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Do Minh Tuyen

"Case of petitioners who were robbed land by government " ... even the Prime Minister is also not able to solve let alone not mention to the Provincial Chairman ... That is the statement of Mr. Vo Van Dong , Director of Complaints and denunciations , the Government Inspectorate southern region , at the seminar " Lawsuits many petitioners , the real situation and solutions " by Lawyers' Association and legal Advice Centre in Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon 10-11-2013 at TP . Ho Chi Minh ... nonsense seemed unbelievable joke ... but entirely true ... and the reason that Mr. Dong gave out as evidence to the matter said above ... it is due to problems in policy mechanisms ... !

Looking at the status issue of petitioners who focused on the whole country today ... and based on the statement remarks of Director Complaints Department denunciation of the Government Inspectorate ... the issue of petitioners who claim that they were government at all levels appropriated land assets, is not the Government does not want to deal with ... which is due to concerns by the policies of the State . Thus, we can gout problem here and just learn the mechanism of the State policy on the current land law to see if it gives the government about having any rights illegally seized land assets of the people ... ?

If these conditions exist around the aforementioned shortcomings in the State's policies concerning land law ... State must find a way to remove ... can not forever holding onto so-called " Policies " ... to fall back helpless eyes watched every household , every house falling into homelessness due to loss of housing , loss of land ... each of petitioners lingered for decades corner on the street , in the park , in front of the People's Committees at all levels , and even in front of gate of the Government Inspectorate office  ... only to reclaim justice for themselves and their family .

The problem seemed simple enough but it is not the government of Vietnam Communist interested ... evidence that the new Constitution 2013 of the State was easily passed in which includes a proposal to amend the land laws ... but was never brought up for discussion , debate thoroughly before Congress or government ... and finally land law was passed quickly and without any changes ... this shows that the so-called new Constitution  2013 which is a broad consensus and focus the intellectual elite the people ... just words lies to dupe the public opinion at home and abroad .

In fact , the Party , the State Government and communist Vietnam only interested in political power and private interests of themselves and their families only. In their eyes there is no word " People " ... and all have been proven by the new revised constitution 2013 that Vietnam's National Assembly passed easily last  28-11-2013 . National Assembly of Vietnam is the voice of the people or of the Communist Party of Vietnam ... ? Government and Vietnam State actually is a government , a state of the people , by the people and for the people that serve as the good statement of them so long ... or not ? And finally , the mechanism of the State policy was enacted serve to whom ... for interests of the people and the country ... or just mainly to serve for the interests groups ... for political power and private interests of the communist minority group who's ruling in Vietnam ... ?


The Prime Minister can not handle case of petitioners losing land ?

Publish Date : 29/11/2013 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , NEWS VIETNAM

VRNs ( 29/11/2013 ) - Saigon ,arrive with the Office of Justice & Peace of us today are petitioners who lost land due to loss of housing , due to the irregular employment policies of the government have pushed them into unfairly status and then go into the perennial complaint that has not been resolved.
Arrive with us they lament , dear uncles /  the state media press then was posted, right Mr Vo Van Dong , Director of Complaints and denunciations , the Government Inspectorate southern region said many complaints problematic because the policy constraints , " There some cases complaints that the Prime Minister was not able to solve let alone mention to the president of the province as  complaint case of Co Do Farm ( Can Tho ) ,  Reservoir project Ray River ( Ba Ria - Vung Tau ) ... because it is entangled in policy mechanisms . Currently we have resolved as style " sun-shine is where to shade at there " there's not yet a complete treatment system " . Now our petitioners do not know relied on anyone to solve our injustice to claim housing , farms , property ... we have fallen into this situation every few decades , since the day to be liberated
Check the information we clearly see this information was posted on the Youth Newspaper Online
If indeed the problem of petitioners who lost their land losing their homes ,  wrongfully that so complex as Mr. Dong said , " The Prime Minister is still not able to resolve , let alone the president of the province ," then I do not understand the industry committee , the officials with high power sat on that chair to do? , perhaps simple to solve as follows : who take whom something then tell them give it back to that person, who harm to whom, then tell them fair compensation and an apology ... ,  state's wrong - state makes correction ,  people's wrong - people fix , the officials make wrong , tell them make compensation and then demotion ; who do wrong that not fix, sanction the law is brought out suitable punishment .... That's all.
We publish some of statements by of the petitioners that as Mr. Dong saying "The Prime Minister is still not able to resolve, let alone the president of the province" to see the solve is how difficult that be terrible like that! 
1. Case of Ms.  Trần Thị Bảy  in Thu Duc District accused Mr. Le Van Loc, is district vice president who organized coercive to purchase her family out of plot of land 5.850m2  to seize plot of land and property that her family used for the residence is the container and the objects property of family  inside. 
The incident took place as follows: 
 Origins 5.850m2 plot of land in Tam Binh , Thu Duc Ms. Bay's husband bought in 1973 and in the name of the owner has full certification paperwork to the ward , there is legally diagram , in 1979 husband of Ms. Bay's missing , the local government at this time said that her husband went across the border to conduct seized control plots without a forwarding decision gi papers , even though Ms. Bay is his wife and children in the family are still there , they take the disputed land to corporations , but after seized then neglect be uncultivated wilderness . Ms. Bay did not accept  employment of local authorities above so she bother to ask , but when to ask the local government said that Ms. Bay did not declare 299 should not be able to resolve returned , Ms. Bay said when the state had confiscated took into corporations and then how Ms. Bay went for declaration 299 . At that time local authorities said Ms. Bay left the land , but it's ridiculous how did quit , her family bought land and have paperwork clearly . Since then Ms. Bay has over 23 years of going to insist but forever without solving by any agency ,come at ward , come at district and arrive in the city and then so just going to insist forever, to 1994 then the government has said that it deems difficult circumstances should settle " give back " 200m2 , for this particular one should work for the review, because obviously you seized from me 6050ms then gave me back 200m2 that has told is to give back which is ironic , because the difficult circumstances Ms. Bay later sold 200m2 plot was to cover life .


Ms. Bay further complaints to be asking for her plots of land , because here are the property was purchased by her husband , her husband went missing and now has the death penalty , she was very sad because the main asset her husband bought it must be family, mother and children to use, she directly to call for help in the Bureau of denunciation complaints  , the Government Inspector southern region for several years but has yet to be resolved . Meanwhile at local, Mr. Le Van Loc signed to supply red book  , sign sold for two people in the Corporation is Mr. Le Van Cu and  Ms. Doan Thi Buoc and have the text for two people is the right to sell or lease . About this job, family had to stop about Mr. Cu , Ms. Buoc sold the land  to customers , when the plot of land could not sell because of preventing by Ms. Bay's family , is Mr. Cu, Ms. Buoc carried leased to tenants for parking lot because this vantage point is located right beside Duc Tung steel company , near the Thu Duc wholesale market , known Mr. Cu , Ms. Buoc is being enjoyed tens of million  by a months over the lease of this land
Desire of Ms. Bay when arrive with office CLHB thanks intervened and supported legislation to intervene in the government authorities to return her Lot and living , at present it is being in dispute , should the government must interven to prevent Mr. Cu , Ms. Buoc to do bussiness or lease , and return the land to Ms. Bay and her children
2 . The case of Ms Nguyễn Thị Bé Hai,born in 1958
In 1975 her family had purchased Lot 14.000m2 fields not yet mention to the ponds around at Tu My commune  , Dong Thap , her family cultivated from 1975 to 1984 , the local authorities confiscated without any decision recovery of land or compensation , making family fall into miserable circumstances , at that time with  8 members of a household without home , no land for farming production ... to live nomadic wandering . Her family complainant conduct extended until 1994 the Tu My commune just received the complaint but only compensation 400.000vnd/perch for fruit (ie 400.000vnd/1000m2 ) , a compensation too narrow minded , because the family  3 generations did not have productive land .


Ms. Nguyen Thi Be Hai , leads tears telling us about , her parents had hardly managed to buy this land ,  family was being stable farming business was seized by the state , be taken out at all , cleaned would that not leaving for a meter to stay and since there, all of 8 member of a household have been as wandering nomad 'employ dike livelihood and land claim complaints .
With the compensation for fruit only 400.000vnd/1000m2 Ms. Hai's family did not agree , but at that time local authorities have reported wrong , lying reporting that Ms. Hai's family agreed to take her money . After earning the plots of Ms. Hai then they ( commune government ) transferred to two other people is Mr. Le Van Di and Tran Van Gao let to Mr. Di and Mr Gao participate in cooperatives to advance socialist that local not leave Ms. Hai family to do . When Ms. Hai's family did not agree that compensation is the local government put that money away in banks that did not tell Ms. Hai's family . Ms. Hai complaints untill in 2010 , the local government just said that the amount of bank deposits and come in the bank to get. Ms. Hai in a voice choked with compensation only few million Vnd for more than 14.000m2 plot , with that money then what to buy  , it does not afford a ground pole , over the years the family suffer miserable , uneducated children , when family gone  only 8 members of a household now increased up to 20 persons that still not get the house to stay, current in the inn and go to 'employ wandering nomad life miserable .
3 . In case of two sisters Lư Thị Thu Vân và Lư Thị Thu Thủy  in Go Vap District , Saigon . Represent clan Lu ,  denunciations government Go Vap district covered to miners who leveled buggy land , build a house which weigh down on the remains of the veteran revolutionary family , continue building permits although clan Lu complaints during 38 years still not yet to be resolved and suppressed .

Clan Lu family , namely Mr. Lu Dong Sat has than 6.000m2 plot , in which more than 1.900m2 is buggy land in Ward 1 , Go Vap District at No 77/13B Tran Binh Trong   . From November 1975 on that Lot there're 13 ​​households that are temporary resident , and they have signed please arrange in advance for several years awaiting repatriation and migration to new economic zone and returns Lot to owner . But since then they would not move , the family went to complain to the local government , the government does not do anything  , while these households more and more encroach , from 13 households but coming now that was a few dozen households . Privately buggy land of clan Lu family earlier there're nearly thirty tombs and a temple , do not know  how they leveling that they built house up to stay , the family thanks to government intervention but government ignored and until now they did overwrite the graves and now existing only a few tombs.
While clan Lu family from three generations from Mr. Lu Dong Sat , his children and grandchildren to now is consecutive sent a complaint to ask the temporarily resident families moved  to return land to family , they not only did not move but also was Go Vap District government supplied certification ownership , building permits for the household 's shelter . Over 38 years nostalgic appeal , not only had not been paid that they encroached seem nearly at all , grandparents graves and relatives were leveled them all and the government said that they are right and confirmed them are entitled  , they want to eat corrosion  remaining portion remains on the lot so that they kept building , leveling . Being recognized by the government and licensing , in which more than 1000m2 is the government 's committee and the county are being management leased warehouse with income from the lease is known as to hundred million , this revenue County Go Vap are managing .
The land that 13 households had sheltered, many households have been received  sovereignty certification by Go Vap District Commission  , although they did not have papers to assign , namely : Mr. Bay De to be granted in 1988 , Ms. Kim Chi sell to change hands for Mr. Duc Ms. Nga was granted by the district in 2003, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu in 2010 , Ms. Nguyet was granted the land sovereignty certifications in 2010 ... all titles to the land use right certificate mentioned above are due to Kim Tran Long ( former county chairman ) and Mr. Nguyen Hong,  president Go Vap district signed , the family has known that these households have been granted this status due process of buying and selling transferable between parties and family stand out to stops them , then they showed paper out to see , the rest of the households the family is unknown .
The Temple of Five basic Elements of clan on buggy land , now is degraded  needs to embellish   , families have written for permission of the local authority  but not approved so family has not yet renovated .
The desire of the family is the government to intervene and the whole plot of land especially land burial for the remains of their ancestors' graves are still there and must be returned to the family . Do not have a legitimate reason for the government to grant CNQSD , building permits people to build house on top of the remains .
Ms. Thuy said , when they leveled to build houses they not let us to know but there are some people in the village recounted that they dig land to make basis for house building , has excavated two sets of remains and filled them up or carried away to somewhere , nobody knows .
4 . Case of uncle Đổ Tấn Đạtdenounces government Chau Phu district and An Giang provincial government
In 2005, Chau Phu district coerced family and accounting 1.158m2 family residential land and housing in Dao Huu Canh commune without papers recovery decision , not a decision the housing assessor and no any minutes , they take the furniture out .

With such misconduct of the district administration , from 2005 to now, uncle Dat complaint have come across everywhere that has not been resolved satisfactorily compensation , with compensation of 180 million which the government occupies Lot 1180 m2 residential land , destroying property and taking all the houses is not be satisfactory . While the value of residential land per m2 of uncle Dat have valuable time is 2.500.000vnd/m2  if multiply up with 1.180m2 , the total amount that the government should pay the 2.950.000.000vnd ( two billion nine hundred years fifty million)
The desire of uncle Dat is thanks to CLHB office, communications and legal guidelines for uncle and reclaim plots and  his property .

Dân oan khiếu nại tố cáo, yêu cầu chính quyền giải quyết oan sai
Petitioners denunciation , demanding the government solve the wrongfully convicted

The Prime Minister also could not handle the case of landless farmers losing land

Dân oan trương biểu ngữ khiếu nại tố cáo ở Cục Khiếu nại tố cáo, Thanh tra Chính phủ khu vực phía Nam
Petitioners displayed banners in denunciation denunciation Complaints Bureau , The Government Inspector southern

Self person who write this article , when exposed to the petitioners felt sorry for the Vietnamese people , many of them cried so much when talking to staff our office CLHB . I, myself , was looking forward to branches, the Vietnam government departments recognize problems and early to hand out to resolve the wrongfully for people , the issue of the government is implementation of responsibility , that take away the pain burden for people .
And I said frankly that , did as officials they must have the capacity to solve the problem , if still could not solve , then please stepped down from the seat to make way for others who's mind enough , skill enough to stand in worries for work .

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