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Increased lobbying efforts before the UPR review of VN human rights

Luật sư Nani Jansen, cố vấn luật cao cấp của Tổ chức Sáng kiến Bảo vệ Pháp lý Truyền thông  
Nani Jansen lawyer , senior counsel Organization Legal Defense Initiative Media
CỠ CHỮ     
The main purpose of the workshop is to attract international attention on the status of human rights in Vietnam. UPR is review event and evaluation important human rights
The protection of international human rights organizations and Vietnam efforts to bring the voice of the people at home and abroad to the United Nations before Hanoi human rights record report a second time before the UN Human Rights Council at the Universal periodic Review ( UPR ) 4 years on 02.05.2014 .

A seminar entitled " Responsibilities of Vietnam as a member of the UN Human Rights Council " by a coalition of non-governmental organizations ( NGOs ), including International PEN Association , Protection Agency for Freedom of speech  Article 19  , the Swiss Commission Vietnam COSUNAM organization Legal Defense Initiative Media , Organisation of the United Nations Monitoring , Human Rights organizations PAC Vietnam , and Vietnam Reform party jointly organized on 4/2 in Geneva to international advocacy promote Vietnam to improve human rights seriously .

Nani Jansen lawyer , senior counsel Initiative Organization Legal Defense Communications , told with VOA Vietnamese language she will expect this effort struck the attention of the world , to help Vietnamese human rights situation Men change .

Luật sư Jansen: The main purpose of the workshop is to attract international attention on the status of human rights in Vietnam . UPR event review and evaluation of human rights is very important . We, the NGOs advocating human rights around the world , meeting a day before Vietnam before the Human Rights Council UN review of human rights in the UPR year period to give international knows all ongoing violations of human rights but often ignored in Vietnam .

VOA: Join this workshop , organized Legal Defense Initiative Media would like to say to the government of Vietnam 's periodic review of human rights Hanoi UPR before the world ?

Luật sư Jansen: We would like to say that Vietnam must comply with the obligation to protect human rights in accordance with international conventions that they have signed with the world , including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights requires asked the State to respect the fundamental human rights including freedom of speech of citizens . Vietnam Government has ignored its obligations a systematic way .

We have advocated for many cases of serious human rights violations in Vietnam . Of these bloggers , activists human rights defenders , and those who claims decry the state were imprisoned by the authorities .

We want Vietnam to overcome this situation and terminate . At the conference , the NGOs we will express their concerns about the worst human rights records of Vietnam and tries communications with participants UPR review process , ask them to question to Hanoi about the violations taking place in the country and forced the government of Vietnam must demonstrate commitment to improving specific .

VOA: This is the first initiative held Legal Defense Communications involved in human rights advocacy efforts before the event UPR Vietnam , had you expectations like?

Luật sư Jansen: We hope the report will be an important and insightful review of the UPR Human Rights in Vietnam this time on 5/2 , highlighting the aspects that Hanoi authorities do not properly responsibility to protect human rights as set out specific recommendations to be able to check the level of implementation of Vietnam when Hanoi back to the time period UPR to 4 years later . I hope the pressure is constantly increasing with Vietnam authorities will bring change . Although in the past 4 years since the first UPR session of Vietnam so far has had a significant improvement , but we hope that the ongoing efforts coupled with the consistent pressure to expose in public international human rights abuses in Vietnam will help change the current situation worse .
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Along with international speaker on this occasion was a presentation of witnesses from Vietnam which will be specific identity organizers announced a day before the seminar .

The main content includes discussion of police violence with people , suppresses the blogger and threaten Internet freedom , the status of political prisoners detained and limit basic rights of civil .

The seminar on 4/ 2 of the coalition of NGOs in advocacy programs range includes meetings with UN officials and member states starting on 28/1 for a proposed survey process Vietnam human rights more effectively .

Unlike the previous 4 years , waves of criticism UPR Vietnam this time to witness the collaboration of many social advocacy groups and human rights organizations both within and outside the country , particularly the presentation of the characters come from Vietnam .

A lecture and seminar by the same independent civic groups in Vietnam along with VOICE , international volunteer organization of overseas Vietnamese , jointly organized will also take place at the UN headquarters in Geneva on 30/1 .

Union movement came from Vietnam , including representatives of Blogger Network Vietnam , Vietnam No- U , Dan Lam Bao , Vietnam Road , Hoa Hao Buddhist tradition , and the Fellowship of Political Prisoners Association - Religion

This is a serial chain operations after ending campaign trips movement in the United States .

The effort calls for human rights for Vietnam ahead of the UPR is done after Hanoi officially became a member of the UN Human Rights Council earlier this year .

This Council shall review the human rights situation of each Member State in meeting the Universal Periodic Review of 4 years.  UPR period of Vietnam this year falls on 5/2 .

The campaign characters said that Hanoi to prove worthy of the seat in the Council of Human Rights by the United Nations above all respect for the fundamental principles , universal human rights from within the country.