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CENTURY PRISONER Nguyen Huu Cau still have not been released ... AFTER THE GOOD PROMISING OF VIETNAM Communist authorities ... ?

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Do Minh Tuyen

Before the New years' eve ... people together exchanged the best wishes , and in moments the sacred seasons changing this beautiful ... which seems weary and bitter in life , and hatred for each other has temporarily forgotten, creating opportunities for everyone to come closer together ... even among those who disagree each other ... or ideological differences . And the most happiness for families with loved ones who's been being in captivity ...that is the freedom and reunion with his family. Family of the century prisoners of conscience , Nguyen Huu Cau is the case we want to address today . Yes , joy can not be described in words when relatives of this century prisoner received notification from the prison police officers ... that he would be freed and reunited with his family in 2014 before Tet Giap Ngo ... However , the joy still not be enjoyed yet is rush off  ... only because of the illusory promise of those who representing the aforementioned law . Why did  lie to a child ... and behaving badly for a prisoner of conscience ...  almost became a disabled person ... who has ever struggle for peace lives of people and the future of ethnic and homeland ... that his life was strewn over a third of a century after the brutal iron bars ...of the communist prison ?



The century prisoner Nguyen Huu Cau still not home

His family said on Nguyen Huu Cau still not home after police's promise

Danlambao   - Prisoner of conscience Nguyen Huu Cau still has not come home with family for Tet , though New Year's Eve is coming . This information is his son , Tran Ngoc Bich confirmed with Danlambao at 14 pm on 01.30.2014 ( 30 December lunar calendar ) .

Thus, at the age of 67 , the prisoner Nguyen Huu Cau century will continue to welcome the new year 39th in Z30A  prison - Xuan Loc ( Dong Nai ) . Although earlier, on Friday 14/01/2014 , the police came to the family and promised to release Mr. Cau ' before Tet ' .
After promises of the government remains suspicious silence . It has been over 2 weeks passed , the new year approaching , the prison Nguyen Huu Cau continues silently without a trace , while the family continues to look forward , waiting .

On 01/16/2013 , while family come to visit , Mr. Nguyen Huu Cau recalled that earlier, four police officers from Hanoi to prison to meet him for ' working and visit ' . The police have said that " This Year I have good news ."

At the meeting , Mr. Nguyen Huu Cau refused the Tet gifts by the police officers donated . He said : " You from Hanoi to visit me, is too good , but the gift I did not receive  ! "

Mr. Tran Ngoc Bich said , himself and his family looked forward for years been looking forward to father home soon .

Daughter of Mr. Bich is Tran Yen Nhi Phan was very sad when he was not on Tet . Reportedly , Yen Nhi sat from 5 pm to 3 am to write the following letter calling on the public to speak up for her grandfather :


Yen Nhi Tran Phan , granddaughter of prisoner Nguyen Huu Cau
Dear Human Rights , the quarterly Sir / Madam at home and abroad .

My name is : Tran Yen Nhi Phan , is the granddaughter of Mr. Nguyen Huu Cau , who was in jail for over a- third century .

On 01/14/2014 , I am learning in school then 11h40 , my dad to pick me home and told that two police want to see me . Then two police uncles met me and asked  who was writing a letter to international human rights organizations , along with Mr / Ms at home and abroad? I replied that I wrote . Does anyone not incited ? I answer is no . Write what purpose ? I replied that no purpose other than to write a letter calling for the Quarter World Organization for Human Rights and the Gentleman / Lady in domestic and foreign voiced relief for my grandfather being released because he is too long in prison He then brings a lot more illnesses .

Then two police uncles told : I'm just relieved , my grandfather will return next week to spend the holidays with her ​​family because of the pending review sign a pardon for my grandfather . He 'll be back before New Year with me ... I hear two police uncles say so that I was happy be beyond description . I was waiting for right a week that still not yet seeing my grandfather come back ie is 21 / 01 . Then I waited 1 week more after that ie on 28 / 01 but I still do not see him , the next to the last 29 to 30 days and holidays, New Year's Eve day that is end ... 16 days waiting for me to see it too so long catastrophic like that did not know 38 years in prison of him , is  long like ? Every time I heard the phone bell of my father rang I was nervous because probably someone tell my father and me to go and pick him up on , but every time is also desperation .

Since the moment that I met and heard two police uncles say, I does not sleep well every nights because I looks about him and sorry for my grandfather too . I and my Mom have prepared Cylindric glutinous rice cake , especially dried bananas and nuggets that grandfather loves to eat up , but dried banana and Cylindric glutinous rice cake he could eat but nuggets He maybe could not eat because he has only one tooth how could he eat. So sorry My grandfather , every time I looked at this things I'm crying , I'm certain waiting him go back to eat with me .

I remember certainly the statement of two police uncles say that he would go back before the festival but then perhaps I should be glad so I forgot to ask two police uncles is : " Before the festival of what year grandfather just would go back ... ? " . I go to school teacher said could not lying , I did not know why I do not know lying but I got the lying words .

So far I wrote this letter sent to the Quarter World Organization for Human Rights , and the gentlemen / ladies Vietnamese community in the country and abroad to known that my grandfather still not be released " before the New Year ." I wish You, the World Organization for Human Rights , and the gentlemen and ladies Vietnamese community in the country and abroad continue to speak out to help my grandfather be released with me ​​, that waiting him go back before New Year I do not know " Before the festival of what year anymore ," I was desperate .

In the New Year I wish you Mr / Ms at the World Organization for Human Rights , and the gentlemen / ladies Vietnamese community in the country and abroad a  new year happy and prosperous ! Good health .
I Welcome Mr. / Ms.

" Before New Year " , dated 01.30.2014

I, Yen Nhi Tran Phan

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