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Leader of Red Guards of China repented her crimes in the past ... VIETNAM COMMUNIST LEADERS ... TO EVER ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

Vietnam - China two of the few dictator communist countries left in the world today ... have much in common with each other from culture , customs and traditions ... to the attitude and the behavior , human morality ... and policy to rule people, running the country . The people of Vietnam and abroad with the International Community today and in the past has witnessed many historical events sins ... as well as guidelines and wrong policies that the party leaders and the communist government in Vietnam to follow the Chinese communist government to manipulate  to rule the people and running the country .

China past highlights of his crimes ... through the bloody suppression of the forces of the Chinese Red Guards for people ... known under the name of the " Cultural Revolution " then in Vietnam , atrocities by the communist party leader caused Vietnam to the people after it came to power in northern Vietnam in the '50s ... campaign under the name " Land Reform " ... bloody and cruel and no less . To effectively protect their power and national leadership positions ... the leaders of the Communist Party of China ready to act cruelly , even ordered to shoot straight into his students that the world witnessed the bloody events " Tiananmen Square " in 1989 in China ... then in Vietnam , also with the aim to maintain power and national leadership positions monopoly of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the leaders of the Party and this Communist State also no less cruel when using both a security apparatus aggressive and brutal ... to suppress people brutally and violently .

Now , one of those leaders who have caused blood debt to the people of the communist regime in China has repent and feel remorse his crimes inflicted on people in the past ... although it was too late , but this shows that even the leaders of each character behavior barbaric and cruelty ... but in the deepest minds and their souls ... conscience and honesty inherent nature of a human being was not totally ruined ... today we have noticed through sincere repentance of one commanding officer of the Chinese Red Guards force ... and this makes us all think of the country of our Vietnam today . To ever the communist leader and the current communist government in Vietnam will also know and feel remorse the guilt that caused to fellow ... and for his ethnic homeland to conscience no longer be guilty ... and not in a state must repent as one of the leaders of China today?


CHINA - Last Published : Monday 13 January 2014 - last modified Monday 13 January 2014

The Cultural Revolution : Daughter of a former Chinese leader remorse

Tranh cổ động Hồng vệ binh thời kỳ Cách mạng Văn hóa Trung Quốc
Red Guard posters period of the Cultural Revolution China
Villa Giulia ( )

Tong Ban Ban , the daughter of a former head of the Chinese Communist Party , yesterday , 01/12/2014 , apologized for her actions as a Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution .

Now 64 years old , Ms. Tong Ban Ban in 1966 was one of the commanders of the Red Guard force was established in secondary schools . Vice principal of this school had been beaten to death by the Red Guards , like millions of other victims perished in this turbulent period .

Although do not tell clearly about her roles in cases is how , but yesterday , Ms Tong Ban Ban publicly declared that from then until now she is still tormented by remorse . According to press Beijing , from the old school , this former Red Guard has apologized to victims .

Ms. Tong Ban Ban is the daughter of Minister Tong Nhiem Cuc , who has ever been one of « Eight Elders ", i.e eight leaders held important positions during the 1980s and 1990s , including Deng Xiaoping . Tong Nhiem Cuc died in 2005 .

In recent months , several former Red Guards were also voiced about the Cultural Revolution era , after many years of virtually Beijing government remained silent about the crimes occurred during this Civil War almost in China .
At that time , Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution , to mobilize the Red Guard units to destroy political opponents and consolidating personal power .

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