 11/25/2013
Mr. Scott Busby , Acting Deputy Assistant of U.S. Secretary of state for democracy , Human Rights and Labor, recently returned from the U.S. after nearly 4 day visit in Vietnam . Attending the press conference , Vu Hoang noted some important points when he sent to the media following his remarks this visit .

Promote bilateral relations

Vũ Hoàng: Dear Mr. Scott Busby , the main purpose of his visit to Vietnam this time is what ?
Scott Busby: The main purpose of me wanting to know more about the difficulties of human rights issues in Vietnam , is also in contact with the government of Vietnam , discuss human rights issues . Human rights is one of the critical issues of mutual relations as much comment of senior diplomatic officials of the U.S. government , human rights issues in Vietnam will also contribute to promoting and further deepen bilateral relations between the two countries . The third purpose of my trip is to talk directly with civil society groups , human rights activists in Vietnam want to let them know of our support for them , and want to know how that we can help them is like.
Vũ Hoàng: As summarized before entering the Q & A session , he said the 2 day visit to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City HCM a half days , so here he met whom and  talk about what ?
Scott Busby:  I do not want to mention names of the group of independent civil society in order to protect their operations . Generally I met with human rights activists , people who stand up for their personal rights , or the rights of others in Vietnam . So , the people I met were lawyers who represent the character being harassed , prosecuted for various crimes such as subversion , use internet , facebook , blog ... in addition, I also met the religious leaders ... I heard them about the difficulties that they are facing and what we can help them .

Mr. Scott Busby , Acting Deputy Assistant U.S.  Secretary of state for democracy , Human Rights and Labor at a press conference today in Washington DC 11/25/2013 . PHOTO RFA 
Vũ Hoàng: general assessment after his last visit is what ?
Scott Busby: First of all , it is clear that there are still major problems existing human rights in Vietnam , people still can not exercise their right to freedom of speech , They entirely have no right to freedom of collective or association , as well as not fully free to worship . I must say , a lot of  Vietnamese is courage and wholeheartedly want to implement their rights , so I'm extremely impressed to see many people not afraid to share their views on facebook , access to the internet and willing to share the information they find on the internet for their friends . I also admire those who promote civil society development in Vietnam who sought through civil society to address environmental issues , health , religious and human rights , education education , rights for the LGBT community .

Concerns on Human rights in VN

Vũ Hoàng: So you have a specific plan or any program to assist characters whom you just met in Vietnam ?
Scott Busby: First, we raised concerns with the Government on the implementation of these rights in Vietnam are limited , such as Decree 72 that the Government of Vietnam just issued , we raised the specific case of Vietnam citizens arrested , prosecuted or jailed because they made the right expression or association. At the same time , we also discussed with these people in a particular way to see what we can help them .
Vũ Hoàng: As he has shown that there are still major issues of human rights exist in VN , questions that our listeners to send you why the U.S. is not the white vote while supporting Vietnam take a seat in the UN human Rights Council ?
Scott Busby: We do not disclose outside of the election results to the chair of the UN Human Rights Council , so I can not tell you that the United States vote for Vietnam is what , that information is not common .
However, the chair of the UN Human Rights Council that Vietnam just won , I hope that this will show the full commitment of Vietnam in all aspects of human rights issues . This will be an opportunity for the Government of Vietnam to solve big problems that Vietnam is having in terms of human rights.
Vũ Hoàng: Now, Vietnam has become a member of the UN Human Rights Council and to further meet the international standards of human rights , so he says, the U.S. role in supports Vietnam for reform further improve the problem with this?
Scott Busby: What would certainly we do to promote Vietnam to respect human rights on many different angles . We help advise them of the problems of a technical nature , such as the recent Vietnam has signed the UN Convention Against Torture and punishment or cruel treatment , inhuman or degrading ( hereinafter referred to as the Convention against Torture ) . In preparing this work , we have taken a Vietnam delegation to the United States to show them how committed we are to this Convention are. In addition, we also help Vietnam prepare other conventions likewise .
Vũ Hoàng: Let me ask you the last question , he is known to have previously visited Vietnam in 2011 , so after 2 years back , he sees what is most different ?
Scott Busby: When I went to Vietnam in 2011 , all of my meetings are formal meetings with the Government of Vietnam , so , at that time I did not meet with activists as this time , so hard to compare . However, I want to reiterate , this time , I feel really grateful for the courage , wholeheartedly or power that I witnessed a lot of people trying to bring democracy and human rights for Vietnam. Really it's the unexpected things that I totally did not expect before my trip , so I was hoping that the characters that will keep the flame of enthusiasm , the commitment is there to fight for democracy and promote civil society development in Vietnam .
Vũ Hoàng: Thank you very much .

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