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Do Minh Tuyen 

Human Rights in Vietnam has always been the subject of creating widespread attention in the public and attracted keen interest from International Community ... special even after Vietnam officially became a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Human rights abuses, disregard the law and international law seems to have become practice of totalitarian communism nation this scandalous ... even after being elected to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations ... and is an extremely bad habit was deeply ingrained in the minds of those who behalf of the Sate enforcement law in Vietnam. 

Arrest people arbitrarily without reason, without complying with the provisions of the law ... it is more pressing issues in society so long Vietnam ... seemed will be eliminated or at least be limited in any extent with the member role of Vietnam in the UN Human Rights Council today. But the work is progressing not beyond the speculations of everyone ... When the communist government of Vietnam is still like before ... still be extravagant and behaving rudely and arbitrarily defying the law ... despites reason and despites conscience of human morality ... that the incident happened today 10-12-2013, in the International Human Rights Day is the evidence most specific. 

To ever, the Vietnam communist authorities truly would ceased to sit on the law ...? and to ever the people of Vietnam also would truly no longer witnessed the sight of behave rudely and imprisonment illegally of those who enforcement law in Vietnam ...? State Law, the State Constitution and international law even seems to have no any value in the eyes of the government of Communist Vietnam ... even after this communist country was imposing on the chair of member of the UN Human Rights Council ...! not perhaps even the International Community also powerless against the arrogant behavior and unruly from member country of them ...? and fellow in Vietnam ... not perhaps forever accept suffering fate and life full of tears ... without  action or any attempt aim to modify or terminate the aforementioned paradox of the Vietnam Communist Ruling ...? 


Police making it difficult for the meeting of the Women Human Rights 

Publish Date: 12/10/2013, Section: - BREAKING NEWS, NEWS VIETNAM

VRNs (12/10/2013) - Saigon - last 08:30, the secret security police and others on behalf of the government rushed into Giac Hoa pagoda working with the monk. 
Ms. Huynh Thuc Vy, a board member of Women Human Rights movement, said security is now surrounded Giac Hoa Pagoda. 

This is picture "people's government" human rights violations World Human Rights Day - 10/12/2013

Yesterday, the newspaper People's Army, Pham Binh Minh, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Foreign Affairs VN pride: "On the last 12-11, at UN Headquarters in New Y York (USA), UN General Assembly by secret ballot for the election of the new member states of the Human Rights Council for the 2014-2016 term of three years with the participation of all 193 UN member states. Vietnam reached 184/193 votes in favor, elected with the highest number of votes in the 14 new countries elected to the Human Rights Council consists of 47 members representing the area. " 
He said: "Resolution 60/251 of the UN General Assembly in 2006 stated, the State Human Rights Council members must meet the highest standards of human rights, fully cooperate and have the ability to close contribute to the work of the Human Rights Council ". 
Do not know tomorrow when questioned about this country, and stories of human rights violations and will happen today is: "The policy of the party is consistent, and the mistakes" is belong to local or not ? 


Thuggish behavior Accusations, slander, unlawful arrest of Danang Police 

Publish Date: 12/10/2013, Section: VIETNAM NEWS

VRNs (10.12.2013) - 
Thuggish behavior Accusations, slander, unlawful arrest of Police Criminal  Communist Vietnam in Da Nang

Nguyen Duc Quoc 
Le Anh Hung 

- The entire Vietnam compatriots at home and abroad 
- The Government of liberal democracy throughout the world, 
- Agencies, international human rights organization

The denunciator: NGUYEN DUC QUOC
Address: Lang Co Town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue 
Tel: 0905-607003 - Number of homes: 0543.873723 
Skype: Duc Quoc Nguyen 

Indicting Global Public Opinion and Vietnam fellow in country and abroad for thuggish behavior, slander, unlawful arrest of the Criminal Police of Communist Vietnam at Danang Day 07 and 08 -12-2013. 
The contents of the work: 
On the evening of 07-12-2013, at 22h45 minutes, I and spousal Mr. Le Anh Hung - Le Thi Phuong Anh, resident in Dong Ha town, Quang Tri province, to rent rooms 203 and 202 Motels Hong Ngoc, Nguyen Huy Tu, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang city. Mr.Hung who has many times denounced terrible violations of senior Communist leaders in Vietnam. 
After check-in lodge is 15 minutes, more than 20 strangers suddenly kicking my door (while I pray), and  rooms of two my friends (when they are preparing to sleep). All of them were in plain clothes. 
After ordering us sit still, they immediately called themselves Da Nang City police, but a thuggish attitude, full of menace and began searching and  checked rudely. 
I told them: "You're the police, legal representatives, why not knock on the door to my room? You did not wear uniform, even kicking down the door, there is a clear infringement of the other accommodation and expression ... The menace robbed him our check why not present the innkeepers as well as our prior consent, between the time we are resting? " 
Hearing this, they immediately call the innkeepers and a uniformed police who brought up. 
I said: "If he is really the police, we are also citizens, and he needs to respect ?" But they did make us silent. There is a guy with haircut hairstyle nail (later I know his name is Dung) and many other names stormed intend to beat me and Ms.Phuong Anh. 
Then they seized the luggage, we began to ransack the reception room and throughout the whole body, the three of us with slander reason: carrying contraband!?! Moments later, they asked us to be on the car to the police station Lien Chieu district "to work". Hung, Anh and I do not agree: "We ask if you want to" work "with us, you must" work "at the lodge, because we are free citizens, lawful tenants leave motivational registration papers. You must do correctly what the law prescribed. Furthermore, claiming to be the police, you must prove this by showing us working papers before ". Not only disagree, they fulminatory the three of us and for Ms. Phuong Anh was rude behavior. After some debate, I said: "We will cooperate with you on condition that you must make a record of all motels have witnessed, for responsible homeowners stay with hotel clients." 
Hearing this, they pulled out a sheet of paper and told to write what our custody. After checking all my property, they seized 01 Nikon D90 camera and lens, 01 recorders, portable phone 01, 01 documentary "14 commitments that Vietnam has signed Human Rights Council at the United Nations, "01 material" Convention against Torture of the United Nations General Assembly, "01 material" Diary works with 61 PA police Danang (Nguyen Van Thanh ) ", 01 motorcycles and identification (ID). They also seized of Mr. Hung and Ms. Anh 01 Dell laptops, 02 mobile phones, 31 book "Handbook Implementing Human Rights", 01 motorcycle of Mr. Hung and his ID card. 
While they make record seizure of assets, I took the camera to record their work, the guy named Dung and two other guys rushed into to rob the camera, force to put on the table. Even the tape- recorder that I am opening in recorded status was turned off and delete data in it. The phone we also not be allowed to touch , scared us in touch with home. 
Finished, they read to us. Then Mr. Hung asked to view the content of records. They do not agree. Conversely the guy named Dung loudly said: " did you hear clearly yet ? 'I replied:" We have heard him read, but we have not been reading the content of what he wrote about the expropriated property Our how can we sign it? Suggest you to see and set up in duplicate, one copy each of us keep. " but the guy named Dung still kept loudly repeating the question several times a while ago: " did  you hear clearly yet ?", And I still answer like before. The guy named Dung again brazenly: "You do not have permission to read the contents of the minutes, let sign into is finished." I said: "You hold our assets and write records without showing us content, so you have violated the law. And we only require our rights according to law provisions. Ask you to seal all of our assets that you are temporarily keep. " But they still denies ridiculously. 
I had to say "you claiming yourself  is the Police, asking you to respect the law. As law enforcement, you have to respect the law exemplary. If pressed on us like this then we are forced to think of you as thugs masquerading police. " Stop the name Dung again loudly to me: "you have ears or not ? I asked you hear me or not? "But I did not answer the question:" Are you not human? Why do I say that you do not understand? Only new monkey did not understand the voice of the people! "... Then the name Dung ordered the innkeepers witnesses must sign the minutes. I said to him: "Do not force them to sign when they have not seen the text content". Swagger he replied: "We have the right, forbid you not only tell the innkeepers'. 
Ultimately the name Dung ordered the men in group more than 20 men arrested three of us on the police car parked in front of the rest. I asked them to let us move by our  motorcycles, if can not they have to carry with us on our motorcycles. Four guys grabbed my hand and stripped of keys. They served me and spousal Mr. Hung up their seven-seater car, on which five police were sitting available, then speed up carry us away. When the car is running, Mr. Hung told the persons on car: "You should see the plight of the country during this difficult rescue Ethnicity! You guys see the current rampant corruption, the country territory is losing due to alien invasion! You guys should rethink that action to country escape the miserable ! Each of us has a responsibility to preserve the national territory ". No one answered any things ... 
They took us to the police station Hoa Minh Ward, confining each person each room. I asked them to open the door because I was not a crime, but they would lock again. More than an hour later, two men in civilian clothes to work with me,  suggest me declare clearly my CV. I say with two these strangers: "Sorry, I do not know who you are. Please introduced yourselves ! "They said:" We are the police ... ". I asked: "If the police why you were not wearing a uniform to work?" One in two people who loudly told me: "Do you know what time it is now, that force us wear uniforms?" I replied: "I do not force, I just suggest that was the police when working with citizen must wear uniform, having a sign name, rank and serial number full". Then ask them: 'Please tell me what time it is now, because my phone had been strangers in your group seized . " They replied that is 1g35 . I said: "You know it's  late like that arrest me without reasons , and then force me must declare to you, while I did not do anything wrong. Did you know that I'm too tired or not ? " 
They called the police wear uniform on, whose name is Mai Trong Duc . I said: "well Mr. Duc, I will work with you and these people I do not know who they are, you please do invite them out here." The police officer introduced: "This one is Hoang Dinh Tam and this one is Doan Van Truong , both are the police, you just told them." I do not agree and said: "As a rule, I never worked with strangers I've never met. Suggest you inform them out, so I work in partnership with you. " Two people that go out and then come back to give the police officer with the name is Duc a piece of paper of "curriculum vitae" to me fill in all the details. I replied: "I never declare vitae with you! If you want to work then I will declare to you what is relevant only shelter and my work, and my full resume, I do not open, because I am not a crime or begging with you employment. You guys are the investigators of the police, criminal background checks just need research me in my local area of ​​residence. " 
The name Dung from outside go on loud intimidation : "Now you declare or not? We ask you to declare clearly vitae with us, and you was not any asking us anything. " Before pressing the words and rude attitude of Dung name already spoken several times rude, numerous cultural and disregard the law, I retorted: "If you work, we proposed together work in the spirit of the rule of law, and he pressed me, I will not answer and kept silent right. But if you forced me, I will denounce you ... you guys should know I am a Catholic, hate lies, slander, confused ... I tell you know: I'm not afraid of prison and not afraid to die. Do not attempt way to bully, coerce me. I only respect one thing is true. " Hearing like that, the name Dung went out, and the police officer named Duc gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to write the contents follow their will. I react immediately, return the pen paper that said: "If follow your will , you let self- writing, self-declaration and self- working. I see you as those who lives outlaws "... 
Then they put the paper back to me again and forced me to specify how the relationship with spousal Mr. Hung. Do not agree to their proposal, I said: "Inform you know: I just write what happens when I stay at the lodge, the wrongful act of him from then until now, and about our relationship is a private matter, you can not interrupt, because we are free citizens, have the right to privacy of our secrets. You guys should not care about our relationship. And if found guilty from us, then let you arrest, just as had imprisoned arbitrarily detained and imprisoned many people "... 
They finally agreed to, and I wrote what they all do: arrest and detention of three of us since at 23g 07-12-2013 unreasonably and lawless. Finished, I handed to them, the name Hoang Dinh Tam write back my content in Minutes testimony. Till 4:30 date 08-12-2013, "meeting" ended. I asked them: "You found me guilty, please answer me." A man of about 55-57 years old, wearing plain clothes ( introduced himself is Anh and the police Ward Hoa Minh called is commander ) replied to me: "you are not guilty of anything!" I said to him: "Like that, your officials slandered and arrested me totally illegal. I will denounce you. " He replied: "You do not understand!" And went out. 
 Go to 05:00 am date 08-12-2013, they just completed working with Ms. Phuong Anh, and with Mr. Le Anh Hung was to 5:30. The Police caught from Mr. Hung 01 Laptop and two phones of two of the couple as well as the documentary "Human Rights" and "Convention Against Torture" of us 
I am writing this post to denounce the universal public and all fellow Vietnam and abroad known slanderous behavior, arrests and unlawful detention of criminal police police Danang .  International friendship and all the people please condemn the misconduct of the Vietnam communist police forces in Da Nang City. Ask them to quickly return the personal property to Mr. Hung and the legal documents to us. They should publicly apologize to us about their misconduct. 
A funny thing and ridiculous is the police to make the game blatantly lawless as  thugs in the International Human Rights Day, and immediately after Vietnam state seat on Human Rights Council, signed the Convention Against Torture UN and put out "On the laws of Vietnam". 
Thua Thien-Hue on 09-12-2013 
The denunciator 
Nguyễn Đức Quốc


Rapporteur talk about human rights in Vietnam 

Y Lan, RFA reporter, Geneva

Ý kiến của Bạn
Chia sẻ
In trang này
Bà Farida Shaheed, Báo Cáo Viên Đặc Biệt của LHQ trong lĩnh vực văn hoá
Ms. Farida Shaheed, Special Rapporteur of the UN in the field of culture 
Ỷ Lan : Dear Ms. Farida Shaheed, the UN Report on the Rights of Cultural, you have just returned from Vietnam after a 12-day trip to surveys the right of cultural which  have been respected or not by Vietnam authorities. Can you tell us what any ingredients of people that you contact through this visit? 
Farida Shaheed :  I met the broad side of government, from the ministerial level to the local level. I met with officials in the fields of culture, education, ethnic and religious minorities, members of the Women's Union, Union of Artists, as well as the Communist Party Propaganda commission. 
On the side of civil society, we have met a number of researchers and Research Institute, the artist, the worker Museum, writers, painters, film, poet - very many fields of artistic expression. I also visited the mountains of Sapa and meet with the tourism industry here or elsewhere. Culture Vietnam is very diverse, many places I want to visit again, but unfortunately not enough time.
Ỷ Lan : There are many other UN Rapporteur, I think Ms. Gay McDougal, the task of ethnic minorities, complained that you did not meet anyone other than employees within the state when she went to Vietnam survey . You can feel this restrictions? You have the freedom to meet with civil society and those who criticize the government show? 
Farida Shaheed : For me, it is important to contact with civil society groups and activists or independent, because through them we can reach others, to learn more about many issues. So all Rapporteur sought to reach out to independent civil society, in addition to the schedule set by the state. We have a schedule to work with officially established government prior reach to Vietnam. But outside the official schedule, we arranged for ourselves the approach with civil society, and meet our follow prescribed time. Thus there were those who meet us, to speak freely about their current living situation. 
There was open in the words of the people I meet, and the civil society or the writers agree, this space was larger than before. This is positive, but not enough. There are currently expanding needs space for debate and dialogue participants
Ms. Farida Shaheed
Ỷ Lan : Can you provide the name of civil society organizations and people you meet? 
Farida Shaheed :  I can not provide their name here. Even my report will be submitted to the UN in March next year, I also did not state their names, to protect the security of those who have provided us with sensitive information
Ỷ Lan : At a press conference in Hanoi, you said needs to "open up more space for people to self-express their views" or "guarantee freedom of artistic expression and academic freedom at high more ". What had brought you to such comments? 
Farida Shaheed : I think one has to recognize that Vietnam has done well, unusual for economic development. But at the same time, because the economic environment is too dynamic, emerging deep desire in the hearts of the people, civil society, academia and international trade and is said to be involved and their opinions for the country's future. I think that there has been open in the words of the people I meet, and the civil society or the artists agreed, 
This space was larger than before. This is positive, but not enough. There are currently expanding needs space for debate and engage in dialogue. Even in matters of economic development. I think that evolution necessarily leads to debate and dialogue with the public is the subject of the development, so that they have a voice in their future. I also think that Vietnam should look at the negative effects of the rapid economic development, the adverse impact to the public, the culture and their lives. Including tourism. Although the masses benefit from the cultural tourist, but masses themselves who's heritage that cultural was just being abused to the tourism development only. 
Another problem that I was interested in teaching history courses. I was a teacher in Vietnam said that only a single textbook on the subject use. I usually recommend that all countries should have a few books to teach history to the more capable teachers convey materials to avoid diverse students and students a way to understand. The ultimate goal of the training is to teach students to use critical spirit, know how comprehensive analysis of incidents and phenomena.
Ỷ Lan :  In literary and artistic problem ma'am, why? 
Farida Shaheed: Just like in the field of arts and academics, I think there is a defect in the definition of the boundaries. The Constitution is the right to freedom of expression and association, but the Institute, or do not know how artists crossroads because the law never specified to the left. Thus, the freedom in the Constitution need to redefine the rules are not applied arbitrarily and find a better public space they are allowed freely. We can say there is a little "please" today. More open space, but space that stress arises for those who seek to promote or expressing their opinions. I think that the punishment imposed on artists because they expressing their opinion, is excessive. They are not inciting violence or protest against, they are just expressing their opinion only. They should be creative rights without being punished. 
I think that the punishment imposed on artists because they expressing their opinion, is excessive. They are not inciting violence or protest against, they are just expressing their opinion only
Ms. Farida Shaheed
Ỷ Lan : You mentioned about some artist detained, harassed, or intimidated because of their creative work, is correct ma'am ? 
Farida Shaheed : Yeah, I candidly told authorities the artists I've met them and said they were being followed, harassed, received anonymous phone calls threatening, and there are some who still physically attacked. They believe that it is the result of expressing their opinions. Especially because there is no transparency law was written defined limits are not exceeded. At court also is not clarified the definition of clear rules what is a crime, what is expressing legitimate rights.
Ỷ Lan :  Another thing that you said was no private publishers and independent state? 
Farida Shaheed : My understanding is that there is a system for printing and publishing, but no independent publishers. This is of concern, because it shows that someone wanted to publish these works not through censorship, the state had to stop publishing illegal, and doing so will be punished. There are many writers to submit their work to print overseas. This space shut down free speech and expressing opinions.
Ỷ Lan : To ever, you published your report and how to wait for the outcome ma'am?
Farida Shaheed:  I will publish my report at the UN Human Rights Council session in March 2014. I hope that this report will help the local people and the civil society, and the government of Vietnam to promote change on the issues that we identified.
Ỷ Lan : Thank you, Ms. Farida Shaheed.

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