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IN THE EYES OF VIETNAM Communist authorities ... Paracels and Spratlys ... IS REALLY belong to WHOM ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

A strange thing nagging pressing in public so long still no clear specific answer from the Vietnam Communist authorities  ... behavior which is extremely odd and  filled confusing of Vietnam police branch in particular and governments at all levels in Vietnam in general ... relating to the claims of irrefutable Vietnam on  archipelagoes Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam. In the past , when Vietnam people focus another to the streets to express their patriotism protest against to the provocative behavior , aggression and invasion to sea island from communist government of China , including the islands as Royal Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam ... then immediately the kinds of Vietnamese police forces , civil defense , and even thugs repression , abuse and even arrest ... !

Besides , some also prosecuted on charges of " propaganda against the State " under Article 88 of the penal code or follow Article 258 ... with charges of " abusing democratic freedoms ... have infringements of the State's interests ... " ... as in the case of Ms. Pham Thanh Nghien, she was arrested on 18-09-2008 when ensconced to protest at home with two slogans hung beside about the Paracel and Truong Sa ... She then was made to trial under Article 88 of the Penal Code on charges of " propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam ... that according to indictment, she had behavior of slogan hanging with distort content , against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam , the government defamation and inciting the masses against the people government ... ! or as another case of two patriotic  musicians Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh , also was convicted of the same offense " propaganda against the State " under Article 88 of the Penal Code in October 2012 ... for composing songs express patriotism , protest invasion of China ... !

Against China ... means against the Vietnam State ... ?

 It is extremely difficult to understand why the reactive behavior to aggression of the Chinese from characters above ... to be considered as criminal acts propaganda against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam ... ? that means , said the anti- China and anti- Vietnam State is the same ... ? and this is exactly what the people of Vietnam and abroad so long not understand and still do not have satisfactory answers from the government of communist Vietnam ... It also makes people think of the sales country's diplomatic note 1958 of late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, Vietnam in the past ... and that , whether the communist government of Vietnam really wanted to oppose acts of China's aggression and reaffirmed Vietnam's sovereignty over the two archipelagoes of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa or not ... or just a way to have perfunctory protest form ... ? Now , connect to 2 events happening today ... people feel increasingly believe that ... Their concern for the government of communist Vietnam ... related to the resistance and re- committed to the sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracels and Spratlys with China ... is the real concern ... be totally founded.


Police Hanoi - Vinh feared for the confirmation Hoang Sa Spratlys is belong to VN

Publish Date : 12/15/2013 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , NEWS VIETNAM

VRNs ( 15/12/2013 ) - Saigon - " 11 members of Team Hoang Sa - FC arrive in Vinh , to participate in a friendly match with No - U Vinh , but along the way has been arrested and taken to police station area police commune Dien Hong , Dien Chau district , Nghe An to work . " Ngo Quynh Anh , one of the members of the team Hoang Sa - FC said .
" This is the first time we went away far for friendly matches but they intercepted on the way so we have a little bit sad . I think they want to show their power and we , the citizens have no rights at all , even have no the right to playing football . " Ngo Quynh Anh said.
Ngo Quynh Anh recounts the working with police : " At the police station , they said , they were ordered by Hanoi police reported that 11 people went to Vinh cause disorderly , so they kept us back to check . After the test is complete , they collected clothes and maps ' Hoang Sa Truong Sa is of VN ' of us and they released us . We're out of the police station with bare back . It was raining and very cold . The police said that Hanoi police asked them to do but they do not want to do this " .
Ngo Quynh Anh said further : " The police stopped the car for a long time . There are 30 passengers traveling with us but the passengers did not know what had happened to us . "
Police station , of commune Dien Hong , Dien Chau district , Nghe An province about 45km from the city of Vinh .
The objective of the Paracel group - FC as " Spratlys and Paracels belong to Vietnam . Remove beef tongue - to protect the fatherland ! "
Another information related to the state VN dare not openly confirmed with International that the Spratly Paracel is of Vietnam on the map of VN 's partners are working with VN .
Vu Sinh Hien scholar , reported as follows :
" On the flight of France Airline from Paris to TP . Ho Chi Minh City on 10 - 12-2013 past , the small screen every passenger booking the flight schedule drawn to the surface facilities monitoring . The plane left Western Europe towards Eastern Europe , Middle East and Asia airspace , South China Burma and Thailand . The whole sky of Southeast Asian appear clear, row of land S of elf beautiful homeland on the shores of the Pacific . A very clear words caught my eye right under the Ca Mau headland of beloved fatherland : South China Sea ( English ) Meridionale Mer de Chine ( French ) means is the South China Sea . Any South China is here ? These line of words must be taken up under China's Hainan island just be reasonably . History books of Chinese from perennial border recognition of Han 's people is the Hainan Island . Do not be taken arbitrarily shaped line down to the southern boundary of our Nation . Chinese was defiantly on their land borders with the neighboring countries who clenched their teeth and endure because of disadvantageous position . But the Chinese is not allowed so brazen like that with southern Asia , with Vietnam , in the current situation of world today .
I'm sure that there're some times, the Secretary of State and the Department officials had got the plane of the Air France flight for work to somewhere , not perhaps you  did not see these line of words ? I can not understand why Vietnam Airlines still calmly joint venture with Air France in the flight Ho Chi Minh City - Paris - Ho Chi Minh City , that not a little anxious and interfere in ignorance ( intentional or unintentional here ? ) Of the French airline .
I ask the two airlines Vietnam and France must correct this information immediately, because the place having these line of words on the map of Air France , is the Sea of Vietnam " .

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