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Do Minh Tuyen

Violation of an individual is issue which's  understood... but it is collective of police agency police investigation of Nghe An province was disregard the law, trampled justice ... has caused outrage in public opinion , especially in the context of the infamous of Vietnamese police sector in particular and for all levels of government in Vietnam in general . Abuse of power corruption and oppression people, assaulted , imprisoned arrest people indiscriminately , arbitrary , and unlawful ... these are serious problems exist all along with Vietnam 's police branch ... which is considered the law enforcement agencies , to protect justice , protect the social order and security and protect the lives and property of the people .

This is not the first time we all witnessed the spectacle behavior of the Vietnam police branch despite the provisions of the law... cover each other once having individuals in cases of law violation ... even distort the truth and bend the law that push more honest people into unjustly status , imprison ... scattered families , and even not to keep their lives , but did not know whom to call for help because in the eyes of these suffering people seems no one is integrity ... in the police branch or in government at all levels in Vietnam ...that the wrongful event occurred today at the offices of the police investigation police in Nghe An province is one of thousands , hundreds of thousands of misconduct cases of police branch in particular and the Vietnam communist authorities generally for many years .(translate here )

To ever , the public security sector in particular and Vietnam governments at all levels in Vietnam in general is no longer stigma in the eyes of the people of Vietnam and international friends ... ? Instead of beautiful mild image of the people who's on behalf of state government for law enforcement , maintaining social order and safety and protection of the good life for the people the image of police in Vietnam people's eyes , only now is all " evil genius " or thugs wear the shirt of law ... cruel, heartless , and ruthless aggression . The State party leaders and rulers in Vietnam now, what they will say and how to explain the serious negative phenomena exist all along the security sector in particular and Vietnam 's government at all levels in Vietnam in general ... ? the only thing that explains for this is that the party and the  Vietnam communist State government so long has always sat on law ... and any days that paradox said above still exists... is the law continues to be despised , human rights continue to be trampled ... and that's the reason why most Vietnam people wish to cancel Article 4 of the Constitution of the State ... and calls for Pluralistic, Plural Party in Vietnam .


Pháp luật Việt Nam

Investigators seized 700 million is not being prosecuted ?

Điều tra viên chiếm giữ 700 triệu đồng không bị khởi tố?
In addition to discontent because of this cover , local opinion was very disappointed about though having wrongful  but the investigator Kien still get promoted to a higher position , continued to rule on many other cases .
( PLO ) - Captain Nguyen Duc Kien - Investigator ( ĐTV ) Police Nam Dan district , Nghe An province seized 700 million from family of prisoner Nguyen Thi Yen and pay for some individuals outside the case but investigating police agency ( CSDT ) police ( CA ) Nghe An province decided not to prosecute this case .
Complaints of this decision , couple of Ms. Yen are awaiting the second joining of the People's Procuracy Supreme (SPP) .
Took money from defendant, pay for relatives
The incident took place in January 4/2011 when the investigator Kien was assigned to investigate the case , " prostitutes " , " rape " , " illegal arrest " ... that Nguyen Thi Yen is one of the defendant  of case.. 
According to accusations from the defendant Yen at that time, the investigator Kien is the person who direct investigates the case should have used measures such as cuts to health , starve , cold , bullying Ms Yen forced to agree for this investigator temporary keeping amount of money which from sell the house then  finished implementing the authorization to " distribute " to some people . 
As a result, Ms. Thom - of Ms. Yen homebuyers - have to carry 700 million to Nam Dan district submitted to the CA . 17h dated 7/4/2011 , investigator Kien setting " record seizure of objects and documents " ( 700 million ) of the accused Yen  .
The amount of money above is the legal property of couple Ms. Yen , unrelated to the case being investigated by the investigator Kien, but this investigator stood up " to receive " and delivered to the treasurer of the agency is ( wife of the investigator Kien ) temporary "hold " .
Holding money in hand , investigator Kien immediately spent nearly all the money above for  many people , including expenses for the family of Nguyen Anh Tuan ( the cousin of wife of investigator Kien ) 300 million although  Yen's family does not owe Mr. Tuan .
Behavior above of the investigator Kien is not only wrong about the process , professional work , but also a manifestation of the abuse of power , bringing profit goals for themselves , causing great damage to the accused and family led to Bureau investigation - the SPP must be join into  .
After conducting verification and concluded a number of issues , the agency has moved Profile to CA Nghe An province " further consideration and handling ." But in May 7/2013 , the Agency CSDT CA Nghe An province has decided not to prosecute the case on the grounds that " not enough signs of abuse of power guilt while on duty ." Nearly 5 months after its signing , the new CA CSDT communicate this decision to Ms. Yen ..
There are signs of cover?
Not expressed surprise before decision " not to prosecute " on here , Mr. Nguyen Van Dong - Ms. Yen husband - said : In the process of filing accusations , I 've noticed signs cover for investigator Kien . 
Reportedly , couple Mr. Dong has complained the decision not to prosecute above to VKSND Nghe An and the SPP , SPP proposal further verify , investigate the irregularities are very " sensitive " involves many public officials this security .
But nearly one year ago , when in order to verify the complaints against couple Mr. Dong , the investigators of Bureau of Investigation SPP has worked directly with inmate Yen in prison and Ms. Yen took the testimony of many other witnesses . After that , the agency has concluded in some detail about some of the mistakes of investigator Kien . Decision not to prosecute , not know CA CSDT Nghe An reference and conclusions based on this ?
According to the information we have is at this conclusion , the SPP Bureau of Investigation has clearly confirmed the Captain Nguyen Duc Kien not be Nam Dan district CA assigned verification of letters concerning debt of defendant Yen . 
This agency also identified that the defendant Yen was debt collector is true but this is a civil dispute , not enough evidence for criminal prosecutions . Ought to have guided citizen to file to solve Civil Court , some officers of CA Nam Dan district stood out to solve , used the proceeds of the defendant's family to pay for some people is ultra vires , Mr Nguyen Van Truong ( wife's uncle of investigator Kien  ) gave Yen 239 million for labor export procedures is one other case ( judgments determining effect, both 2 family are victims of a crime trick islands - PV ) but CA  Nam Dan district impacted Ms. Yen to pay Mr. Truong 300 million is not right prescribed.
There is no any provisions allowing investigator Nguyen Duc Kien seize of money outside the case;  extract the accused Yen from the cell , meet some people to sell the house and settle the money , then pay 300 million for person that she does not owe .
This " debt collection is " clearly exceeded the powers of an investigator , causing damage to the family of the accused nearly 700 million. Meanwhile , relatives of the investigator was  " given away " of 300 million . Do not understand the CSDT CA Nghe An province says " not constitute a criminal offense ," citing specifically is how ?
Some lawyers said that if having the factor " self-interest " ,is the incident not only a sign of the charge of " abuse of power while on duty ," but also as " abuse their positions and powers, in the exercise of public service . " Should think , this is an aspect that the SPP need to consider when resolving a complaint in next time


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