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Do Minh Tuyen

A large amount of land and property of the Catholic Church in particular and  from other friend religions in the Vietnam country in general ... have been appropriated wrongfully by the Vietnam communist government  , illegal in many forms ... but most commonly it is " borrowing " ... during many decades without giving back , although the owner is the Catholic Church has legitimate needs ... including hospital Dong Da and Ba Giang lake land area of the parish of Thai Ha , Hanoi . Perhaps this is one reason that the government of communist Vietnam 're just ignoring the aspirations of all classes of people ... determined not changing and prematurely adopted land legislation  ... while still too many shortcomings , deficiencies and inconsistent with the social situation Vietnam today.

Burglary is both unlawful act and contrary to the human moral conscience ... which society condemned for so long ... but , that's shameful behavior of the ruling communist Vietnam today. Petitioners are increasingly spread across the country ... Religion is more cries everywhere ... Not perhaps the policy " Land owned by the whole people ... State representing for management " ... that the communist regime now determined to protect ... is like this ... ? Where is justice ... ? A state always claims before domestic and international public opinion that Vietnam is a legitimate state , a state of the people ... by the people and for the people to serve that having unruly behavior and despites morality like this ... ?

The new constitution 2013 that National Assembly of Vietnam State recently passed which includes provisions of land law amendments ... that the leaders of the Communist Party and the State has loudly declared that ... The new Constitution of Vietnam  2013 express will of party and heart of people ... As also concentrated essence of all intellectual strata ... not perhaps, the will of party and the heart of people is use strength and power suppress any ideas people ... despites the truth ... despites justice ... and even despites the moral consciences of human ... ? With all that has been shown so long ... the Party leaders and the Vietnam communist ruling currently self - equate themselves with rascal plunderers.  A mode only want to plunder the land assets of the people ... that mode, can be existed  lasting or not ... ? people often say , "The people  rich, powerful country " ... but see that even this simple doctrine has also been ignored by the insatiable greed of the leaders of Vietnam Communist state today . We call on all Catholics in the country ... let be hands in hand , to protect the legitimate benefits and land assets of our Vietnam Catholic Church by prayers ... and by the practical actions possible ... from everyone of us.


Hanoi authorities determined to erase the DCCT in Dong Da Hospital 

Publish Date: 05/01/2014, Section: - BREAKING NEWS, NEWS VIETNAM

VRNs  ( 05/01/2014 ) - Hanoi - The cold of Northern lasted nearly one month , it seems like it's caught up in the greed of human that makes the cold more than doubled .

These days the parishioners to attend Mass at the church of Thai Ha feel unhappy and grief at the sight of the Monastery ( currently being borrowed as Dong Da Hospital ) are distorted . Inside the Abbey buildings were demolished between rooms together they refurbished rooms , shopping and medical equipment to clinics modern luxury . The front yard Monastery buildings they poured sand exalted than before . Abbey walled they have smashed all, instead they build walls higher , thicker and sturdier . It seems that to make a long-term conspiracy to rob and appropriate .

nhà cầm quyền cho bao bên ngoài để bên trong đập phá tu viện DCCT
The authorities cover outside let to inside demolished of the Redemptorist monastery 

Nhà cầm quyền từng bước đập tan hoang tu viện DCCT, họ đã chiếm dụng không một chút căn cứ pháp lý.
The authorities step by step smashed deserted Redemptorist monastery  , they occupied not having a little legal basis .

The house adjacent road at the entrance to the former hospital they ask old father Joseph Vu Ngoc Bich to build hospital canteen , when they ask for permission to build one-story building but when built 1st floor ready, they surreptitiously build more floors 2 aim to hide the Monastery behind buildings but parishioners have detected and notify to old father knowing ( At this time, 2 his eyes were blind ) , he lean against a stick reach to hospitals requires to stop. But few days recently they are continuing to build the 2nd floor of the canteen there. The priests , the clergymen in the Monastery required the  hospital's director to stop 2nd floor hospital building . Later, they sneaky continue to built 2nd floor or not is still unknown . Currently, they are temporary stopping let to perfect the construction of  hospital walled .

Lén lút xây công trình mới hầu xóa dấu tu viện
Sneaky building new structures aim to erase the monastery trace

Những khu nhà mới bắt đầu ló dạng thay cho tu viện
The new house areas started show up in stead of the monastery 

Also in those days, in the land side of the lake of Ba Giang which belong to parish, the People's Committee of Hanoi City is allowing machine to scoop ground and  to  cut trees around it to make the project a green park . Prior while the Hanoi People's Committee took opinions of the people around them about this project, the parish also took opinion of parishioners about this project and has over 3000 comments which protest on the construction of the park project green tree on the grounds of the parish and required the Hanoi City People's Committee to return back the land to the parish to parish land used for religious purposes and to help the poor . But the Hanoi People's Committee has turned a blind eye look like they have not received more than 3000 votes those opinion .

Thai Ha parish is now having many associations activities here . Estimated number of people attending Mass on Saturday and Sunday is over 20 thousand people . People come here for activities is crowded more and more but land of  parish increasingly narrow and occupied .

Please continue to pray for the Monastery and the Parish to the People's Committee of Hanoi City seeing the  needs of religious activities here and there are concrete actions immediately terminate the construction of green park land on Ba Giang Lake of the parish of Thai Ha and returned back to the parish to be used for the purposes of religion and serving the poor .

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