Thứ hai, 02/12/2013


UN experts call for expanded ideas freedoms for VN people

Bà Shaheed nói nhà cầm quyền Hà Nội nên mở rộng không gian cho người dân bộc lộ quan điểm.
Ms. Shaheed said the Hanoi government should expand the space for people to express views .
An expert on the UN human rights declaration was time for the government of Vietnam to ensure the freedom of expression of citizens , in order to prevent artists punished , detained or harassed arbitrarily .

Call was given out by the Special Rapporteur of the UN on Cultural Rights , Ms. Farida Shaheed , after giving the first real trip to Vietnam from May 18 to 29/11 in order to study the main measures done right so that people can fully benefit from the cultural rights in the country .

Ms. Shaheed said the Hanoi government should expand the space for people to express opinion , including freedom of artistic expression and academic freedom , and to ensure that people can contribute to the knowledge development of the country .

Báo cáo viên Đặc biệt của Liên Hiệp Quốc về các Quyền văn hóa, bà Farida ShaheedSpecial Rapporteur of the UN Cultural Rights , Ms. Farida Shaheed
Ms. Shaheed also expressed concern for Vietnam absence of private publishers limit the scope for independent voices to be heard and only use a single history textbook in school .

Press Release of the United Nations in Vietnam quoted Ms. Shaheed stressed teaching history should encourage critical thinking - debate analysis , as outlined her recommendations in the most recent report to the General Assembly UN in August this year .

Leading out the cases of artists was convicted under article 88 of the Penal Code for "propaganda against the state " , experts of the UN human rights said she sincerely hope Vietnam to review the policy to ensure freedom of artistic expression and creativity of the people , adhere to international standards .

Still according to Ms. Shaheed, it's time to progress on poverty reduction and economic Vietnam should be complemented by strengthening civil space for public debate and expressive diversity of voices on the road development of the country .

In a 12-day visit , Special Rapporteur Shaheed has arrived in Hanoi, Saigon , Hoi An , Sapa , Danang , Quang Nam , and Lao Cai , meet the components of civil society and the state officials .

Ms. Shaheed will submitted to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations full report on the trip and recommendations for Hanoi in 2014.

Ms. Shaheed's journey took place 1 week after Vietnam elected to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council on 12/11 between the strong criticism of the international protection of human rights in international human rights documents about step backward of Hanoi .

Among the artists are imprisoned in Vietnam on charges of " propaganda against the state ' there's case of two musicians who has been noted by the international community , Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh .