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Do Minh Tuyen

Decision of the Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Tan Dung today to request to put the issue of sovereignty in the East Sea into textbooks in schools at all levels although is quite late but it really is a necessary issue and proper . This ought to has done for long time ago that not wait until the sovereignty dispute occurs as island today just run around and trying to find new ways to cope. Updated regularly, fully and faithfully all the facts, all the information related into the history books ... as well as in the educational system of the country is the only way to help prove effectively the sovereignty the territorial and waters of the country. 

For example, the case of the Paracel Islands of Vietnam ... although China currently occupied ... but if we fully updated the data, relevant historical facts, including  naval battle Paracels between the Chinese Navy and the Navy of the Republic of Vietnam 40 years ago ... then we can prove that the current occupation of China on the Paracel Islands is totally illegal. This not only the value lesson that the leaders of the Communist Party and the State of Vietnam need to draw ... but also the legitimate aspirations of the entire people of Vietnam in building and defending the country ... protect the territorial and territorial  integrity of Vietnam... particularly in the context of escalating aggression and ambition of China's communist government in the East Sea including the Paracel Islands and Spratly of Vietnam. 

Friendly relations with other countries ... as well as fair treatment with the countries in relationships help mutual assistance is essential to note ... but does not mean must repay by any ways ... even have to sacrifice a part of the territory or territorial waters of our ancestors left. In addition, the friendship relationship brothers  between Vietnam and China ... the leaders of the Communist Party and the State of Vietnam should also need to be reviewed again, that could not crawl forever ... and forever put them on head by 16 gold words and 4 good ... while they often aggressive and have ambition to invade our country. If really look Vietnam as a fellow communist country ... be sure that, the China will never put leaders from the State of Vietnam in an awkward position ... as well as putting people into the state of the current suspicion by the aggression and unnecessary invasion. Vietnam communist  Authorities to change ... or must be directly confrontation with people ... That is what the leaders of this communist country currently should pay attention and consideration  . 



Hoang Sa, Truong Sa into textbooks?

Update: 08:43 GMT - Thursday, 23 ladder 1, 2014 
Biểu tình tưởng niệm 40 năm hải chiến Hoàng Sa ở Hà Nội
Demonstrators Memorial  40 year Paracel naval battle in Hanoi 
The Government Office has just informed about the conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung request put the issue of sovereignty on the East Sea into textbooks in schools and colleges.
Notification 24/TB-VPCP says this is his conclusion prime minister after meeting with the Vietnam History Science Council yesterday 30.12.2013 . 
During the working session, Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung was said to have insisted must celebrate the event of Hoang Sa 1974 and border war in 1979, which was the subject are 'delicate'. 
Mr. Dung said: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is drafting proposals anniversary event: the northern border, Hoang Sa". 
"Celebrate how to meet the requirements of both domestic and foreign satisfactory medium. It is also the benefit of the people. Politburo very interested in this anniversary," he is quoted speaking. 
However newsletters about meeting Tuesday 30/12 has been removed in the mainstream press. On how electronic newsletter of the Government, completely omitted this detail. 
Now in Notice No. 24, Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung SOM Steering gathering and mobilized historians in the country participated in compiling and publishing the history of Vietnam (National history). 
"The Ministry of Education and Training in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Propaganda Department and other relevant agencies to study and take the East Sea and Vietnam's sovereignty over both Hoang Sa  , Changsha into the textbook at all levels and study with content, extent, scope and form fitting under construction Renewal Scheme programs, textbooks, school education. " 
Mr. Prime Minister also requested the establishment of the Documentation Center of East Sea which belong to Bureau of Stationary and State Archives (Ministry of Interior); to assign Affairs Ministry to chair, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Academy of Social Sciences Vietnam Research Association, proposed the establishment of documentation centers hosting national seas and islands under the Department of Stationary and the State Archives. 
This is reported to the dynamics important claims sovereignty and education for the young generation in Vietnam. 
Paracel naval battle between the  Vietnam Republican forces and the Chinese army in 1974 caused over 70 Vietnamese Marines soldiers were killed but so far not mentioned in history textbooks. 


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