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Do Minh Tuyen

Constitution of the State of Vietnam 2013 ... is said to have been revised and fully be concentrated intellectual elite from the people ... was Vietnam National Assembly adopted on 28-11-2013 past with 486 accepted votes out of 488 ballots ... an agreed rate which's surprisingly imaginative from people . Well , not knowing the amendment and the Constitution of the State through this time under democratic processes like how... and really fit people's wishes or not ... or really meet the common interests of the ethnic nation or not ... but one thing is sure that , the unfortunate destiny of people  and country's future will never be changed in the direction of good ... if not say that it will become even worse in the future ... when any days that the interest groups and the Vietnam Communist Ruling is still not abandon the nature of their entrenchment in order to put the people's interests and the interests of the ethnic nation above the interests privacy of themselves.

Land Law was amended is like ... and new provisions of the Constitution  2013 was adopted by the Vietnam State National Assembly how is good ... but really unsightly picture on behavior of the Vietnam communist government at this time for the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general and for the Redemptorist Monastery Thai Ha , Hanoi in particular is a violations of law and trampled upon justice ... unacceptable . In a series of articles published before referring to the amendment and adoption of the new Constitution of the State , we also emphasize that ... was a government can not behave like a robber ... is a state representative for law enforcement ... can not disregard and trample the law ... not yet mention to Vietnam now wear the shirt of member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... which is considered as a positive factor in advocating , monitoring and protection of human rights everywhere over the world  then it needs to show proper responsibility in his current role ...  that could not arbitrarily defying the law , the Constitution ... and regardless even to the human moral conscience today.

The communist authorities in Vietnam " borrow " land assets of the Catholic Church in Vietnam during the last tens of years that has refused to return is the misconduct is unacceptable ... now, even deliberately sought to erase traces of the owner as is happening at the Redemptorist Monastery Thai Ha , Hanoi today ... it is  the more not acceptable ... not only is the illegal act , contrary to the law , contrary to the ethics of human conscience ... but also the behavior of a robber ... The leaders of the party and the communist state Vietnam is how to explain and how to answer before international public opinion , and the Vietnamese people at home and abroad ... ? We call for more attention , more strongly from the International Community ... from human rights organizations , the media agency and the International Telecommunication ... along with government organizations all over the world ... let abetting, help to stop and condemn to illegal behavior , despised law and international law of the State Leadership communist Vietnam today. Besides, we earnestly invite all the people of Vietnam , especially Catholic Christians across the country ... let's share the same interest ... and work together to defend the land assets of the Catholic Church in Vietnam in general ... and for the Redemptorist Monastery Thai Ha , Hanoi in particular today.


Authorities remove traces of Monastery Redemptorist Thai Ha, Hanoi

Publish Date : 12/04/2013 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , NEWS VIETNAM

VRNs  ( 04/12/2013 ) - This morning , on 04/12/2013 , many police , civil defense and security with dedicated media flocked to the board of directors and gatekeepers Dong Da Hospital ( accounting for Hanoi Redemptorist hospital to hospital ) remove traces of Hanoi Redemptorist Monastery to " legalize " gradually lost trace remains of a Monastery .
The hospital has stealthily build one building wall adjoining the land which's robbed flower gardening 1/6 and this morning demolished the walls to expose the building's line route  out. All those who want to go in-out of the hospital have to go by the back gate is not the main entrance . Although only a matter of bulding but the government  equipped with " police " car and a large of police to guard .
Does the government fear angry parishioners because the church facility was insulted right in front of them so sending the police to come there for protection ?
All area of ​​nearly 60,000 m2 of area Thai Ha hamlet is ownership of the Vietnam Redemptorist Province  from upstream half- century previously now with just remain over 2,500 m2 . These three important areas that the communist government now occupied is the Hanoi Redemptorist Monastery ( to make as Dong Da Hospital ) , Lake Ba Giang area and gardens 1/6 .

Here are some pictures that parishioners noted this morning .

Xe chuyên dụng phá bỏ tường bao
Specialized Vehicles to break down walls

Sáng nay mọi người phải ra vào bằng cổng sau
This morning everyone must go in-out by gate behind

Công an bảo kê cho việc đập phá cơ sở tôn giáo
Police protected for religious institutions' demolition

Tòa nhà xây lén lút đang lộ dần ra
Building is sneaking construction is gradually revealed out

Chiếm dụng và phá hoại cơ sở tôn giáo lại do chính công quyền thực hiện
Appropriation and destruction of religious establishments by public authorities to implement

Cổng chính bị chặn...
The main gate is blocked ...


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