Friday, 03/01/2014


VN investigating a suspected case in Khanh Hoa student beaten to death by police

Ông Gerald Staberock, Tổng thư ký của Tổ chức Thế giới Chống Tra Tấn nói, 'Chúng tôi kêu gọi một cách đáp ứng khác tích cực từ chính phủ Việt Nam đối với các vấn đề nhân quyền đáng báo động bị quốc tế lưu ý, trong đó có tình trạng tra tấn và bạc đãi tù nhân'
Mr. Gerald Staberock , Secretary General of the World Organization Against Torture, said , ' We call on a positive response from the government of Vietnam on human rights issues is alarming by international attention , situation in which torture and mistreatment of prisoners '
What we know is alarming, but what we have not yet known all perhaps even more alarming. To combat torture, we need to have a transparent system of detention but Vietnam is almost no transparency in this area.
Two police was work suspended for allegedly beat to death a victim is student Grade 9  during detention at the police station for verification .

Local media quoted Lieutenant Colonel Ho Son , Van Ninh district police chiefs ( Khanh Hoa )  said two police named Tâm and Phat in Van Long commune were accused of torturing student Tu Ngoc Thach , 14 years old , to death after took him to the police station for work .
At 03:00 p.m 29/12 Thach has happened friction , scuffle with a group of friends before arrested to police station by Van Long commune police  . By 7 pm the same day ,  Thach was guaranteed by family after the phone call from the police headquarters to urge people to pick him up .

Just hours after leaving the police station , the victim was hospitalized for emergency critical condition and died on 12/31 at the Hospital of Khanh Hoa province .

The death of Thach has caused thousands of local people blocked the National Highway 1A through Van Ninh district in several hours on Friday 31/12 to express discontent .

People gather at communal Committee , blocked the car , asks for taking dead body of Thach to commune headquarters to clarify the incident . Khanh Hoa police have deployed hundreds of police to disperse the crowd 

This is the latest allegation of violence in Vietnam police branch led to more deaths grievances , a black mark in the human rights record of Vietnam so long .

The international protection of human rights called Vietnam , now as a new member of the Human Rights Council of the UN , to take steps to improve human rights demonstrates that the most specific of ending torture , police brutality .
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Hanoi on 7/11 recently participated in signing the UN Convention Against Torture - corporal punishment .

Secretary General of the World Organisation Against Torture OMCT said it was time for Vietnam to prove to the international community 's responsibility to protect the rights by specific actions , rather than the signing or empty declaration .

OMCT Secretary General Gerald Staberock said :

" The important thing here is that we need a real commitment from the Hanoi government , allowing international human rights protection activities and specific measures to eradicate torture . At that time could see a real change , not just rhetoric when signing the Convention . The Vietnam needs to do to demonstrate goodwill and zeal against torture is to allow the special rapporteur of the UN anti- torture in Vietnam to observe . The independent experts before this step is required to enable entry facility in Vietnam market to help put out the need to assess how these changes , but their requests have not been met by Hanoi . What we know is alarming , but what we have not yet known all perhaps even more alarming . To combat torture , we need to have a transparent system of detention but Vietnam is almost no transparency in this area . The country to keep confidentiality of this that they have something to hide . We call another positive response from the Vietnam government for human rights issues is alarming by international note , including the situation of torture and mistreatment of prisoners . "

From late 2010 , Human Rights Watch organization Human Rights Watch International has sounded the alarm about the violence of the police service in Vietnam with the beaten to death in police custody being interrogated , killed not long after being released by police , and even the deaths at public places under the  violation of police.

More than 3 years since then, this status not only does not improve , but also tends to increase , with the number of cases of police abuse are public - mainly through social media - day one popular .

This fact makes many people skeptical of the main tasks of the police Vietnam is whether law enforcement , security protection for people or not , while the government is increasing the use of policy 'ruled police ' as today....