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Do Minh Tuyen

The word "commitment" of the ruling Communist Vietnam after joining and becoming the newest member of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, and the punishment or cruelty, humiliation personality (referred to as UNCAT) ... was again clearly shown publicly ... through violent and thug behavior savagely from collective police officers, secret service officers and police presence at Khe Thuy Ward, Hanoi ... for victims of communist tyranny include: Lawyer Le Thi Cong Nhan, Duy Ngo Quyen Truong Van Dung, Le Hung, Ms.Nga petitioners in Ha Nam, Ms. Ly petitioners in Vung Tau and many other petitioners ... especially baby Tai  child of Ms. Nga is one year old only can not escape the savage attack from the collective of immorality policemen of Thuy Khe Ward, Hanoi city. 

Not only participants become the newest member of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, and the punishment or cruelty, humiliation personality (called UNCAT) ... Vietnam has also recently been elected to chair the UN Human Rights Council ... and in the capacity of a judge in charge of the monitoring of human rights violations of other countries in the world ... this communist member state immediately proved to the world about his natural ability relating to human rights ... through vivid performances, barbaric and brutal of police soldiers, secret police and civil defense of Khe Thuy Ward, Hanoi ... The UN Anti-Torture how would think when the words "commitment" from this member states is only on paper ...And The UN Human Rights Council, how they will be in the eyes of the International Community ... when the member of the Human Rights Council with monitoring function and protection of human rights ... Day to day is trampled upon human rights and rudely blatant ...? 

The world today, ethics and human conscience seems to have become a rare object ... makes the human mind becomes cluttered and confusing even can not distinguish where is the court ... and where is the robbers should accept the nations with bad human rights record and the longest worst in history as Vietnam, China and Cuba ... became a member of the Organization of the UN Human Rights ... where maintenance, advocating and protecting human rights around the world. As a citizen of Vietnam, I was really frustrated, poignant and heartbreaking ... when must criticize and condemn his country. However, one thing that I feel comforted myself whether anyone else in this situation will also have to think and act the same as me ... because the human mind can be disturbed and confused ... but actually between good and evil ... between peace and violence ... or between truth and deceit, lane boundaries are sharply delimited and can never be in oblivion. 


Ls. Le Thi Cong Nhan reported the assault of police at the police station Thuy Khue


VRNs (11/20/2013) - Ha Noi - would like to send statement to you that we were beaten in the Thuy Khue ward this morning 3rd on 11/19/2013. 
Look forward to sharing attention by your patience to read my longish newsletter. 

Thank you very much, 

Phone Number: 
Ms. Nga petitioners : 0972.572.585 
Mr. Truong Van Dung: 097.3090.713 
Uncle Le Hung: 091.3341.791 
One of the petitioners that I could not know the name: 097.3492.881 
LTCN: 0120.5115.496 

We include: Le Thi Cong Nhan, Duy Ngo Quyen Truong Van Dung, Le Hung,Ms. Nga   petitioners  in Ha Nam, baby Tai son of Ms. Nga 1 year old, Ms. Ly petitioners at Vung Tau and many other petitioners just were police station Thuy Khue combined secret agents, civil defense, thugs savagely beaten at the police station Thuy Khue. 

The work is as follows: 

Eleven o'clock this morning Tuesday 11.19.2013, our family (Nhan-Quyen-Lucas) and uncle Le Hung (Editor publishers Youth retired) and Truong Van Dung arrived in  police station Thuy Khe ward at 23 Thuy Khue street, asking them to resolve about Mr. Dung, Mr. Le Thien Nhan  and Ms. Bui Thi Minh Hang have beaten injury by police (Mr. Dung was broken 3 ribs after examination at 103 Military Hospital) on Oct 25  evening only because went to the police to reclaim the pots tents ...that they had illegally seized of Hmong petitioners who to Hanoi for wrongfully claims. The furniture is by Dung and his friends calling for donations and gives to the suffering Hmong. 
When we arrived there were about 50 Duong Noi petitioners and elsewhere focusing on the sidewalk across the street opposite from the police station. At the police station, on duty is a young police wearing uniformed lieutenant function but do not wear name plates. Immediately Mr.Dung realizes that he is a policeman who's in the group beat his group. 
The guy in duty ask me come here to do, I answered I have something and asked where his name plates. This guy said he just arrived here to work so have no name plates. This stupid answer, we tell him once and for all would-"Come on, wearing lieutenant function that has no name plates yah. Police have name plates and identification numbers from when was a student there. "And call request commanders to work. The guy in duty still in silent sit and constantly chased us out with the word "invite". Even  threat coercive us. We say, "This is the reception room, not your home. The people who pay taxes to pay for all the costs here. " 
Young Secret agents' crowded as Mongolian in China (That they even belong to China already!) Split seat inserts into the vacant seat on the bench, and even pretend as people to ask work by the way "pressing to harassment group" behalf of the police turned to insult and even beat us. We immediately recognize most of them and point into faces, call the branch name "secret agents" each guys. And tell them, "come on, ready to attack people, please to quit pretend to be people anymore. Phony life too! " 
About 20 minutes later, police Nguyen Thanh Xuan 3 stars 2 bars came into. He asked what happen, at this time I said slowly and clearly each words "We had come to see these guys fucking police who beat brutally causing injury to Truong Van Dung, Le Thien Nhan Bui Thi Minh Hang on 25.10. The incident occurred almost one month that these people do not visit and apologize, compensation to victims. Beating people must apologize. Beating people must pay compensation. It is ethical and legal. The incident took place here, as the culprit here, so we came here to meet their requirements for an individual to not be in litigation. Vietnam has the saying that unfortunate will attain in litigation,  . We though are victims but still priorities with individuals capacity as fair as civilized people. And if not resolved in angle voluntarily, we will sue. And I warn you that, we believe that the authoritarian communist Vietnam will not solve it. Tell like that let you understand that we are not dullard people. " 
At this time he just asked my name and then turn to ask right Mr. Dung sitting in the bench with uncle Le Hung, 2 petitioners and 1 Secret Service who pretend be people (though nobody introduced, naturally he realized, do not say that is ignorant!) "Why is he healthy like that, there's no sick disease why himself without self-expressing ?" Mr. Dung said "I was really tired. Today just be better, come here requires you to solve the case I was tortured brutally beaten in Thuy Khue station on 25.10. I authorize onsite Ms. Le Thi Cong Nhan  directly working with him. "The guy named Xuan immediately show the level of knowledge of the law by a police Colonel by answering" You still be healthy, could say is not be authorized to others. You must work directly. " Mr. Dung intend to speak, I said," You do not have to say any more because he had authorized me to claim directly and clearly in place. (Turns to the Colonel Xuan) you are Colonel that understanding the law by what type . Turns out follow you only dumb person, or diseases and lie at a place just be authorized to others ah? "He suddenly enraged" you are not allowed to talk about my level! it is not related to work. "Oh ! we call his  level is just be regulated, just be true and luxury ! 
Vietnam police actually have never had 3 things like that so when be heard from me like that, they feel sheepishly ?! Plus the nature of evil, arrogant so that embarrassment be showing up with an answer that does not know what to say more than is, "  like guy Saddam Husein is insane dirty as owl grinning under the shelter when U.S. troops turned on lamp at the arrest. " 
Hand Spring turned to me, "You are not allowed to refer to us as the other guy it straight. That's not polite. "I replied," I do not call him a bastard, I called the guy hit him Dung police are fucking guy and I would have called it, clear? Do not call the police who it was fucking guy is called what and soldiers yah, yah comrades? "He did not answer anything. 
Then a secret agent so tall wearing black clothes sitting on a chair next to my left, pretending as people come to work and made interrupted when I say. Right that moment, baby Lucas demanded her mother breast. I breastfeed pulling at it, the secret agent immediately jumped at the opportunity to slight me "extremely graceless. Breastfeeding is out of here. "Swear to God I knew he'd say like that because they still have such a tradition. I calmly breastfeed and slowly response "Do You know when the mother to breastfeed is one of the most beautiful of humanity? UN and WHO encourages mothers to breastfeed whenever possible. This secret agent, you thought that your inept encouraged statement is well... You had no children wife ah? " 
Then Colonel named Xuan said, "siblings say were beaten only the siblings say. We are investigating the settlement. When you have invitation paper is just come to work. Now ask people to leave, "Of course we do not accept that answer, replied back" Well, you said like that is also alright. please recorded for a specific appointment date for us to come. We do not know when to settle? "The guy named Xuan aggressive response" We never written promissory note. "Uncle Hung because of so upset speak up to ask him to write promissory note. The guy named Xuan resolutely to the last are they (not stupid!) writes promissory note with people. We said we would not go and sit down. In the meantime the secret agents, they filled the room, outside the hallway and the street shouted cursing us and pick a quarrel for fights. 
After that the guy named Xuan went out, then Ms. Nga petitioners in Ha Nam and 5 women older petitioners are miserable as the poor to demand settlement of Ms. Ngoc Anh petitioners who's police beaten fainted had to go to the emergency a few days ago, and reclaim back their belongings were robbed by this ward. These petitioners indicated the dedicated police car parked outside the station sidewalk in front of is the police car that was used to steal the map and put them away. Ms. Nga denounced  and points straight to face of a secret agent strolling standing outside the door who beat her a few days ago. This guy initially turned away, after Ms. Nga come front of him and pointing at him saying "It's the guy who hit me at the day before . There are pictures of you and video you hit me here . "This guy smiling brazenly laughed but did not hide his face still looks wicked says," You crazy ah. I beat you at any time. " I look straight and told him" not to worry. The work you did is future, as being destiny of you. " 
Then be seen the curse words threatened to beat people, even threatened to "make a record charges of disturbing public order" is not effective, we are still not leaving, the guy named Xuan went back, standing at middle room saying "Come on not to make a fuss anymore! "Uncle Hung stood up told him" you say who's to make a fuss? We asked you to write a promissory note that you tell us is to make a fuss ah? you told with people like that ah? "Mr. Quyen my husband said" Nobody makes a fuss is good as you. "Nothing responded, he would reply, as the old" I have solved it already. (oh God!) Ask people out of here. "And he hold Mr. Quyen to push outside. Mr. Quyen responded back and said "I have come here with my family because there were a lot of people beaten to death in the police station. And of course I also have the right to come here. "When heard he say it, all the secret policeman looked at him with hatred eyes with the message" You're right. is how. We've also wanted beating you to dead. "Look at their faces at that time I shudder terrible, because their faces is as devils , the bright shine of brutality, combined with the dim ghosts of the dead. 
Then an old civil defense about 60-year-old, who is not tall big come into the room and lifted his thugs voice immediately. He confirms target is two elderly petitioners were sitting on the bench and immediately grabbed hand of an uncle and voiced just as perverted and just as thugs accent "Oh, you. you intend to make a fuss ah. Come here I said. " pulled Uncle up.  The uncle pulled hand out from that old brute guy, I also rushed there to shout "you put hand out. You are old already, should have relaxed why to make a fuss like this ah? "At that time many people also boos because of brute action of this guy so he leaves to outside. 
Then the ward police and some secret service altogether went to next room for meal, left the whole secret agents is in the follow-up to suppress us. Meanwhile, Ms. Nga  accurately identify many more secret services faces who had beaten her. Mr. Dung also recognized add a guy who directly to beat him cause injury is named Pham Cong Dinh, field-grade officer. Ms Nga and Dung pointed at faces of those who has hit them to expose their crimes and taking photograph them. They are huddled in the room next  rushed out to hit Ms. Nga first, I rushed into to prevent and shouted up the police beating people (Ms. Nga still cradling baby Tai) is the guy named Xuan rushed out insult "D. CM you! "grabbed my left hand and using professional highly trained to beating people twist my thumb led to sprained joints. 
Extremely eloquent cursing with how busy choking because for a moment must be play in ridiculous hypocrisy role. This cursing is probably a new imperative extremely brief style of the police branch, immediately all police and Secret Service employees beating us. They hit methodically with the assignment from the previous extensive tricks that are taught, learn from each other and self-creation. First dividing us, just about 5.6 guys hitting 1 circular enclosure of us. Use of crowded numbers to drive person who's beaten into the wall corner, into the door or anything so that they could not backward, not forward, not escape. Emptive beating . The guy who's standing behind tried to slip  leg through the guy who's standing ahead to kick, trample victim at least a kick (maybe in a meeting tomorrow have something to announce and that because of the thugs nature!). The guy who stood ahead of the victim was using his elbow nudged up arms backwards. The victims were women, they give the police, secret agents, thugs are both men and women to beat. Once in the police station, both uniformed and secret police beat, in the street, the police in wearing uniform do not appear, only the secret services, civil defense and thugs. Spoiled to trick pedestrians!
At that time, I was a very painful kick on right leg by the guy Pham Cong Dinh, now swollen and aching bones. In addition, a secret agent wearing the white shirt who's standing in front of me used elbow nudge backwards hand hit my chest. The nudge beating led me stunned surprise. 
Everyone had been divided out to beat and pushing outside. Ms. Nga and baby Tai was beaten felt down the ground was still inside. I was pulled pushed by them but do not understand why I still zone out and rushed back to hold tight the secret police who are gathered to beat Ms. Nga. The older women petitioners were gathered by them for collective beating. When beating and push us out the yard, is suddenly a young secret agent carry Lucas in arm gave to me, and said, "you do not worry about your baby ah." oh God! I have been collective beaten by them lost baby in front of him, at that time, I just fell to the ground stood up unsteadily, flying both the glasses and shoes (luckily found back) in front of him so even if he mean well, I also can not accept this saying of him. I could not say anything yet, my husband rushed to hold Lucas and tells him "You give up the hypocrisy voice goes." 
Situation's extremely chaotic. When they push us way out, I took the A2 paper out of  pocket  in the words "Down with the police torture people" and raised up let pedestrians seeing . I was so nervous that ripping off paper corner. Undercover police still continued to beat us, seeing me doing like that, they were as more aggressive. We were all screaming  "police beating people. Police killed people. Please help us. Save us. "Many vehicles stop, but no one to help us. Some plainclothes policemen immediately use the whistle tweed tweed force people to go away really fast. 
I noticed they focus 5, 6 guys to beat Mr. Dung brutally including secret agent tall big with black clothing. I also was sieged to beat but I do not understand why I could get out and rushed into Mr. Dung grabbed 2 Secret Service guy pulled out. Hand is holding a shoe to beat to someone. (Unfortunately, the shoes is level soles !) Not because of my strength that pulled the two Secret Service guys out, they suddenly I rush on as an arrow so let off Mr. Dung in a matter of seconds and Mr. Dung take advantage of that opportunity to escape. Then the secret agents group turned to focused  chased me. Especially the elder civil defense and the hooligans woman also  is elder, chased asking to kill right my name, "I should kill the woman wear glasses.". This female thug is nearly 60 years old, big tall burly about 1.7 m is the tea shop owner close to the right-hand wall of the police station from the street to look into, The tea shop has gate which adjoined to the police station's yard. I guess this old woman is a major person who is a core deeply rooted in the time series of land reform so just look like crazy buffalo like that. 
My husband picked Lucas out the road to call for help is immediately a secret agents group pursues to beat. At that time there were so many people stop watching, they seem was ordered to withdraw across the street, leaving about 20 guys stand to spy and beat us. At that moment, the petitioners Duong Noi pulled to after being lined up to push away from the police station  by them (the petitioners then went to lunch.) the petitioners was surprised and afraid because could not to help keep up when we were hit. We talked together for a while and decided to leave. The Duong Noi petitioners brought each of us to take home. We are thrilled and grateful for the care of them for us. My heart is a little bit responsible, if everyone immediately recognized their dividing tricks to beat us, send a few people stayed behind to help us, at least for the communication is so good . Maybe this is an experience! 

Một số an nhinh mật vụ đứng ngoài cổng đồn công an, khi đã đẩy người dân khiếu kiện ra đường
Some marginally secret security police stood outside the gate, when the petitioners was pushed off the road

Until then we discovered that baby Tai got 2 swollen lumps on the forehead like small guava. It's really extremely poor! But baby Lucas did not cry, do not say anything, horrified silence, eyes blankly. Arrival at home, baby was asleep for a half hour, then awoke screaming voice and cried for half an hour. Baby's voice choked as has never been the same. We wheedle by many ways without an end to the nightmares of the baby, so that we must be cried follow. Whether we absolutely not caused out horrified that baby witness and hear, but our hearts are anxious and extremely painful. My mother was brain stroke, polio was 8 months. My wife and I go together, unwilling had to take baby follow. We can only pray to God alone. 
We went to the Thuy Khue police station today to claim justice for Truong Van Dung and his friends in an unprecedented way that perhaps should have long ago. It is direct, where the incident took place, point to face and call the name of the fucking police guys. They were really confused when we do so because they are so familiar with the people ignore or temporary ignore not  yet reckon to the crimes of them. We want to create a precedent for other petitioners to follow. And we bring ourselves into a mirror. Only when each Vietnam petitioners themselves face to face with evil communist dictatorship represented by the police officers, secret service, civil defense, thugs, point to face call the name each one of them asked to please error compensation to what they have caused to people, the strength will be a tsunami swept away them to hell to live with the great Uncle Ho of them. (I now wonder having ever this secret policemen  wonder that their uncle Ho's soul is being where now ?)

Chị Nga nhận diện: "Đây là một trong những tên công an đánh chúng tôi".
Ms. Nga identifies : "This is one of the police officers beat us."

We have prepared for bad situations happen. And finally, it would happen. But even if prepared in advance, we still terrified horrific cruelty, brutality, herds, and all the people of the state security police thugs Vietnam civil defense in suppressing the people. 
The effect that we made could not be much even is a very little. But if people see unprecedented confusion on their faces when we told them our requirements. We have and are taking measures to require might be, to denounce the crimes of communist Vietnam police but this measure we not yet to do. Is that because we think that the other methods really better ? Or is it because we are afraid of? We're not brave enough to go straight into the side and point straight to faces of those who have harmed us and said "you are the one who hit me. You should apologize and compensate me. "There are other ways to be wiser. But whether it is wiser to eventually end up is each criminals guys of the people of Vietnam will be pointed to face call the name to denounce their crimes, forced them to apologize, pay compensation, must be in prison, or even to be under sentence of death. 

Dear police, secret police, civil defense and Vietnamese thugs, 

That's it. As I have stated above. When faced as personal status with you today, we just asked you to apologize and compensate us. So that you do not agree. Where's your mind ? You intend to wait the democratic day comming to let you going to jail or even the sentence of death ? That day is not far off. Please read about the bailout 30 thousands billion of real estate has deployed more than half a year and now "lost at all ". Along with it's bank loans up to 30%. Do not tell me that you and your family is not the borrowing and also not give debt for anyone! 

TURN YOUR HEAD IS THE SHORE  it's my advice for rare people in you who's still remaining a bit  of conscience . 
And if you still continues to absolute loyalty to this state that harm the people, you will be headed to hell. 
We have no hatred, not even do not know you that you get order from anyone or because of wanting to achieve a feat that voluntarily to beat and harm people like that ? If self-believe your acts is true, why be terrified that have not dared openly ? Do not dare to publicly why when be denounce do not dare to accept, that always be denying, and continue again beating your accuser. You could not be saved anymore! 
I was rude when admonished you. But my nature is like that, once said of attention to where it came. Talking is pointless because this time you are certainly sitting in a meeting with your leaders. Self caressing each other that "In fact today we're too kind. Generally also only threatening them . Our group if doing heavily then how they still laughed saying and hands in hands celebrate each other like that. "That is reassuring! Spoiled full eating and in bed, entertainment loving, affectionate family! 
I have never been beaten and that feel terrible as today. But today I found out I was stronger than I thought. I am happy to have helped many people and many people  helped me back. Please communicate, share and pray for us! 
Le Thi Cong Nhan
Tuesday 8pm on 19/11/2013

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