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Do Minh Tuyen

Wrongfully convicted death case against Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan ... seems to be one of the hundreds of thousands of cases in turn wrongfully convicted are mandatory condition ...when the real killer hiding after ten years has pleaded guilty to surrender before the law ... from the public and people have the idea that if the killer permanently not surrendered ... or surrendered belatedly after defendants , Nguyen Thanh Chan was executed ... How the State will to pay compensation for the wrongfully convicted of a human life ... ?

Why are investigating a serious murder case , decisions vital to the life of a human being again and again to the serious consequences of such errors ... ? because qualifications and ability of the police investigation investigations Vietnam too weak ... or other subjective reasons that the Vietnam Communist authorities did not dare to mention ... ? Well, the poor capacity of the investigation from investigation police  Vietnam is one of the reasons for wrongfully convicted to people ,but the key issue is due to the police branch of Vietnam is so despised life people ... lead to irresponsible behavior .

Besides , when errors are detected , then all the way to cover each other shirk responsibility ... and most of the cases resulting in the serious flaws ... No one was to get  legal sanctions or punishment ... except to make apology and promise to learn from their mistakes ... led to the investigation and the trial is becoming more irresponsible , and so on , human life constantly be belittled by police agencies and Judiciary Vietnam ... where always be proud of that their investigation belongs to the best in the world .

Refer to the fatal errors due to negligent acts from investigation of the investigation police Vietnam in the case of Ho Duy Hai in his murder sentence at the Cau Voi Post Office , Long An province ... people we go from surprise to surprise the other and say to myself : Investigating a profile cases that even the most rudimentary of investigations such as witness of the case, criminal evidence , tools , engine and the details of the crime ... mostly ignored , or not focused carefully investigate ... like this is so -called the best investigation in the world ... ?

The last thing we want to mention how it is no longer or minimize deadly mistakes as for the case of Thanh Nguyen Chan and Ho Duy Hai today. Want to like this , the first of which is the requirement of agencies including the police investigation, Procuratorate , the court and government leaders at all levels have absolute respect for the lives of the people do not regardless of social class ... whether it is the accused or still be the suspect ... and the adherence to human rights also makes the investigation of investigation police Vietnam and the trial of Justice agencies including procuracy , courts ... going in the right direction , the right person convicted ... and could limit deadly serious mistakes  as the wrongfully regrettable case in past time .


Ho Duy Hai case is more unjust than Nguyen Thanh Chan

POST ON : 11/12/2013 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , COMMENTARY

VRNs ( 12/11/2013 ) - In the past time, the public was upset before wrongfully convicted life sentence for  Nguyen Thanh Chan with murder . All authorities are still " sleeping delicious " if the perpetrator did not surrender . But the responsibility is clear wrongfully caused , but from the police investigation , prosecution and court Bac Giang still no one was treated for this serious consequences .
When many people read this case not from pity on a famous case occurred in early 2008 : The Cau Voi postal case , Long An Province . " Culprit " is the second appellate court and Long An Province was sentenced to death for Ho Duy Hai , born in 1985 , living in one hamlet , Nhi Thanh Commune , Thu Thua district , Long An province . Family Ho Duy Hai cry continuously since then but still unresolved injustice . Fortunately Ho Duy Hai has not executed and are still in police custody in Long An , same place with Dinh Nguyen Kha ,  Nguyen Phuong Uyen and Dinh Nhat Uy .
Summary of the case are as follows : On 14/1/2008 , the people of Long An detect a brutal murder at the Cau Voi Post Office ( Thu Thua district , Long An province ) . Two female postal worker , Nguyen Thi Anh Hong ( 24 years old ) and Nguyen Thi Thu Van ( 22 years old ) were killed by the knife deep into his throat cut . Shortly thereafter , the police agency investigating Long An Province has taken the testimony of many people , but do not have any decision to prosecute . Nearly three months later , a young man named Ho Duy Hai was arrested and shortly afterwards party margin newspapers reported this is the perpetrator of the murder .

Hồ Duy Hải tại tòa án
Ho Duy Hai in court

Over two- instance trial and appellate courts have sentenced to death for murder of Hai . However, at trial Hai grievances , claims that his guilty plea was heard testimonies of a policeman . Some newspapers also reported on the results of the trial of this case , together with the opinion of some experts expressed concerns when there are errors in the investigation process .
Subsequently, the Office of the President ( Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet made ​​the chairman ) had two written requests dated 01/7/2009 and 02/17/2011 People's Procuratorate and the Supreme People's Court at and high- resolution examination of opinion questions for Ho Duy Hai's family , statement to the Office of President . But so far the authorities have not yet officially reply .

Văn thư đề ngày 17/2/2011 của VP Chủ tịch nước
Letter dated 02.17.2011 of the President VP

Meanwhile , according to his family Ho Duy Hai , Hai in prison continues grievances , have expressed their willingness to be vindicated - every time the visiting family .
On 22-4-2011 , Hai 's family had complaint and petition for him to send to the authorities .
According to information on the Laodongonline , is on the father's and mother's family of Ho Duy Hai is serves with the revolution , many uncles as martyrs , grandmother of Hai is Vietnam Heroic Mothers ... There are many wrongfully convicted circumstances in Ho Duy Hai 's case , some of which are :
" First, the court convicted the accused Hai is present at the post office at 19g30 dated 13.01.2008 and killed two victims , including victims of Nguyen Thi Anh Hong is killed before and Nguyen Thi Thu Van victim killed after , but there is no evidence showing the victim 's time of death , which means two victim is unidentified dead time is base on any facility to conclude defendant  Hai murder while Hai be present at the post office ?
Second, the most important is the assessment of the results of the CA Technical Department in Long An province said : " Fingerprints collected at the scene did not match the defendant's fingerprints Hai " . Notably , before Hai for more than 1 month (ie, immediately after the murder ) , investigative agency summoned , detained at least 23 objects , but does not save the record ...
Third, the material evidence of the crime is the cutting board and knife are not obtained , while the evidence testimony relating to the case exhibits erased . Moreover , examination of the traces on the victim 's body did not match the testimony , evidence and material evidence of the crime ...
Fourth, in many cases this evidence , the assessment conclusions and witness testimony contradict each other , but have not been clarified , have not been confronted ...
The fifth , investigative agency concluded after crime Hai burned clothes , belts and sim card number stolen to destroy evidence , but the assessment results obtained ash was : " Not enough elements conclusions composition of materials making belts , clothing and sim card " !
The sixth, Hai was convicted of robbery , stolen property included but what ? How much value ? Consumers are? ... The investigative agency did not identify the ...
But Ho Duy Hai was sentenced to death . Almost police report only energetically condemned strongly Hai seems to want to hide the truth . Some people claim that the real culprits are among at least 23 subjects were summoned or detained , but did not save the file ... because the perpetrator was the son of an official in the province .
This is a second chance after Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan to help Procuratorate and the Supreme People's Court perform its judicial function and find out the truth , and punish severely those who sit on the law to change white into black makes Ho Duy Hai to jail unjustly nearly 6 years now .

Hiếu Minh, VRNs

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