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What are they afraid of  ?

Group communist leaders now is fear what ? We need to exchange makes clear , to be precise towards the struggle , to be effective , when the fear is moving from us to them .

It is interesting when we see the fear recently " changed position " . Before can say all of citizen fear of the powerful . Feudal period , colonial France period , the ruling communist party period , the entire people be afraid of their rule  , with police , army , courts , prisons ... harass , oppress ,  people to be held in custody and ground down is unspeakable .

Today the situation has changed . Times have changed . Compare other forces are changing . Intellectual standards of people and open integration period was much higher than before . Modern Information blink faster , shortening the time , space , people can immediately grasp the truth , the rulers very hardly arbitrarily distorted .

Our people have ever been 3 inhuman systems ruled , sitting on neck and head of people ,from the feudal king , colonial officials and the bureaucracy of communism, now our people are handed down the fears to the ruling system . Our people less and less afraid of how much is they fear losing their rights , and then was asked for their crimes , and any days could be punished , is much more and more. A " hand-over " natural , no text , but obviously , by the way, frequent , ongoing until true democracy to the throne .

They are afraid to . They startled when the Berlin Wall collapsed in one night , and when the Eastern European communist parties vanish , a series of country socialist comrades in the historic cemetery . They are  afraid more and more when the Soviet communist party, their master is collapsed , the Soviet Union " great " desolation . They are more afraid when the dictator from Iraq to Tunisia , Egypt and Libya cumbersome rolling down when the mass down the road uprisings and asked guilty of authoritarian  corruption .

Seeing them again think of us . How much the examples is obvious at there. They can not eat well , and comfortable sleeping  .

They fear the intellectuals inherited wisdom characteristic of the nation , they fear workers demanding social justice , they are afraid of petitioners being robbed land is the only source of life in rural areas , they are afraid of people follow the religion itself religious beliefs , they are afraid of all four these classes will be coordinated each other become the protests as floodwaters . The general and private fortunes of them face at risk to be swept away immediately by floods of mass .

 But what they fear more ? It is difficult to answer . Because they are increasingly afraid of many things, could not count . They are afraid of large crowds of people took to the streets demanding freedom , land and dignity . They fear the truth . The mathematician Hoang Xuan Phu  , currently Chairman of Mathematics Vietnam , only two weak spot is their current " Article 4 " in the Constitution of the dictatorship of the Communist Party and "  regime public ownership land " , a cunning tricks to rob the land of farmers . They are afraid that people in the comments
" Two these Asin heels " of them .

They are so afraid of the truth . Because they live by the propaganda machine of lies profession , change white instead of black , hiding the truth . Hence they fear honesty background information , hate the press, information networks , freelance bloggers left margin , jailed the free journalists who's all " messenger of truth,"  jailed the attorney who support the law and advocate the truth , defend the victims of injustice .

In infinite the truth , they particularly feared the worship of Ho Chi Minh will be increasingly debunked , because this is the last refuge of them politically and emotionally to fascinate people . They no longer dare to boast that Mr. Ho had been enshrined as the UN's UNESCO Celebrities and Politics of World Culture , because the truth is proven there is no this . They are afraid because many researchers also demonstrated that the peoples revolution - democracy , Mr. Ho raised the nationalist revolutionary side - anti- imperialism that completely disregard the democratic revolutions - social construction civil and respect the rights and freedoms of citizens under a democratic regime proper treatments . In 24 years as state president , he has persevered closed the doors of Law School , considered his party is the law ; he indifferent to the fate of 27 thousands of landlords most of them are middle peasant patriotism, have knowledge ,  agriculture well, was shot and buried alive , he also turned away when the Nguyen Manh Tuong, Nguyen Huu Dang , Tran Duc Thao , Vu Dinh Huynh ... to be in distress . Unfeeling , inhuman like that how is the moral example for the party , for the people ? So continue to clear up the virtual exactly , there is persuasive on Ho Chi Minh idols is needing to do though is very unhappy but beneficial for the country and nation . The solution to clear up virtual has come about a third of the way his honest assessment of Ho . It should go further .

Currently there is a necessary need to do but those who committed to freedom and democracy still not yet to do well , an issue that the group of Communist party leaders are afraid , it is establishing an or some of agencies for opinion polls free , reliable , as in some developed democratic countries .

This is a democracy-building tools are dangerous , sharp .

Currently at the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Social Sciences of Vietnam " Center public opinion survey " was born 30 years ,  there is not yet a resound about the activities of that center , although role and responsibilities are clearly defined as : capture , analyze , aggregate public opinion on these issues , important events .

This organization ought to have supposed  " open " , " very open " society has been known , but it is silent , unmoving decades Net eat money for many years . Because of topsy-turvy society , the belief in the Communist Party are shaken, leaders is being despise and hate by society , people not believe , opinion surveys publicly only increases the risk for party, so the party forced it to lie still as not be survive  .

Maybe that 's why blogger Duy Nhat Truong should be prosecuted  and detained . He has written nearly a thousand articles telling the truth . Then he himself made the opinion polls , which measure the credibility of each of the leaders in elite , including the four pillars communist dynasty , nobody exceeds 50 % . The findings were published shortly before his vote in the National Assembly is meeting . They were touched venom . He was arrested emergency . They are afraid and covered his mouth . Blog " A different perspective " His consistent with the rights of citizens to own vision independent International Declaration of Human Rights .

Mr. Truong Duy Nhat going to court . To see if he would be guilty of what and how . Just be sure that they are afraid of public opinion measurement . They hate themselves and worry when you work and self- opinion surveys published results . They are too afraid of public opinion should have a level postpone discussing the referendum law was written into the constitution .

So an issue should recommended to do at this time is to build one or more public agencies investigate freedom of civil society with scientific methods and high sense of responsibility , such as how to fill out the survey center public opinion " exist that considered not exist " , "yes as also no " , a specialty of Vietnam in the single-party period .

Vietnam Blogger Network excess capacity to undertake this work . A group of young people an understanding of social psychology , public relations , statistics can set up a center like that . Computer, cell phones everywhere, just pick a hundred or five hundred addresses the need geographic distribution , occupation , age of the citizens , and select topics from time to time , publicly results . There are many themes citizens in our society need to know what our fellow citizens are thinking , what the majority want , what do not want  .

At that time the party leaders can not arbitrarily and brazenly behalf of speaking up for the people . How many party members want to give up the name " Communist Party " which has been pollution to replace by another clean name ? How many citizens want to replace the title of " socialist " illusory assigned to our country ? How many people want to give up the background of " public ownership " on the surreal land recovery , compensation , brutal coercion , to return to multi- ownership regime has long ago ? It is the " social thermometer " sharpened precision is necessary for a civilized society .

In the United States there Gallup Institute founded in 1935 , has 40 offices spread across the continents with official 2 thousand employees , making an average of 1,000 daily interviews from which synthetic produce results . In France, the most famous is the IFOP Institute ( Institut Francais d' Opinion Publique - French Institute of opinion surveys ) , founded in 1938 , has four centers in Paris , Toronto ( Canada ) , Buenos Aires ( Argentina ) , and Shanghai ( China ) . All these organizations are private companies , not the pressure of government or political parties , public opinion not only about politics , but about the business , services , sales market , y health , sports , arts .

They are afraid of truth , afraid of transparency , fear of awakening from the people, fear public opinion , then civil Center opinion survey can be a weapon of peace, non-violence is very sharp , effective so efficient .

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