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Do Minh Tuyen

Hundreds cakes of heroin equivalent 229kg , worth about 300 million dollars boldly crossed the censorship of Vietnam Aviation's gate exported to Taiwan... a strange story seemed incredible only in detective stories ... but it really happened in Vietnam ... ! A huge quantity of heroin hidden in the big speakers ... not are the tiny things which are illegally stashed in luggage ... but numerous phases censorship control from airport Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City ... including dedicated test machine modern , advanced , and staff who are well trained ... but is not good as a professional dog of Taiwan airport ... not only pressing in public opinion , but also made ​​many people skeptical about what hides behind the scandalous incident and  be in a state of ferment above .

The problem is said as the fault comes from a dedicated scanner suddenly broken not working on the day of sending and receiving procedure of the shipment  said above to Taiwan ... Therefore, after being checked at another scanner does not detect narcotics ... ! a ridiculous reason can not accept ... while foreign tourists from entering Vietnam just hiding from a few hundred grams to 1kg heroin is immediately detected . In the case of seriously scandalous mention above ... greatest responsibility is irresponsible and poor ability of the executive department staff ... not to mention the ability to still have doubts shady hidden behind the incident . And finally , the responsibility will be attributed to whom ... or this case will be closed by a saying " learn from experience " ... as has ever happened in the events of this caliber in Vietnam for so long .

Corruption is rampant in Vietnam and emerge from every corner of the government system and the mass organizations ... therefore , the people of Vietnam increasingly skeptical about the willingness to fight corruption and negative real from government officials ... from the Vietnamese authorities . More great benefits ... the human conscience from the Vietnam government officials more easily be eclipsed ... and this has been clearly demonstrated in a series of mistakes in the past ... as the case PMU18 , Vinashin , Vinalines , the case of the banking industry such as : Vietnam Development Bank (branch of Dak Nong ) , corruption in polymer banknotes by Governor Bank of Vietnam Le Duc Thuy ... and many other cases of corruption but ultimately the discovery was not handled ... or only poorly handled to be perfunctory form . Case 600 cakes of heroin today is not only a serious crime problem that also affects directly to the face of the nation and the country's image ... being awaiting for treatment and plausible answers from leaders of agencies in Vietnam .


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