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Do Minh Tuyen

The first surprise gift that Vietnam people getting right in the first day of Giap Ngo New Year's  2014  ... That is the thinking and brave actions through proper official statement defected from Communist Party of Vietnam ... of former university lecturer Mr. Phung Hoai Ngoc , born on 16-11-1951 , live at la Commune East , Hoai Duc district , Hanoi . Bad signal to the ruling Communist Party in Vietnam right now in the moment all the people of Vietnam are welcome and enjoy the atmosphere of the traditional Tet Vietnam ... have to say anything ... ? yes , it is an expression of distrust of the ruling communist party in Vietnam ... more and more deeply in the hearts of people today.

As members of the Communist Party of Vietnam ... while seeing the party has gone on the wrong way but have no the right to voice suggestions ...  or sincere comments words that have been as soon as thrown into the trash , even suppressed ... then the party continued activity or continued stay in the party has not even mean anymore in thinking more and more of the components Communist Party member Vietnam today ... that batch statement defected from the party of more recent members as : Lawyer Le Hieu Dang , Dien Nguyen Dac doctor , Dr. Pham Chi Dung ... and most recently a senior official of the Government , Mr Dang Hung Xuong Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, former Vietnam Consulate in Geneva ( Switzerland ) ... are evident and most specific .

Guideline and policy ... as well as the way to run the country and ruled people  wrongfully of the current leaders of the Party and the communist government in Vietnam ...  have pushed people to the against situation ... to leave the ranks of the Communist Party of Vietnam , where has ever been period for their fighting ideal ... is the cherished dream of a prosperity Socialist State under the ingenious leadership of the Communist Party Vietnam ... is a civilized society and justice under communist ideology and thoughts of Ho Chi Minh ... However , all that seems only in dreams ... instead of it is brutal reality of today, nearly 40 years after reunification ... Communist Party of Vietnam is creating an unstable society filled with injustice ...  a Vietnam country of poverty , degradation and depletion in all respects with rampant corruption everywhere . The statement defected from Vietnam Communist Party today of Mr. Phung Hoai Ngoc and of many others in the past ... is a wake-up call to the leaders of Party and Communist authorities in Vietnam today ... or to change every aspect ... or directly to face the phenomenon of " defected Party " large scale in the future ...  as well as stiff opposition wave and the gradual increase of people from all walks of Vietnam .


PEN OPEN IN The first day of New Year 2014
Actually , I have written and submit this announcement on yesterday afternoon of 30 Tet , but today just open pen on early spring by verbal declaration to introduce myself and explain a little.
 I was just wondering between the words " out of the party ," " withdraws from the party " , " waiver form" , " Vacation Living Party " . Etc. ... In general desire the same, only different shades of expression .
 I ultimately chose " leave of absence " own liking .
 Phung Ngoc Hoai GNLT
To:  Thanh Dong party cell ,
                 Dong Xuyen Ward , Long Xuyen city , An Giang province .

My name is Phung Hoai Ngoc, was born on 11/16/1951 at Dong la commune , Hoai Duc district , Hanoi , joined the Communist Party of Vietnam at 12/22/1976 .
Occupation: university faculty , retired .
 Membership card number : 31.018890

This year is 38 -year-old party , I would like to inform detailed set , please delete my name from the list of communists of Vietnam . By at least the following reasons :
 1.I saw the severe recession is leading to consequences of country crises comprehensive , long life parts people , civil servants , difficulties and rampant social evils , social ethics degraded . I noticed a direct cause by the central leadership of tremendous many mistakes , not holding it in the power leaguer high moral quality degradation , even of Resolution 4 is providing to admit it . But when I offer many party members , cadres , intellectuals repeatedly comments and proposals to the central mistakes of the party and resolved direction, then is not listened .
  2.In the activities of cell in the local grassroots level , we find that constructive feedback of party members has been not listened by senior , ie went to work at the grassroots municipal party is not useful to the country except to pay party fees . No less leaguer quietly to give up party activities without notifying party organizations or other call upon this reason or other reasons - essence that is giving up party unofficially . Particularly I do not want to do that , so it necessary to have formal notification in writing this .
 I pay party fees till Dec 31st 2013 .
 Finally , I sincerely thank you Dong Thanh party cell has treated me well in time of activities .
 Best regards .

 Long Xuyen , January 30, 2014
Hoai Ngoc Phung

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