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CALL THE WHOLE PEOPLE PROTEST " constitution " which was imposed by the Communist Party and demanding a new Constitution of Vietnam People



Do Minh Tuyen

Dear Compatriots in Vietnam and abroad with the International Friendship . Please help spread and translated into foreign languages ​​to broad public opinion .
We sincerely thank you .
8406 Bloc of Freedom and Democracy

Bloc 8406
Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006

The call to the people
against the " constitution " was imposed by the Communist Party
and requires a new Constitution of Vietnam People


          - Vietnam compatriots at home and abroad .
          - The democratic government , human rights organizations and the international  progress community .

         On 17-10-2013 , the Office of the National Assembly ( NA ) SRV announcement : 6th session of the agency will take place from 21-10 to 30-11-2013 . In the opening session , Nguyen Sinh Hung , Chairman of the National Assembly declared : " In this session , the National Assembly will consider and decisions adopted draft amendments of the 1992 Constitution " , then say " welcome and QH would like to thank our compatriots at home and abroad have responded enthusiastically and comments have drafting " .

          Earlier, on 29-12-2012 , Mr. Phan Trung Ly , Head of Editorial Board revised draft of the 1992 Constitution confirmed to the media : " In our country , all power belongs to the people , so the people plays a very important role in the development and amendment to the Constitution . The aim is to promote ownership , mobilize intellectual enthusiasm of the people , to build consensus of the people , expressing the aspirations of the people ... People can give comments on Article 4 of the Constitution as to all the other content in the draft , nothing taboo at all. "

          To accomplish this , the government has allocated organizing document " Consultation on People's Constitution " throughout the country and the guidance available to fill in the questionnaires in each population group , each household , each party members , and members of political organizations , religious , social ... By this trick , they want to " lure " people of Vietnam to the " muzzle " of their 2013 Constitution compiled . As small and big things in the past , this was their purpose is very clear : no one is going out platform and " orientation " of the Party ! That is very high Constitution also states that the document is of secondary importance , following the credo of the party , as his secretary announced ! Fortunately, there are the elite of Ethnic despite all dangers , with wisdom and his courage , was determined to deviate " orientation " of the party , which is typical :

          t+ Recommendations for amendment dated 19-1-2013 of the 1992 Constitution of  the Group 72 intellectual of Việt Nam position stating : " The ruling party to accept political competition is consistent with historical trends , is conditions for the development of the country , meet the people's demands , including the honest members of the Communist Party VN before the present context of the country . "

           + Declaration of the free citizens across the country on 28-2-2013 states: " We support pluralism , multi-party , party favor healthy competition for freedom and democracy , because peace and progress of the people of Vietnam . Not a party , take any private way to manipulate the totalitarian country . "

            + Letter from  the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam dated 01-03-2013 indicating inconsistencies in the draft amendment to the Constitution : " On the one hand , Article 74 said that, the National Assembly is " the most power agencies of State " . On the other hand , Article 4 of the said, the ruling party is " leading force of society and the State ." So who is leading to whom? perhaps the Congress just is tools of the ruling party ? If so , the people elect representatives to Congress mean ? "

           + Declaration on 5-3-2013 by Venerable Thich Quang Do, the Buddhist Church Patriarch VN Unifiedrecalls strategy 8 points which rescue of the country had proposed earlier in 2001 and emphasized in 8 points it is « electing Congress really represent the people , to establish a rule of law » 

           + The appeal on dated 08-03-2013 of Mr Le Quang Liem , the chief Hoa Hao Buddhist Church Pure, urged fellow associates struggle to request the Communist Party approved a referendum under the auspices international to let Vietnam has a democratic constitution .

          Speaking of Dr. Nguyen Dan Que , founder of Human Movement Voice of America radio on 1-4-2013 : " The current constitution is totally worthless " and he called for strengthening power to force public authorities to have elected a Constituent National Assembly , for real democracy for Vietnam .

          Also, the text on the left refers to a common practice is : The right to freedom of thought , expression , information , media , elections , property rights , prisons and the referendum the ... in the spirit and content of the Declaration and the International Covenant on Human Rights, the Vietnam government has always been serious violations , even though they have committed to observe before the International ...

          About the authorities , they have responded to the comments of the people like? Here are some examples :

          On 25-2-2013 , in Vinh Phuc , Nguyen Phu Trong , general secretary of the party , said by patronizing tone as follows : " Comrades led to suggestions that the revised draft Constitution ( ... ) Recently had different viewpoints can be provided in a recession ideology , politics , morality and lifestyle . See who is thought to give Article 4 of the Constitution ? Denying the role of party leaders do not ? Pluralistic want it? Want to separation of powers does not ? Want to depoliticizing the army ? ( ... ) The concern comrades handle to this issue . "

            On 22-10-2013 , Mr. Phan Trung Ly has reported to Congress that " the acquisition from opinion of the people and the representatives " on the draft as follows : " Regarding location , the leadership of the Communist Party Vietnam ( Article 4 ) , through the opinions of the people and the National Assembly showed that the vast majority of people's opinions and the National Assembly approved the Constitution confirms the leading role of the Party and the contents expressed in Article 4 of the draft . " ( ! ? )

          So it's very smooth , " well begun is half done " ! But no one can not determine the nature of the so-called " majority opinion endorsed the People " is how. And as also never having a referendum is taken literally . All values ​​were fraudulently and people just muzzy to let the authorities scam ! They say get both breasts fill style your mouth , and people are forced to listen , must accept ! and those who does not accept of course is " recession ideology , politics , morality and lifestyle " , as " hostile forces " ! ? !

            On 23-10-2013 past , Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong said the Congress : " this draft than previous advantages are short, concise but precise is still not yet , good is even not yet , no  effort such as echoing summons calling ! "He wanted to appeal to whom  and summons for what ? Does he want to effect millions of people continue to " advance to socialism " , which is the same day he also had to confess : "Building Socialism is far too long . By the end of this century socialism that was completed in VN or not ? " . It is an end to the confusion , both have disastrous ridiculous ! All consequences of this disastrous confusion , and whole Vietnam nation has been and will be suffered .

         Dear fellow Vietnam and the world progress community .

          More 10 months ago , on 31-12-2012 , Block 8406 we issued a Declaration stating his opinion , the authorities of Vietnam's communist organization " People's Consultation on the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution . " In which emphasized 3 points :

          1 - This was more another example of the lies of the authorities with two main purposes : ( a) deceive people and deceive world that, this is a constitution which was entire people of Vietnam love and support . ( b ) Facilitate the police apparatus to obtain a list of " alternate prisoners " of the regime , with the " offense " is defined in the current Penal Code .

          2 - If really want democratization of the country , authorities have to be done for the people of their rights to self-determination through a referendum with international supervision , the core of the problem Constitution : Vietnam should or should not follow a multi-party political system ?

          3 - If really want national unity , authorities must release immediately and unconditionally all political prisoners who are being held , immediately terminate terrorism , the illegal harassment to democrats today. At the same time , the private media have the right to work .

          However , practice has shown that :

          + The nature of terrorism and deception of Vietnam authorities have not changed . If having is also like the chameleon which changes color to match the skin 's condition circumstances alone .

          + All opinions construction, and progress right of the people to amend the draft constitution during the past 10 months have been ruthlessly thrown in the trash !

          + The authorities' terror for those who struggle for democracy is still happen fiercely . The fundamental freedoms of the people have been increasingly serious violations .

          Stemming from such practices and loyalty to the Declaration of Freedom and Democracy for VN (08-04-2006) which states that : " The ultimate goal in the struggle for freedom and democracy for Nationalities today is made ​​in VN political institutions must now be fully replaced ... Specifically, to move from the single political institutions , single party , there is no competition in the present case , to the political institutions of pluralism , multi-party , with healthy competition , in accordance with the requirements worth of the country ... " , Block 8406 call all the people at home and abroad :

         1 - Be aware that while people have a keen desire to progress to the Constitution can change the country towards true democracy , the CCP leadership has directed the Committee Draft Amendment HP people's opinions to form , style and impose scams , refuse to all constructive comments of all class of people inside and outside the country , and boasted that the report " has more than 26.091 million respectively for comments more than 28,000 conferences , workshops , seminars , and the suggestions of the people has been fully integrated , objective and honest " , to give a final constitution for old content and backwardness that Congress going through and imposed on Ethnicity .

          2 - Be aware that the Constitution that Congress is nearly going to pass, is the Constitution of the Communist Party , by the Communist Party and for the Communist Party because , in order to maintain dictatorships , totalitarian party on heads and necks of the people , Party to ensure domination nation forever . The law 's original style , people absolutely can not accept and outcry ( through the protests peaceful non-violent ) .

          3 - Be strong chorus demanding rights for people being addressed through the upcoming constitution , in accordance with Article 70 of the Constitution of the early ( 1946 ) : " Things change when Parliament has been the standard application must be made the people being addressed . " If the Constitution adopted by the National Assembly about this time that people are not being addressed , then let all the people loudly declared that the Constitution is totally worthless .

          4 - Be strong chorus demanding a constitution of the people , by the people , for the people , to build a democratic , pluralistic society and a multi-party politics , to create favorable conditions for the development and prosperity of the country VN . Constitution that would :

          a / not taking Marxism - Leninism as a foundation , as its advances mankind has been thrown in the trash caused so much suffering and failure for the nation applying it , of which Vietnam ;

          b / is not considered " the construction of socialism " is a project shared future of our nation , because it is a vague illusion and deception ;

          c / no Articles which assert exclusive Communist Party ruled the country , so that use of force exclusive , exclusive ownership of all national resources ;

          d / divide up clearly three rights legislative, executive and judicial ;

          e / established Constitutional Court or the Constitutional Court to defend the Constitution ;

          g / establish people's rights referendum and the Constitution being addressed .

          h / clear confirmation of the ownership of land by individuals and groups ;

          i / clear affirmation of human rights and civil rights in accordance
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights .

          8406 Bloc hope that, in time of history is extremely important and bring this decided nature, the whole people in country and compatriots abroad aware of the responsibility of every citizen , determined to fight for a constitution progress , true democracy for the prosperity of the motherland and the happiness of the People . At the same time , to campaign powerfully the international movement to support legitimate determination of the people of Vietnam .

          Made in Vietnam , November 13, 2013 .
          Bloc 8406 Executive Board :

1 - Engineer Do Nam Hai - Saigon - Vietnam .
2 - Father Phan Van Loi - Hue - Vietnam .
3 - Professor Nguyen Chinh Ket - Houston - United States .
4 - Ms. Lu Thi Thu Duyen - Boston - USA .

          With the communion of Father Nguyen Van Ly , Tran Anh Kim veterans , writer Nguyen Xuan Nghia and other prisoners of conscience in Communist prisons .

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