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Do Minh Tuyen

First Year's Message from Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the State agency Communication and Journalism spread the load on the radio and television throughout the country as well as posted on the website , which slightly bring smelling and the beautiful aspect ... promises a big change in 2014 in many areas including institutional innovation , promote democracy and sovereignty of the people , was quickly exposed the true nature before the public ... through the extremely brutal repression of the communist government of Vietnam to hundreds of petitioners who lose their land from the southern provinces flock to downtown Saigon to protest the corruption and abuse of power during the day of New Year early 2014 .

This is not the first good promising from the head of government of the State of Vietnam Communist ... and also is not the first time people are feeling betrayed by  authorities shortly after they announced the good promises when the country  entered on the occasion of the first day of the new year . In the past , the leaders of the party and the communist government in Vietnam has turn again and again alternately soothed and set people's mind at rest by the messages which were impressed and bring nuances so nice like that... at the crucial moment as Tet of Vietnam ethnic , or New Year as today . However, due to not stem from a desire to sincerely ... Should the good promises above from the leaders's mouths of this communist nation were quickly reveal its true nature .

Promoting democracy and sovereignty of the people in the first message of the Prime Minister ...  is like this ... ? If people are not oppressed , deprived of property  land illegally like that on the day of New Year was not very worry to pulled together down the complaint and protest ... because in the moment of the season and the new year is a time of happy reunions of families ... and everyone shared each other the joys and sorrows of life and achievements that they have achieved ... during the past year . Picture brutal crackdown from the government of Vietnam to communism right people at the heart of Saigon today ... again shows that the words and actions of the leaders of the party and the communist government in Vietnam at present not always go together .... and not entirely reliable . Increased repression and direct confrontation with people is not the wise choice of the nation's leaders ... as in fact happened in many countries and regions all over the world today shows that all violent repression from the government not only not put the people in fear ... but also increases the resistance from the people. We hope that the government of Vietnam to draw lessons for her to not pour into the wheelchair trace and the dilemma situation as in the neighboring countries Thailand and Cambodia today .


Thursday, 01/02/2014


Demonstrations in Saigon in early day 2014

Người biểu tình cầm biểu ngữ tố cáo các quan chức nhà nước tham nhũng, cướp đất của dân nghèo.
Protesters held banners denouncing corrupt officials , poor people's land confiscation .
A protest against corruption and the confiscation of land took place in the heart of Saigon on New Year's Day 2014 .

Information on the social networking site said demonstrations from 8 am to 11 am on 1/1 brings together hundreds of petitioners who lost their land from the southern provinces including Vung Tau , Long An , Tien Giang , Dong Thap , Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City .

The sources said the protesters had marched to the headquarters to keep company with people at  210 Vo Thi Sau go through the main road in the downtown area including Notre Dame Cathedral , before security forces suppress .

Sounds from the rally : " We are victims of injustice , today, July 1/1 , we from [ headquarters to keep company with people ] Vo Thi Sau flock to the Notre Dame Cathedral to protest against corruption . Down with corruption abuse of power . "

Người biểu tình mang băng rôn với hàng chữ ‘Vô cùng thương tiếc cố nhạc sĩ Việt Dzũng’.Protesters carry banners with the words ' Extremely mourn Viet Dzung musician '
A popular video on YouTube shows protesters held banners denouncing corrupt officials , poor people's land confiscation . Among the protest banners that read ' Extremely mourn Viet Dzung musician ' , a struggle activist in the famous epic movement abroad , advocating democracy - human rights in Vietnam .

Other video on petitioners' Facebook page showed the view of petitioners in demonstration , most of women were the crowded security forces use their force to coercive  , pull up on the bus carrying back to local .

Sounds from the protest : " They treat people like this is hurt or not , that they always say the party by the people for the people . Actually it's not like that. They are gatekeepers for official corruption , repression , beating people who against corruption . Down Down ! This is a cry for pain humanity . "

Reports say among police assault causing serious bodily injury to Ms. Tran Ngoc Anh from Ba Ria Vung Tau must be to emergency hospitalization .
Demonstrations in Saigon in early day 2014
Demonstration of petitioners in the southern provinces of New Year's Day as part of a series of peaceful protest activities between the rising discontent in the society of Vietnam on corruption and confiscation crisis land policy with the inadequacies of the state to facilitate for the corruption officials to rob land of poor people .

Trà Mi-VOA


Thursday, 01/02/2014


Vietnam Prime Minister is committed to innovation and promote democracy

In the first message of the calendar year , Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung emphasized the importance of the people's sovereign and institutional innovations .

According to Xinhua news today , the first message of the Vietnam Prime Minister read in Hanoi revolves around theme of institutional innovation , cheering ownership of  people , and successful implementation of tasks in 2014 , is to create a solid foundation for rapid and sustainable development .

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said the institutional quality of the decision will have an impact on the business environment as well as the competitiveness of the whole economy and individual businesses .

Xinhua news quoted Vnexpress news quoted Mr. Dung points through Vietnam's achievements in the last 3 decades towards open democracy , the implementation of market mechanisms in the economic activities of Vietnam , especially after 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam .

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung said that democracy is the " big ideas " of former President Ho Chi Minh, and added that once applied , the Constitution was amended and approved by parliament Vietnam in 2013 opens a new era for enforcement of Ho Chi Minh ideology .

Dan Tri newspaper noted that in 2014 New Year message of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung emphasized the word " innovation . "

Messages posted on this website in full text through the difficult points and achievements in recent years in the field of internal as well as external .

An important achievement of macroeconomic stability , control inflation , create conditions for business and economic growth in the future .

He also highlighted the progress of culture , society , environment protection , and  related to defense Mr. Dung said defense and security is enhanced , security is guaranteed .

In terms of foreign policy , Mr Nguyen Tan Dung said that Vietnam 's position has been enhanced in the international arena . Citing many diplomatic accomplishments , Dung said Vietnam has achieved high performance in foreign affairs and international integration .

However, similar to previous years , the message of Vietnam leaders have emphasized what he called " perfecting the market economy socialist orientation "

He urged the political system " unified action to complete the tasks of socio- economic development " in the next year , and " focused efforts to build the rule of law , promoting a sense of ownership people , especially the right to participate in policy development , the right to choose their representatives , and property rights . "

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