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VIETNAM COMMUNIST Authorities ONGOING CAMPAIGN RETALIATION despicably ... to political prisoners in detention

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Do Minh Tuyen

This is not the first time the political prisoners , prisoners of conscience were the prison officials revenge brutally and despicably . Although convicted and enforce the sentence in penitentiary , prison ... but the spirit of the struggle of political prisoners , prisoners of conscience is very high . Most of all prisoners are brave and resolute determination not to admit that they are guilty as required by the prison management staff ... This has led to the warden staff feel uncomfortable ... and is also the main cause of retaliation brutally and cowardly mentioned above ... despite the legal provisions and general provisions of the detention centers, penitentiary ... related to the management and treatment of prisoners and detainees .

Besides discrimination with political prisoners , prisoners of conscience ... the managers of prison ,penitentiary, they also apply measures cowardly revenge against political prisoners and prisoners of conscience would include the prohibition to visit and meet or deliberately precluded to prisoners be entitled to health care policy , medical examination and treatment as prescribed by the prison and the general rules of law ... This makes most of the prisoners who always were distinguished above have been facing difficult circumstances when sick ... as well as the level of danger to lives that these miserable prisoners must face for so long will increase significantly .

The prisoner is also a human being ... therefore still have the right to inherit the most fundamental human rights ... except for some of the political and civil rights will be limited in accordance with law ... and no one has the right to directly or indirectly threaten their lives in any form ... or blatantly trampled on personality and their human dignity whether any reason . The law requires is like that, however the majority of prison officials have defied all law and prison's rules ... power abuse, discrimination and acts implementation of personal revenge arbitrarily , brutally and cowardly towards elements of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience ... who is considered to be as a thorn in the eyes of ruling communist regime before and after they were arrested , convicted and imprisoned as the current .

In recent years , many political prisoners and prisoners of conscience has opposed acts despise the laws and defy human conscience of the prison officials in the form of hunger strike indefinitely term ... and sent letters of complaint to the government at all levels ... but seem, all their objected efforts are not effective ... status and discrimination as well as despicable revenge above from those who's law enforcement in prisons and penitentiary ... not only did not decline but increased significantly as today. Vietnam now, acceded to the UN Convention Against Torture , against acts of corporal punishment , cruelty and humiliation personality ... and became a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... therefore can not continue to sustain this bad image in the eyes of the International Community ... and it is also suitable opportunity for everyone of us to help convey expose crimes and immoral nature of the ruling communist Vietnam before the public .


Being revenge campaign of political prisoners in the prison ?

Publish Date : 26/11/2013 , Section : VIETNAM NEWS

VRNs ( 26/11/2013 ) - Nghe An - 11/25/2013 At 11h15 , Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa's family received a phone call notifications " Nguyen Dinh Cuong to the 6th day hunger strike in prison . Reason: To oppose about he's in solitary confinement and not letting relatives for the visitation and custody for his deposit under the law . "
After studying , Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoa family tell us : On November 20, 2013 , the family traveled to Henan to visit Mr. Cuong but the police here refused to meet  , not allow to send gifts , with reason: he had just been disciplined finished .
Listen policeman explains absurd , brother of Mr. Cuong is Nguyen Cao Cuong question again : why my brother has been finished disciplined , why prison not give visitation and shall send gifts and drugs healing ?
Mumble jailer explains : We are under watching to see he is good or not ? If he have well observed after being disciplined , family just be allowed for visitation . "
Although in Section III and 10 Articles of the prison rules here absolutely do not have any regulations as jailer explained but Nam Ha prison was blatantly violating the law.

131126-Noi quy trai Nam Ha

According to information from the prisoners in Nam Ha prison and follow the words from Mr. Cuong to share with his mother , brother and sister-in-law in the meeting before the visit , is his attitude that he is not guilty he did not receive offense , non-compliance with the so-called " re-education " of the authorities . Thus , prisons have used a lot of tricks to avenge him .
Please also be reminded again , this is not a rare case of revenge of the vile prison for political prisoners . Also in this prison , because the harsh conditions of detention should Mr. Ho Duc Hoa ( who was sentenced to 13 years in prison ) are serious diseases such as stomach ulcers , low blood pressure , hepatitis B ... but untreated . And on 07/18/2013 , bloggers Le Van Son ( who was wrongfully convicted along with 13 other TNCG & TL ) was the jailer severely beaten and sent to solitary confinement .
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