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THE CALL TO STOP THE ADOPTION : Draft Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 (amended in 2013 )

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Do Minh Tuyen

The state constitution in 1992 ... which was amended , and under the called name of the Vietnam Socialist Republic's Constitution in 2013 , has been submitted to the National Assembly of Vietnam and is waiting to pass ... by understanding and comments from the public at home and abroad the Constitution said above not only did not new amended follow compliance with its requirements ... that even left more some highly regressive than the previous phap1992 Constitution ... that the Constitution was amended and be waiting the National Assembly of Vietnam to pass today does not meet the legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam ... and is inconsistent with the interests of the Vietnam country now and in the future .

All of us know very clearly that the State Constitution is the foundation for the implementation of national law ... and through it , all legal rights and legitimate for Civil and Political rights of people ... as well as the human basic right which will be recognized and protected by the State law . Therefore , people of Vietnam in country recent years has very expectation of a new constitution will be adopted after modification and improvement in the best way and really the true meaning of democracy . .. according to the statement by the leaders of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam. However, the evolution of the " referendum " on Draft amending the State Constitution took place in the past and content which have been modified in the new Constitution of 2013 has revealed dubious nature and its undemocratic ... and this is the main cause of the birth " The call to stop adoption the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 1992 ( Amendment 2013 ) .

Not only the group of 72 proposals leading intellectuals of Vietnam , and also not only have fifteen thousand people have signed the petition are pressing with the 1992 Constitution (amended in 2013 ) is now ... that most everyone who has a chance after a comparison between the old Constitution in 1992 ...with the Constitution was amended and be waiting to pass by the National Assembly of Vietnam , felt indignant about the perfidious and treacherous behavior of the ruling communist regime in Vietnam today ... because the content of the new constitution in 2013 to serve only real benefit to the party , for the benefit of the group ... that does not serve the true interests of the people and the nation . and the existence of the Article 4 of state Constitution .. as well as the paradox of the current land law ... would certainly be a sign for a more full unrest of society in the future , when corruption and negative is no any institution to be set and have provided real value of a new constitution is said to have been amended and completed today.


Call to stop the adoption of the Draft Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 (amended in 2013 )

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VRNs ( 11/11/2013 ) - Saigon - Petition Group 72 has released draft call to stop the adoption of the Draft Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 (amended in 2013 ) . Previously on 1/19/2013 propose amending the 1992 Constitution , bearing the signatures of 72 people directly and followed nearly 15,000 people signed response .
this drafting committee to inform you that want to participate sign petition to stop by the Constitution in 2013 , please send your name, occupation and address to Dr. Nguyen Quang A , at email address: . Batch signature collection ends on 12 pm , on 15/11/2013 .

Below is the full text of call .

Call to stop the adoption of

The Draft Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1992 (amended in 2013 )

Dear National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam lock XIII ,

The draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution , as is being discussed and prepared by the 6th Session of the National Assembly XIII , basically the same as the current Constitution , some even longer than before recession . That means maintaining an outdated legal foundation of totalitarian institutions , a source has caused to the country and people are very much a disaster, especially severe crisis of politics - economic - cultural - that society is falling into the water and there is no escape.
Since the reunification of the Fatherland , never independent , sovereignty , territorial integrity and national threatened as it is today . Economic country steeped in corruption and debt , unpopular scattered, lost faith in the ruling system amid facing serious challenges in all aspects of internal and external . In this context , the XIII National Assembly passed a constitution that would only push the country deeper into crisis again and deadlock , robbing opportunity peaceful transition of political institutions from autocracy to democracy , to facilitate and promote the development of national defense .

Một trong những người ký tên ủng hộ Kiến Nghị 72 trước đây.
One of the signers of the Petition supporting previous 72 .

We, the initiators and Recommendations 72 * response , again pausing petition Congress passed at the 6th Session of the National Assembly XIII revised draft of the 1992 Constitution .
We urge the National Assembly XIII , with all conscience and sense of responsibility of those who nominally represent the people, let's look at the situation of the country, listening to comments enthusiastic contributions constitution building , have the courage to decide to suspend the draft constitution through amendment and return to the constitutional rights of citizens . To do so , organizations must openly debate , and serious public the basics of political institutions are also different opinions , creating social consensus and conduct a referendum . Where the vote is given , we call on the delegates not to vote through .
If resignation to pass a draft constitution as the National Assembly is talking XIII will be a crime against the fatherland and people , and individual members of the National Assembly XIII will not be part of their responsibility before history , before the nation.
November 15, 2013
Those who initiated and responded to Recommendation 72
* Recommendations on 19-1-2013 amending the 1992 Constitution , bearing the signatures of 72 people directly and nearly 15,000 people followed up for response

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