Victims accused commune police, beat and forced to admit drug use .
" We have received complaints against Nguyen Hong Danh ( live hamlet 3 , Song Trau commune , Trang Bom District , Dong Nai ) about he was beaten by Trung Hoa commune police , and forced confessed drug use . We directed the district police inspector clarification . When having results will report to the district party committee and will strictly handle violations, if any . " Recently, we talk with Colonel Ly Quang Dung Trang Bom district police chief , said as following .
According to denounce from Mr. Danh , at 9-11-2013 , on the way back after a coffee with a friend, he met Mr. Tran Minh Phi , deputy police Trung Hoa Commune , Trang Bom District , in civilian clothes, at national Highway 1A sidelines . When his friend drive through is Mr. Phi called name so his friend drive him back . When met, Mr. Phi and his friends speak loudly so he was waiting in the roadside stall  .

Wounds on body after Mr. Danh was released by police . ( Photo provided by the person involved )
About 20 minutes later , Mr. Phi went to grabbed his collar and asked : " What are you afraid that ran in here ? " . He brushed hand of Mr. Phi because of expression  he had drunk then so he called , a moment later appeared four young men in civilian clothes to go on two motorcycles self-called police . All five people immediately rushed into handcuffs , stripped his shirt and kicked him . 
Then these persons took him on a motorcycles drive to Trung Hoa People's Committee headquarters . Here , he and his friend continue to be hit with batons , helmets and forced him to admit using drugs.
" Due to fear being hit , and so I had to sign on paper admitted using drug . After signing they released me but keep all personal papers and motorcycles . Over the next day , the wound swelling , pain so my family took me to General Hospital  Trang Bom District for treatment. Doctors have diagnosed I was injured by the hard objects impacted " - Mr. Danh said .
" They beat people for no reason , forcing me to receive the drug use that was not sampled . I urge authorities to clarify the matter quickly and strictly handle violations to return the honor and fairness to me " - Mr. Danh said .
We seek to meet Mr. Phi, who is accused of hitting people no reason , Mr. Phi said  : " The case currently has been Trang Bom district police handling so I can not provide any information ."
And Ms. Vu Thanh Thuy , Vice President Trung Hoa commune said , when district police has results of the survey, commune will be based on that prescribed to treat