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Do Minh Tuyen

  Vietnam country ... Vietnam people and ethnic ... currently faced with serious challenges and enormous in history ... related to the existing destiny of the country . Campaign " referendum " ... Draft Amendment to the State Constitution was launched in the context of the country fall into more dead than alive ... because depletion crisis and recession in all aspects ... from economics , politics , culture , ideology , national security and social order and safety ... and the most significant concern is the serious deterioration of the human moral conscience of the interest groups, party leaders ,  leaders of the State and authorities apparatus .

Since new born ... campaign to collect opinions from the masses to the draft Constitution Amendment of State above has been evaluated in an objective manner is " not feasible " ... and is seen as a campaign bringing the " Forms and fake democracy " ... to deal with the situation became increasingly worse the country's ... as well as before rising wave of discontent from every strata of the country . And this is increasingly becoming a reality ... to attract attention and vast majority of people from Vietnam and abroad , and International ... the National Assembly of Vietnam under heavy pressure from party leaders and rulers today ... is poised for a new constitution adopted in 2013 ... retain most of the key things about the most important and ... crucial for the survival fate of the country ... legal and legitimate rights of the people .

Consensus ... or threatened ... !

With clumsy democratic charade said on ... Party leaders and ruling elite in Vietnam today has shown arrogance and evaluated too low to people ... How to meet the expectations and legitimate aspirations of all the people ... and how is the consensus of the majority of the people on the new 2013 Constitution of the State ... has been thoroughly revised and is being submitted to the National Assembly through the state ... when a series of petitions from people's comments ... of the intellectuals at home and abroad ... as well as from the heartfelt comments from the Religious ...which were flatly ignored mercilessly . A public deception and outright scandalous ... a very dangerous behavior of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State Vietnam ... not only can not overcome the deterioration of the country today ... on the contrary, increase the risk of instability should not have ... and push the  Vietnam country more quickly to the edge of a cliff .

Anatomy of five main points to be unreasonable , vague and worst mistake in the new 2013 Constitution of the State ... include:

1 - Continue to advocate " Marxism - Leninism " ... been recorded many times in the new Constitution of the State ... while inhuman - communist ideology above which has been forgotten, and thrown into the historic wastebasket by world  ... even not suit the current situation of Vietnam today .

2 - Keep the " Article 4 " ... retain leadership of the totalitarian communist Vietnam in the new 2013 Constitution of the State ... while showing the weaknesses and mistakes in the planning and implementation of the State policy ... leading to severe recession in all aspects ... Negative and corruption rampant throughout the country ... in the machinery of government at all levels ... and especially in the ranks of the party and state leaders .

3 - Keep the policy , " the construction of socialism " ... while that this policy has not really suit the current situation the country today ... and did not bring any practical benefits for society and the homeland ... if not say that counterproductive .

4 - Continue to promote the role advocated " economic state as key to the economy of the country " ... while showing poor management and operation of the economy failed state ... with negative and full of corruption ... leading to debt and bankruptcy , as the typical case : PMU 18 , Vinashin , Vinalines ...and a lot of other cases in the past ...

5 - Keep considered " Land and all resources are public ownership , due to the unified State management " in the new constitution ... a festering issue in the society and the country of Vietnam for so long ... shortcomings which arise and produce negative as well as rampant corruption present ... led to grumbling from all walks of life .

Constitution of Vietnam ...serves to whom ... ?

  From the foregoing it shows that... new Constitution 2013 was amended ... and being waiting to accept from Congress of State Vietnam today ... is not objective , lack of feasibility ... and does not meet the legitimate aspirations of the people of Vietnam as well as for the country's current situation . State can not forever arbitrarily abused the word " Consensus " of the people, to carry out his dark behavior . The responsibility of  our every citizen of the country today ... is by everything and by every possibility to prevent ... also as not accept the new unreasonable constitution above . The new Constitution of the State ...must be a Constitution which was entire people actually recognized ... not only meet all the wishes of the people ... and all the benefits of serving his country ... that not just be the tool to serve private interests of individuals and interest groups so long as in Vietnam .

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