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SOCIALIST PARADISE OF VIETNAM ... Police and thugs blend each other , hardly DISCRIMINATION ... !

Police Vietnam snatch people's handbag ran like a bandit ... who dare to think that's the police ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

" ... Thug or police and is police or hooliganism " ... That is the biggest concern of people in Vietnam today in a country called " socialist paradise " ... with a bunch of  security forces secret and public of all kinds , aggressive and brutal is just like the thugs of gangland gangs in society today .... that picture of the harassment in  funeral of jurist Le Hieu Dang today is one of hundreds thousands of cases ... reflects clearly and very specific about the underlying concerns of people inside Vietnam country for so long .

The behavior of the police force Vietnam today is extremely rude and cruel despite the subjects is who ... the elderly , women or even children including students also are inevitable ... that is general nature among police forces in Vietnam and rascal thugs belonging to the gang of gangsters . However , one thing only difference between the two components of this scum of society ... it is for the police forces in Vietnam, apart from the immoral brutality , this power forces has also dirty behave  ... always looking for ways to evade responsibility after causing crimes with people ... even willing to distort the truth slander conversely, to pour all their sins on the head of innocent people .

It is often said injustice having clue and debt having lender ... and we should not just because a person or a group of people that condemn wrong as generalized style , is should not . However, the bad image of the police sector of Vietnam has become increasingly worse in the eyes of the people of Vietnam ... so that just take off the uniform on them is the people could not knowing how to distinguish who is the police and who is the thug ...  because all their behaviors are same evil and sadistic  ... sometimes they even act violently while's still wearing police uniforms on people . What and why the police branch is becoming more brazen and brutal aggression more like that ... ? Because this is the only force protecting the survival of the communist dictator regime in Vietnam ... therefore every incentive and protection shield back from the communist regime for police branch is almost absolute , inviolable ... and that is the reason why the Vietnam police so long ... see the law merely decorative things in their eyes no more and no less .


VIETNAM - Last Published : Friday 24 January 2014 - last modified Friday 24 January 2014

Vietnam : « Thugs» disrupting funerals of jurist Le Hieu Dang in Saigon

Các vòng hoa viếng luật gia Lê Hiếu Đằng trước khi bị giựt mất băng-rôn.
Các vòng hoa viếng luật gia Lê Hiếu Đằng trước khi bị giựt mất băng-rôn.
blog Huỳnh Ngọc Chênh

1/24/2014 TODAY , SOME UNKNOWN thugs violently initially disrupt funeral -practices FAMOUS JURIST Le Hieu Dang at Xa Loi Pagoda COUNTY 3 HO CHI MINH CITY , cause digusting from the people who admired come to visit the jurist, a person has EVER DURABLE STRUGGLED FOR DEMOCRACY .

Mr. Le Hieu Dang , former Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in Ho Chi Minh City , the first publicly proposed the establishment of a Social Democrat to counterbalance the Communist Party , as well as causing coil stir with the decision to abandon the party , had died on 01.22.2014 at the age of 70. Numerous people from many sectors visited his coffin at Xa Loi Pagoda , and in Hanoi , the intellectuals held his memorial service . The ceremony will take place on Sunday 26 / 01 .

But some banners on wreath to visit jurist Le Hieu Dang were removed losing by the secretly hands yesterday , and while organizers put the other banners replaced, have been rudely snatching at spot , makes people think of Mr. Tran Do 's funeral before.

Pham Chi Dung journalists present at spot have voiced objections :

Journalist Pham Chi Dung - HCMC
by Thụy My
Phạm Chí Dũng :  I am journalist Pham Chi Dung , respond formally to the attitude of some thugs that public opinion in speculation that is police, surrounded the Xa Loi Pagoda related to his funeral Le Hieu Dang today.

At midday , when the Pagoda be deserted , some thugs entered and snatch banners « Civil Society Forum venerate » , snatch banners « Bauxite Vietnam , Vietnam venerate path » , « petitioners Vietnam Association venerate » . This repeat an image that people have seen in General Tran Do 's funeral ten years ago . One writer was present at the funeral evaluated till 30 % to the image is reminiscent of thugs in his funeral Tran Do .

In December /2013 took place funeral Mr. Nguyen Kien Giang in Hanoi , but everything progresses politely , culture , sincere . There was even a police agency to venerate Nguyen Kien Giang soul flavor , and does not happen any action at all by thugs .

But this time what we saw the Xa Loi Pagoda? Besides a lot of visitors , also in the outer ring of security forces secret & public , as a protest . One of « 72 groups » who took part in the funeral has had to say , have never had such a situation . And this morning when that person left the house , two police officers invited to have coffee . The reason that the security given for that person is : "We fear the funeral of Le Hieu Dang , group of intellectuals would organize protests against the State ".

That's a silly reason and extremely rude ! I formally protest thug behaviors , but many people think it's directed by police . This is counter- cultural behavior , immoral and a violation of law , violation of the right to personal liberty of citizens , violation of freedom of worship - religious under the Ordinance and the relevant documents religious activities of the State .

RFI : But dear you, said yesterday on website, having image of Le Thanh Hai , Secretary of the Committee attended the funeral , and Huynh Tan Mam , deputy director of the funeral to speak ?

It is true . Mr. Le Thanh Hai and his wife visited Le Hieu Dang , and people see it as a sign of reconciliation , harmony . Not just about ethnic issues , but also on the issue of ideological conflict and the problems that exist today . A member of the Politburo , the Party Secretary also visited such funeral , including his Deputy Secretary Nguyen Van Dua arrived.

Quite a number of officials have come here , and it is considered that the signs are good for a reconciliation between the stream of thought antagonistic to each other in the present time . Yet what did face's shame of the Party Committee of Ho Chi Minh City by some thugs ? I propose that the security forces to maintain order in this local area to do something to prevent hooligans . Or are they compromised with the thug mob , and - or as some speculation , they are « hooligans » ?

Landscape snatching banners at the funeral of jurist Le Hieu Dang
blog Nguoi Lat Gach
Known is not only Mr. Le Thanh Hai , but also former President Nguyen Minh Triet and his wife incumbent President Truong Tan Sang also visited jurist Le Hieu Dang by individuals status .Pho professor Dr. Hoang Dung was present , said very surprised at the funeral were disturbing :

PGSTS Hoang Dung - HCMC
by Thụy My
PGSTS Hoàng Dũng : Surprise is because we thought after his funeral Kien Giang , the persons who is responsible they understand the situation as if doing the same thing as the General Tran Do 's funeral , only bringing bad reputation for the regime only, that get nothing. But now repeat ! Suddenly is that thing, but if case of Mr. Kien Giang is similar Mr. Tran Do is now, just not surprises . I thought they learned a lesson that history .

RFI : Number of people harassed the funeral were crowded ? And they're still around here or not ?

Disrupt the funeral in civilian clothes , so we did not know who are. So even as I speak to you here , having them around or not how I know . How do I know if they have them or not . They did not wear security uniform .

RFI : So the funeral was no dignified anymore ?

Of course ! Of course there is a certain sloppiness , although in general the decent kind . At time when the petitioners put garlands into , they stopped , the girl holding wreath  were screaming , is very large , then so is how dignified !

Everyone says the Hue voice of me « wandering » up all , all are stood up . That right Ms.  Hong , wife of Mr. Dang had to run out for intervention . And then actually the person who hinder them are in embarrassed feeling because crowded people gathered in , so they did nothing . Group petitioners when to be in the funeral home , they also calm , talked each other to visit is very respectful .

RFI : Sir , that is no longer the funeral wreath with the letter banners ?

Some of them , like this example . Wreaths of Commission for Justice and Peace of the Vietnam Episcopal Council , was snatched inscription « Commission for Justice and Peace » , just longer only the words « Dear visitor » . Wreaths Club Paul Nguyen Van Binh also was snatched the words « Club Paul Nguyen Van Binh » , just longer only the words « Dear visitor » .

List the remaining two wreaths now but do not know of anyone , because only the word « Dear visitor » only.

Particularly two wreaths of Civil Society Forum and Bauxite Vietnam then last night a man in civilian clothes ask to takedown , brothers did not agree - we have duty . Do not agree , they're gone away . We think that they behave like civilized and polite .

Suddenly in the next morning woke up and saw two bands  mounted on wreath had disappeared ! Having somebody broke into last night , the next morning we just had to do it . But this time each bands so we made two , ie four , to take precautions if they lose this one we had the other .

At 01:00 pm , person whom we hired to make the new, step into the funeral home , there is someone snatched back to say : " What is this , let's see ! . I also was standing there , the person whom we ordered making know my face should say : " No , this uncle paid . I said : ' I paid , I ordered , why did you get it ? . That person's embarrassing said that :  Do I pay . But I said : " The problem is not the pay, but who are you?

The two sides fought , eventually the people stand up , he has gone out . And we put the words Bauxite Vietnam , Civil Society Forum were badly dented attached to the same end . If you see on network a wreath Civil Society Forum badly dented  than the finely creased one before , then you know why is like that .

I had to ask Mr. Tran Quoc Thuan call to those responsible at the Ministry of Public Security , Police Department , Police District , they were surprised and said that must check to see having or not . Mr. Le Cong Giau direct call to Ms. Dung  the city Front president , she also says : " Calm down , my brother , did not have any basis to say that the police or security personnel to do it ! .

Recently Mr. Hung side of Front also told me : " you calmly, the security not do it !  . I said like this : " First, if that's not security agents mean is bad guys , you agree with me? The second one , the bad guys raging like this at his funeral Le Hieu Dang , can not say it's the owner 's fault or the fault of the bereaved , that is the fault of the security agencies , protected the funeral not well .

Consequently anyway this is the fault of you . We therefore request you to appoint a person , to properly uniformed security guard for this funeral ! I had just finished saying that , you phoned me here  .

Also Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thai , organizing committee member of the funeral said that, could not understand why these words are so normal as ' Commission for Justice and Peace , Vietnam Episcopal Council venerate , Club Paul Nguyen Van Binh venerate also was strangers snatched away.
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