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The phenomenon of petitioners pull together to authorities to complain of their land assets have been seized illegally raising and spreading throughout the country ... why and what led to the worse situation above ... ? through the event of Binh Duong police used force crackdown petitioners today and for many years all over the country show that ... The only reason that is governments at all levels instead of listening to the people ... devoted to explaining and resolving the situation reached a reasonable lens , the government only advocate using violence to solve all the problems ... This has led to the burning of people over the years ... This feeling is even more and more urgent before unruly behavior and immorality of the ruling communist Vietnam today.

According to information we received through newsletter today 's the Justice and Peace office in Saigon ... the people see that , the only thing that petitioners claim land and property has been desirable that is getting direct answers or in writing from the competent authorities relating to the litigation claim the land that they claim that the Communist government of Vietnam has seized their unlawful ways throughout the years . However, governments at all levels have intentionally ignored all the ... and replace it is to behave rudely , immoral and irresponsible ... ! Adequately address the job , or not resolved just need reply in writing to the people ... a very simple problem but it seems too difficult for the government of Communist Vietnam ... why ... ?

The only thing that any of us also can understand, that is the justice not belong to the government side... so even an answer to the people also could not open their mouth ... and do not know how to answer people . If everything be addressed adequately is the land asset which has been illegally appropriated must be returned to the people ... Such sacrifices his personal interests , this can not be ... but if answer by written that not to resolve is violations of the law ... this is the crux of the problem and also is intractable from the government at all levels ... lead to unruly behavior rude and immoral that we has seen today and for many past years. Authorities communist Vietnam can not just wish to achieve personal gain just want the righteousness to belong to them . If truly want to minimize or halt rampant the situation of protesters like today ... the only thing that governments at all levels in Vietnam need to do, that is resolve issues in the spirit of the law ... and immediately termination behavior rude and immoral that they have applied current ... as well as throughout the years .


Binh Duong police beat people violently

Publish Date : 01/19/2014 , Section : - BREAKING NEWS , THE POOR

VRNs ( 01/19/2014 ) - Saigon - PM Date 01/16/2014 Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Thu at Minh Thanh commune - Dau Tieng District - Binh Duong Province to the office of Justice of Peace , said on Jan 15, 2014 Ms. Thu along with ​​2 friends ( same as petitioners ) go to the people's Committee of Binh Duong Province to meet Vice chairman is Mr. Tran Van Nam province to require to solve the wrongfully case that she convicted her cry during past 12 years but the police group more than 40 people at the headquarters of the People's Committees of province and cracking control , clamp the neck , acupressure and catch up the truck thrown away .
Ms. Thu said details : When police not allow to enter the committee, because was too urgent she sounded " Ask Mr. Tran Van Nam vice president let answers about my dialogue in February 2012 , I have waited him two years , why he did not make decision to settle for me , I asked him to please answer in writing " is immediately more than 40 police in clashes , reflexology and neck clamp that for paralyzed right arm and bruises , police action is to use power to suppress people , not by the people for the people , police protects corruption rather than protection of the petitioners , after controlling Ms. Thu police took up the car and transported to the reception room and make a record which said that Ms. Thu did not go to right place , at that time Ms. Thu required police to obtain guidance to any agencies that is right place that could settle wrongfully case for her and she displayed the documents to which Mr. Tran Van Nam has ever worked with her ​​in March 2012 ,  deem the police made inaccurately records should Ms. Thu has not signed .
Ms. Thu adds ,in the group of repression police that no one wear the name plate and she just knew two police officers is Mr. Thông deputy of reception room and Mr. Thong , when has been suppressed she cried but they all ignored .

140119-Dan oan BD-2

Regarding the wrongfully convicted case of Ms. Thu , she said government and police connived together to make blank records to arrest her son away , and she since there has claimed during 12 years without resolved . Because of the poor family , for honor and justice so she had to sell her land to make a fee to claim innocence for her son . Ms. Thu wishes Binh Duong provincial government to resolve the case , and if not , they must reply in writing is not settlement 

140119-Dan oan BD-3
Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thu , along with two friends along the petitioners in Binh Duong

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