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Do Minh Tuyen

Christmas is nearly coming ... filled the chilly air and causing many people to feel expect eagerly and feel very comfortable, especially for Catholics across the  Vietnam country. Besides, a pleasant feeling something else equally powerful force when having information that there're more members of Vietnam Communist Party relinquishes party ... made public on the Internet. More and more members of Vietnam Communist Party still moral conscience ... aware of the misconduct of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State of Vietnam ... aware of the suffering oppression and injustice that his fellow has suffered ... aware of the poor state of emergency in the country before the enemy outside and inside country is Chinese aggressor enemy ... is the illicit collusion of interest groups, including party leader group ... government leaders and governments at all levels ...  leaders of Ministries and branches and now even Vietnam's National Assembly, where on behalf speaking up the voice of the people ...! All of them have been the factors that create extremely evil rampant corruption economy pushed the country to the brink of the abyss ... create a society full of injustice ... with coal plaintive voice of people everywhere. 

Wrong party leaders ... State government leaders illicit ... create mechanisms and policies full of gaps and wrongfully that is of course ... and now, the people of Vietnam, ethnic of Vietnam with suffering oppression and injustice that they suffered during decades under authoritarian rule and immoral brutality of the authorities Communist Vietnam is already too long and too full with their ... then gradually overcome today's fears voiced struggle itself ... voiced opposition ... Perhaps there is also of course. In addition, the increasingly more members of Vietnam communist party who's remaining conscience ... empathize with the pain of the people ... aware of their responsibilities towards the nation ... towards the homeland ... promptly defected off Vietnam communist party ... is also natural law is difficult to avoid. Against foreign invaders ... eradicate corruption negatively ... elimination of unjust oppression in society ... and revive the country's economy already in recession depleted ... it is not only the responsibility of the leader country ... which is the joint responsibility of each of our people of Vietnam. 

However, we have to start from where ... and how to act ... ? Here is what the people of Vietnam have to know . In order to do that, the only of each of us are in any way must prevent the misconduct of government leaders. First of all, for fellow Vietnam in country, let be strong courage and continue to pass their own fears to directly engage ... directly voice the opposition voice of themselves ... like what is being shown from organizations such as the Blogger network of Vietnam ... such as the Vietnam Women's Human Rights ... and from patriotic individuals such as Father Nguyen Van Ly, Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu lawyer, blogger Dieu Cay, lawyer Le Quoc Quan, Musicians Viet Khang and Tran Vu Anh Binh, female and male young students as Phuong Uyen, Nguyen Kha, the young activists of Catholic and Protestant in Nghe An ... and hundreds of thousands of other examples of patriotism. As for others who are being engaged, or still being activities on government ... let be strong courage follow courageous mirror of Lawyer Le Hieu Dang, journalist Pham Chi Dung, Dr. Nguyen Dac Dien, student University of Hanoi, Nguyen Chi Duc ... and many other examples who protested misconduct of the Vietnam Communist authorities by the way relinquishes party ... and should replicate meaningful action this to other members of the Communist Party ... who still remaining human moral conscience ... still flow inside the real blood of Vietnam ... feel and share with the pain of the people, with the nation and its homeland. 


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    Responding sweeping movement "Abandoning the Communist Party": Announcement recant Party 

    Hưởng ứng sâu rộng phong trào “Từ bỏ Đảng CS”: Thông báo công khai từ bỏ Đảng

    I do not believe the party would lead the nation to be addressed to the glorious shores by credo such as constitution 1991, 2013. Because that is the credo gloom, the trick constitution. 

    With agreement Chengdu 9/1990, the party lost golden opportunity in his career to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of living next to a large water thousands of years with a history of oppression of  Vietnamese ethnic.

    Rather than follow the path that the civilized world community had to go Liberal Party repeatedly put into the bushes. Verse satire "Party pioneer ago, people continued to follow after, people were going to ask, Party grumbled:' being in orientation" is both of  image just compassionate, just comedy, but that real and alive. 

    Ho Chi Minh City December 6, 2013 
          Responding from statement relinquishes party of Lawyer Le Hieu Dang and journalists Chi Dung Pham, I, Nguyen Dac Dien, dentists, party members, party card number 3444669, PUBLIC NOTICE abandon Party Communist Vietnam. 
    Born into a family with a tradition of anti-colonial and oppressive style, after 1954 despite living in Southern urban but my family is the basis of CM inner city, was awarded the Medal of Resistance Class with Decision Some 801/HDNN, have certificates who have contributed to the Revolution. That should have been a time, I was also enthusiastic to accompany the party desires to build a democratic country fair and civilized. 
    But all that the Communist Party has shown after the day unified North and South that made me going from this disappointment to disappointment else. 
          I do not believe the party would lead the nation to be addressed by the glorious shores like credo credo 1991 constitution of 2013. Because that is the credo gloom, the trick constitution. 
          With agreement Chengdu 9/1990, the party lost golden opportunity in his career to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of living next to a large water thousands of years with a history of oppression of Vietnamese ethnic . 
          Rather than follow the path that the civilized world community had to go Liberal Party repeatedly put into the bushes. Verse satire "Party pioneer ago, people continued to follow after, people were going to ask, Party grumbled:'being orientation" is both of image just be compassionate, just be comedy, but that real and alive. 
          When joining in the party, I has ever swear that absolute loyalty to the Party. Now, I'd rather betray the pledge of allegiance to the party rather than to follow the party which betrayed national interests, livelihoods, democracy, civil rights that perhaps my ethnic should have been enjoying from 38 years ago. 
          But it might someday, when the party are actually being good, I would like to strive into Party again. 
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    VIETNAM - Last Published: Saturday, December 7th, 2013 - Last modified Saturday, December 7th, 2013

    Vietnamese blogger network operations on the  International Human Rights Day

    Lễ đốt nến do Liên hiệp quốc tổ chức nhân ngày thông qua Bản tuyên ngôn quốc tế về nhân quyền - Reuters
    Lễ đốt nến do Liên hiệp quốc tổ chức nhân ngày thông qua Bản tuyên ngôn quốc tế về nhân quyền - Reuters


    Two major operations are expected to take place tomorrow 08/12 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Particularly, this morning, in Nha Trang, a member group of Vietnam blogger network has celebrated International Human Rights Day by distributing material on human rights to the people directly. 

    From Nha Trang, Pham Van Hai blogger describes the evolution of activity this morning: 
    Blogger Phạm Văn Hải
    Blogger Phạm Văn Hải : My group has started this morning comes from the 8 and a half hours, divided into two directions. Direction of Mother Me Nam Nhu Quynh blogger, and my direction with Mr. Thien. We went on the bus routes having working people and students. We popular the Universal Declaration of Human rights for all people. The majority of their warm reception and great fun. As they read the first line, that human rights, and the rights relating to their interests. 

    When we explain the details related to «the Convention Against Torture» which Vietnam has just signed on 7/11 and then, they also expressed a lot of interest. Because now, there are some things emerging in Vietnam society , as case of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Chan , previously has a number cases of school children, were suspected of stealing unfairly brought into the police station, being questioned is  have pleaded guilty to stealing, is similar to Mr. Chan. That event, the people contact the Convention Against Torture, they liked it very much. They know the way how to, if that itself falls into that case, the world will know how processor. 

    Generally during the distributed phase, only one or two people, they appear somewhat allergic to advertising, they say fun is not literate. And mostly positive reception. 

    Indeed, the universal human rights more generally, not specifically as the Convention against Torture, the Convention because of this, there is urgent phenomena in society, so they are more easy to contact. And then I saw on Human Rights, when read they capture the base, ie the exercise of their powers. 

    RFI: Normally, in Vietnam, the government side also organized the popular activities on Human Rights, there are different channels to distribute the same material, then the bloggers in your network do nothing else? 

    Blogger Phạm Văn Hải As I understand it, is the dissemination of Human Rights of the State, there's no widespread on public information. Only is located in the normative text, there's no strong popular in the media as other activities. For example, the Party establishment, coincides with the Lunar New Year, all the streets, public places are warmly welcome banners, «Communist Party of Vietnam glory forever» ... human rights have not been widespread like that ?!

    RFI: Activity today do not have any trouble from the government? 

    Blogger Phạm Văn Hải our activity did not  announce on the network as the last time, so hardly encountered any opposition or obstruction from the authorities. I just have a common desire to send a message everyone Vietnam, if we want society to be developed, it is first necessary to have a legal system, law complete. And first of all we are people must understand our basic rights. It is the most basic foundation for social development. If you do not understand your basic rights, then the law enforcement will not optimal, there are shortcomings. 

    On work tomorrow 08/12 in Saigon, Pham Le Vuong The blogger says:
    Blogger Phạm Lê Vương Các
    Blogger Phạm Lê Vương Các :  I know in Saigon tomorrow will be a meeting organized activities to promote and honor the values ​​of Human Rights, in the forms such as balloons drop and you will sit back together, to exchange, learn the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. All these activities are geared to building each individual citizen to get a sense of human rights. Through learning about human rights, they will acquire useful knowledge, to be able to prevent the violations of human rights for every citizen. 

    In my opinion, the current human rights issues have been violated are also very heavy in Vietnam, such as the right of association. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every citizen has the right to freedom of association. However, we all know, the problem in Vietnam independent association of state is extremely difficult, and has been prevented. There are also a number of rights, such as rights of citizen protests, when citizens exercise this right, the government has always heavily suppressed. As we have seen. And there is a right to education and the common rights of human rights, then, as we know, in Vietnam last May 5, the human rights picnics learn quickly be extinguished, suppressed. Those who organize educational sessions for community awareness about human rights, then be beaten, taken away. 

    We see that in Vietnam, human rights are still very limited. Therefore, I see picnics, honoring the values ​​of Human Rights Day tomorrow, first to give the people of Vietnam will have the opportunity to learn more about human rights and the value of the government, then it is things that they have to respect the human rights of the citizens of Vietnam. 

    RFI: Thank blogger blogger Pham Van Hai and Pham Le Vuong The. 

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