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Do Minh Tuyen

New Constitution 2013 of the State is said to have made ​​changes in the spirit to collect opinions of the people ... and in the words of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung , Chairman of Vietnam's National Assembly , the constitution was amended to say on receiving the opinion of the National Assembly and the intellectual elite of the people ... ! . However, besides the opposition required to stop the passage of the constitution in 2013 said above from groups 72 leading intellectuals of Vietnam , we saw there are many similar objections from all walks of people ... especially the younger generation Vietnam on personal blogs , on social networking sites like Facebook ... or from the forum appear everywhere.

This suggests that the speech of President of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung ...  or from the mainstream press system of the State has raised in the past ...  entirely not accurate . All of us have witnessed the so-called " majority of the people approve of " a new constitution in 2013 , which was amended in a way that " uniqueness " of the ruling Communist Vietnam ... While self- document printing both old and new constitutions , and then used the police force to bring home each persons required to sign without  time for reading or reference ... even in households without  the adults' present,  a requisition to sign by kids ... like this which is called the approval of the majority of the people... ?

Besides , in the view of many , the new 2013 constitution was amended waiting to the National Assembly of Vietnam to pass ... compared to the old 1992 constitution did not change anything , basically the same as the current constitution ... some even still characterized by setbacks than before . In this regard , the leaders of the party and state leaders of communist Vietnam need to clarify and respond appropriately before public opinion ... can not always just capped some comments above are " reactionary " or degeneration of political thought and ethics as General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has stated previously ...

The purpose of the state constitutional amendment this time is reaction of the ruling Communist Vietnam is set to ease rising wave of discontent from the public before the unrest of society , due to corruption negative create widespread severe recession threatens not only vital to the destiny of the country . Therefore, if the content of the new constitution in 2013 and the current 1992 Constitution did not change anything ... or just change some unimportant points to be form only ... is a ridiculous job is unacceptable . Therefore, people require immediate halt the adoption of the new Constitution in 2013 ... and to debate and discuss again the issue before to pass ... is a proper request , reasonable and necessary ... accordance with the wishes of the people , meet the needs of society and the current status of country today .



Efforts to pass the Draft Constitution

Update : 08:08 GMT - Monday , 18 ladder 11 , 2013
Chủ tịch Quốc hội Nguyễn Sinh Hùng
National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the draft acquired ' ethnic elite intelligence '
National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung declared delegates are " working hard " to pass the draft constitutional amendment 92 on 28/11 to .
Until this time , are almost certain to draft will get Congressional approval although still be remaining protest opinions in society.
Monday morning 18/11 , participants opinions on draft directly and through receipts , rather than guidelines as discussed at the previous statement .
Mr. Nguyen Sinh Hung are people TuoiTre statement after the comments : "After the delegates directly edit the draft today , the Committee [ Proposed Amendment to the 1992 Constitution ] will continue complete another round , absorbing ideas ends plausible and reasonable to be able to rest assured that even though there are different opinions , but Congress has the responsibility to work hard . "
However, said the comments were mostly last minute to go on the text , the content is almost melted bar MPs from the following discussion session hall on 5/11 .
Process of gathering feedback from local residents and closed from a few months ago .
New on 15/11 , a group of intellectuals to the mailing to ask Parliament discusses the  stop to past the constitutional amendment 92 , but the National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung , " there are some suggested , but it only are only some ideas so we do not absorb . "

' Intellectual elite of peoples '

Mr Hung said: " Committee draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution has been working diligently , humbly , for the market to absorb the opinion of the National Assembly and the intellectual elite of the people " .
Earlier , Chairman of the Legal Committee of Parliament , who is also Chief Editor Draft , Phan Trung Ly said: " ... The National Assembly deputies are basically agrees with the draft and that draft Commission Constitutional amendment timely research and explanations , to acquire a serious , full opinion of the National Assembly , the opinion of the people. "
Regarding the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam under Sections 4 amendment to the constitution , Mr Ly said : " The vast majority opinion agrees with the provisions of this Article."
Comments from various parliamentarians is just a small revision of such change party rules " are responsible for their own decisions " by party rules " take responsibility for their leadership ."
Meanwhile , a letter to Congress at 15/11 Group 's initiative and support recommendations for amending the Constitution , known as the 72 recommendations , noted that " the draft amendment of the 1992 Constitution , as is being discussed and prepared by the 6th Session of the National Assembly XIII , basically the same as the current Constitution , some even longer recession than before . "



' Challenges State newspaper to debate about HP '

Cập nhật: 17:11 GMT - chủ nhật, 17 tháng 11, 2013
Đại diện nhóm kiến nghị 72
Dr. Quang A ( 3rd , left , back row ) awarded in the first 72 proposals for government
A co- promoted 72 of the proposed constitutional reforms in Vietnam challenge mainstream media of the State of Vietnam in arguing against the Constitution .
On 11.15.2013 , the proposals advocated advocates 72 and sent to the Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam a letter calling for stopping the passage of the draft constitutional amendment Vietnam .
Dr. Nguyen Quang A , who named a letter sent directly to Chairman of the National Assembly, which has included calls and a list of signatories to 165 on Friday , said that the group recommendations and advocates has achieved its purpose , despite the authorities are concerned their opinions or not .
"We do not need them to answer , we place a call and ask if Mr. Sinh Hung received copies , then sent to the National Assembly Deputies ,
" In terms of paper it is like that , but I think that the National Assembly, they could also read the call of us then . "
"The main objective of it is to start a movement study, a movement of the people , a movement debate , especially among young people , to learn about the Constitution, debate , discussion , and it is main object"
Dr. Nguyen Quang A
Dr. Quang A said that expects the government to reverse the vote on the draft constitution is amended is ' vain hopes ' , but stressed:
" Really right begin in early year , when 72 proposals were initiated , the initiator nor the target is leading the National Assembly and the people will understand change , or it will make the a constitution is indeed constitutional . "
He explained that the first requirement would be to require ' a regime truly democratic elections ' to be able to elect people ' authentic representatives ' , and the delegates when the trust of the voters ' right to draft a new constitution . "


Dr. Quang A explains the purpose of the 72 recommendations : " The main objective of it is to start learning a movement , a movement of the people , a movement debate , especially among young people , learn on the Constitution , debate , discussion , and it is the object , not the object is the National Assembly , or the incumbent government .
" If there are changes something in Congress or the incumbent ruling elite , the result would certainly be welcome , but that it was only the result side , and with the question as so , we do not wonder how the people react . "
Quốc hội Việt Nam khóa 8, kỳ họp thứ 6
Mr. Quang A hopes deputies learned recommendations of the group call 72
When asked if this was the excuse that local newspapers , such as the People's Army newspaper on which to consider ' proposed 72 ' is a ploy as ' peaceful evolution ' against the regime and communist state , said Nguyen Quang A said :
" I challenge the People's Army newspaper debate with us . And they slander us what it is about daily newspapers and newspaper People 's Army (People ) , it is not strange at all. "
Former Director of the Institute of peer IDS ( already dissolved ) stated opinion : " I just want to ask the author a peaceful transition , ie peace process that they say so , or that they want changes not peace ? "
" The main body of their father as Mr. Marx , he also said that the whole thing is a change , it is the core of Marx's philosophy . "


"The civil society declaration , they require the Party to reform the political system , switch from " totalitarian " to " democracy " , begins by amending the Constitution"
People's Army
Yes, on 8 th National Assembly of the government opening the 6th session , including content through the draft 1992 constitution , amended in 2013 , the People's Army newspaper published an article calling ' Vigilant before the call "pause " to amend the Constitution . '
The article in the discussion section on 10/20/2013 said : "We are taking advantage of critical phenomena the suggestions to amend the Constitution to " install " the dark political intrigue , provoke , against the Party , State sabotage ethnic unity . "
Call some local civil movement is ' bail water follow the rain  ' , the newspaper wrote : "Recently , the call appears , the statement and recommendations of a few groups who propose pause Congress adoption of the Draft amendment to the Constitution in 1992.
" A typical example of the movement ' bail water follow the rain ' is civil society statement released on 23-9-2013 , the core content related to amending the Constitution .
" The civil society declaration , they require the Party to reform the political system , switch from ' totalitarian ' to ' democracy ' , begins by amending the Constitution .
" They stopped proposals through Parliament amended the constitution , prolonging discussions on the Constitution to further research , adding spirit from the other by the draft of ' democracy , grant progress ' compilation . "

' Submissive MAJORITY '

GS Ngô Bảo Châu
The People's Army newspaper also quoted the opinion of Professor Ngo Bao Chau said the 72 recommendations
Main article from the People newspaper said that the comments panel 72  is only recommendations of a minority opinion and must comply with the principle of ' majority minority submissive ' .
" Even the draft of the group 's 72 officers and intellectuals were also the drafted  Committee received , noted the contribution of nuclear and reasonable . But that does not mean to impose , mandatory agency established to give legal opinions and aspirations of the few, of a group of people instead of the will and aspirations of millions of people . "
The article also led the opinion of Professor Ngo Bao Chau , a site co-chairs
" together wrote the Constitution " in the peer group's views 72 recommendations :
" ... There are people who agree with the draft constitution by 72 intellectuals personnel , posted  , someone has no . I personally do not agree with the required people to speak their opinion on the draft Constitution of the 72 people who then have the right to speak on the Constitution, " Mr. Ngo Bao Chau be Cited by People's Army newspaper said .
On Thursday , the call stops through amendment to the constitution of the group and the 72 recommendations outlined advocates point :
" Proposed Amendment to the 1992 Constitution , as is being discussed and prepared by the 6th Session of the National Assembly XIII , basically the same as the current Constitution , some even longer recession than before .
" That means maintaining an outdated legal foundation of totalitarian institutions , a source has caused to the country and the people so much disaster , especially severe crisis of politics - economic - cultural - that society is falling into the water and there is no way out , " this calls write .


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