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Do Minh Tuyen 

World now are expressing their grief feelings after the death of former South African President, Mr. Nelson Madela ... who is considered one of the great characters with kind-hearted soul and tolerance ... has devoted his life to the cause of national liberation ... a kind of liberation non- communism style of Mandela made millions of people happy ... not like the type of national liberation of the Vietnamese communist regime ... resulted in millions of people be happy on the bloodshed and sorrow of millions of others ... When unification ...! 

During the ruling time, former South African president Nelson Madela had great success in the reconciliation by the love and generosity of his the great leader of Vietnam communist Ho Chi Minh after to power in the North carried out a campaign of "bloody land reform" ... claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the '50s ... massacred thousands of innocent southern people in Hue of the Tet 1968 ... as well as cruel revenge against the former military officers who rolled the South claimed the lives of so many people in the harsh and cruel re-education camps. 

Not stopping there, after their invasion of the South Vietnam on 30 April 1975, communist Vietnam has carried out the brutal revenge under the name of "Mark capitalists" and "Improving the Commercial "... in the 1976, 1978 ... has pushed hundreds of thousands, millions of people fall into their homes and land assets to be seized ... to be forced to live in the new economy zone ... and millions of other people unbearable oppression miserable life ... had to risk their lives to cross the sea in search of freedom since the 80s ... resulting in hundreds of thousands of people must be perished at sea. 

Also are the leaders ... and same each other in enforcement national liberation ... but between the two leaders, former leader of South Africa Nelson Madela and the great leader of Vietnam communist Ho Chi Minh is two dignity, two persons with  thought and moral totally different. While former South African leader Nelson Madela silently conduct the national liberation by noble soul, and tolerance ... is Ho Chi Minh , the Vietnam communist leader one hand applied American democracy as a cover for his political power ambitions ... on the other hand deliberately misleading propaganda, deceiving people in order to enlist the sympathy and support of the people in the takeover of South Vietnam ... and finally after death is being mentioned by the world as "butcher" bloodthirsty of Vietnam ...! 



Mandela's life meaningful for VN? 

Update: 11:45 GMT - Friday, 6 ladder 12, 2013 

Nelson Mandela believe he died at 12/05/2013 evening hourly Europe has attracted many comments from both Vietnam.
Nguyen Cong Khe journalist, former editor of the Youth in Ho Chi Minh City, said to the BBC Tieng Viet his feelings about Mandela's example:
"Mandela is a great man of the last century and a part of all of this century." 
"He was very human revolution, liberation struggle of black people in South Africa but also a very mirror. whom I admire most in this world." 
Tran Binh Nam pen from the United States wrote to the BBC: 
"Mr. Mandela has proved to be a huge tolerance hearts and a broad view. Ruling When he turned 28 years of imprisonment not to hate but to turn it into a spirit of reconciliation, to help bring stability country to avoid a civil war and race contributed not little to world peace. " 
Vietnam, which has many years of war and divided the country, is the example of tolerance, reconciliation from Mr Mandela is still valid today. 
According to Nguyen Cong Khe: 
"When ejected islands, Mr. Mandela was sad, instead of happy to hear the news of an assassination attempt one political enemies ... because he does not agree with such cowardly assassination. Because he is a great example of A human being. " 

'Great luck FOR SOUTH AFRICA' 

Journalist Nguyen Cong Khe

Mandela is a great man of the last century and a part of all of this century. 
whom I admire most in this world
He is a very human revolution, liberation struggle of black people in South Africa but also is a very humanity person. 
After the specified unified if Vietnam follow to that idea, they were able to resolve rifts and ethnic hatred lasts. 
BBC readers with many Vietnamese-language Facebook page, the reviews on increasingly shows that they adored him not only because of his fame struggle career, that for all of the spirit of reconciliation for freedom and respect Former enemy. 
On Facebook BBC Vietnamese, Tra Mi reader wrote: 
"A great fighter for the happiness, peace and true freedom of man, not the interests or beliefs of a group of individuals who, for the rest of your life. Efforts and his achievements Mandela will always be remembered and set an example for the peaceful revolution in the future. Expecting him to lie at rest. " 
Son Nguyen wrote: "Thought for 27 years in prison to be drawn, it's easy to memorize but do not be easy to make." 
Friend Vang Ben likens the struggle for national liberation, but not follow Communist-style of Mr.  Mandela: 
"A man who devoted his life to the cause of national liberation without communism directions. This is the most fortunate for the people of South Africa." 
Likewise, Alvin Tango wrote: 
"A person who's true liberation for the people of South Africa. A liberation of millions of people are happy. Not is liberation style that milions people was happy  on blood of millions of sorrow people." 
This is to quote again statement of the late Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet even talk about the Vietnam war ended in 1975 when "millions of people happy but also millions of people were sad". 
Another friend is signed under the name Doc Phong wrote: 
"The prisoner of conscience becomes great leader. VN there are many prisoners of conscience ... let wait that." 
Under racial South Africa regime, Mr Mandela, a human rights lawyer, was executed on charges of "inciting subversion" to move around that have no passport. 

After ascending to the presidency, Mandela reformed law to return land ownership for blacks of South Africa
Another Facebooker is Ho Quang A commented Mr. Mandela with a Vietnamese revolutionary leader: 
"A revolutionary national liberation not dictators like the other revolutionaries. He is better so much than Ho Chi Minh when not playing dictatorship." 
Still according to journalist Nguyen Cong Khe, who ever met Mandela in South Africa said what Vietnam need to study in South Africa and Mr Mandela is how not to "hatred lasts." 
"If after we unified Vietnam and go follow that thought, were able to resolve rifts and ethnic hatred lasts. This is what Vietnam people should learn in South Africa and Mandela," He told the BBC by telephone. 
Currently it looks like the official press in Vietnam did not emphasize ideas free for all citizens of South Africa of Mr. Mandela that only highlighted the ghost phase of  his anti-apartheid. 
Such as titles on Peoples Army which post article of Vietnam News Agency: "Nelson Mandela - icon against colonialism and apartheid". 
Articles in Vietnam also did not mention the role of President Nelson Mandela in the return of private ownership of land for blacks after apartheid ended.

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