Friday, 12/20/2013


Vietnam allows police forces fired to those who anti- duty

Nguyễn Công Thủ ở Cà Mau tố cáo bị Phó công an xã Hưng Mỹ, huyện Cái Nước (Cà Mau) đánh đập ngay đồn công an hôm 18/12 khiến anh phải khâu 7 mũi trên mặt
Thu Nguyen Cong in Ca Mau denounce was deputy police Hung My , Cai Nuoc district ( Ca Mau ) beaten in police station today 18/12 left on his face 7 stitches
I want people to know that those who work for Vietnam state law but assaulted on people, for people help me to requite a fair bit
Government of Vietnam dated 17/12 issued a decree allowing the police to shot to those who against duty forces despite the controversy over violence in the security branch , with cases of abuse , killed at the hands of police is constantly increasing .

Decree 208/2013 takes effect starting from the beginning of February next year said ' depending on the nature and seriousness of the violation ,' the official duty use of force ' or ' shooting to legitimate defense , attack , control and arrest ' those who act against .

Decree launched amid a growing number of police assault cases or deaths in police custody while being exposed to the public through social media , that many people are concerned about the possibility escalating violence and repression of the civil authority forces .

Ministry of Public Security said last time , the number of anti- duty is constantly increasing .

Meanwhile , police torture victims , punishment , lethal continues to highlight human rights records of Vietnam .

A typical example , Nguyen Thanh Chan , who has been declared innocent after 10 years in prison , accusations of abuse - leading to extort unjust sentence to life imprisonment on charges of ' murder ' .

Tri Viet 24h newspaper recently published pictures a young man called Cao Duong Van was police Thanh Tri ( Hanoi) beat pale whole body ,must emergency in critical condition after police released because no enough incriminating evidence .

In the south, another victim named Nguyen Cong Thu in Ca Mau  taken up the social networking site images , recordings , and hospital bills , denounced was police deputy My Hung , Cai Nuoc district ( Ca Mau ) beaten in police station today 18/12 left on his face 7 stitches .

Mr. Thu said assault happened after he refused to pay an administrative penalty of 500 thousands because police refused to write the receipt.
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  • Mr. Nguyen Cong Thu told VOA Vietnamese language :

" I want people to know the people who work for Vietnam state law but assault on people , for people to help me recover a fair bit . "

answer to us, the commune deputy police named Tam, denied the assault, but said that his injury is issue ' unintended ' 

" The status does not want to cooperate . No , violence is not there . he does not pay the fine , he left away . We pushed him , hits from the door , but no one hit him . Push into maybe hit to the door or something, but if beat is that case no .. do not know . Person in case , I admit I have not done it turns out I do not .. do not know . It happened had something are unintended , and the ones it is bound or something .. Want is down to clearly verify , but now saying do not know how to say ? "

After Vietnam signed the UN Convention Against Torture Monday 7/11 , World organization Against Torture OMCT urged Hanoi demonstrate responsibility and willingness to protect human rights in concrete action rather than melodramatic statement .

OMCT Secretary General Gerald Staberock , told to VOA Vietnamese language :

" Of concern is the victim of torture in Vietnam are often hide tightly and very difficult brought to light . Our concern for the situation of torture in Vietnam is if without an independent civil society can go to the detention facility for tracking , reporting documentation , we never know all panorama really is how . "

In a recent interview with VOA , Dang Trong Dung Lawyers Division Law of  Ho Chi Minh City said Vietnam taking a lot of international conventions but realistic still ' say one thing and do another . "